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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Perfect Time To Call A Woman In Order To Attract Her Is When You Have Something To Do

Imagine it is a Thursday night and you do not have any plans at all, when your perfect 10 woman calls you and wants to know if you want to hang out tonight.

Do you think you would hang out with her or just stay home and do nothing?

Most guys I know would gladly accept the invitation and might even cancel plans if they had any.

Now the example I just gave was not to discuss the pro's and con's of accepting last minute dates from women, but rather the benefits of calling a woman only when you have something to do.

So many times men get caught up with trying to figure out how long they should wait until they should call a woman.

The way to attract women is to call when you have something to do that you might think she would be interested in.

A man who calls the next day with plans to go to the river with some friends and wanting to know if she wants to hang out as well is going to come off much better than the guy who waits a week and has absolutely nothing to do or talk about.

It is important to remember however that when you call with something to do it is not really a date that depends on her, inviting her to go to the river with you and your friends; that's cool, but dinner and a movie isn't.

When you call a woman and invite her to accompany you in your life it lets her know that you are in control of your reality and maybe even really busy, her level of interest for you can do nothing but go up and even if she had other plans 9 out of 10 times you what know about them because she will cancel those after she gets off the phone with you.

In fact you might have even experienced it a time or two it is when you had a date plan with her and all of a sudden she has to cancel odds are some other guy who may or may not be better than you called her at the last minute and raised her level of interest for him higher than it was for you.

By Teddy Shabba

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