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Saturday, September 02, 2006

When It Comes To Attracting and Seducing Women Who Cares What Her Name Is

Have you ever been having a real good conversation with a woman and had it come to an end because she asked you what should have been a simple question but instead ended up being the three trickiest words know to a single man.

What's my name?

Now, it would seem that this is an easy question to answer if you know her name and a difficult one if you don't.

However, in reality it is a trick question and you need not answer it at all.

If you answer her question and you actually get it right you just let her know that you like her and she is in control.

If you answer and get it wrong or stumble looking for the answer you just let her know that you like her, have a bad short term memory, and she is in control.

Knowing what you know now it is easy to see why answering her question can only lead down a path you don't want to go down.

Instead of answering her question you can choose to ignore it or make fun of her for asking such a ridiculous question.

If you choose to ignore it and she asks you again what her name is you then have no choice except to make fun of her.

When a woman asks you what her name is she is giving you a signal that you need to step it up and take control.

The best way to do that in this situation is by making fun of her and not telling her what her name is or isn't.

By Teddy Shabba

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