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Saturday, September 02, 2006

How To Juggle Three Girls At Once

Juggling Multiple Girls At Once Allows You To Call The Shots And Always Have An Out

A good PUA (pick up artist) will have more than one bunny in the hopper at once. Juggling at least 3 girls at once is the norm for most players (yes we've slammed the word 'player' in the past, but you know what we're taking it back).

If you have fewer than that you are not necessarily working less than other guys but you may not be "fine tuned". The finely tuned player will always be filling the hopper with a new girl to replace the old one.

Keeping the hopper filled is important - much like playing for a team, if you practice often then you are ready to go in the game at any time. Desperation is an unattractive outfit that wears like a bad suit when you have not kept "the flow" going.

Juggling, it turns out, is expensive but having a long term girlfriend can be even more costly. Juggling multiple girls at once allows you to call the shots and always have an out.

Play On Playa

Get your game on by doing what they do in sales and marketing and target a specific group or audience at once. Use "what works" over and over again consistently getting new phone numbers. HAVE ONLY ONE SCRIPT.

What this means is you will tell all the girls the exact same story so you don't have to remember a bunch of bullshit lies. Treat them all the same in how you call or call back. What you are doing is setting up your level of standards and practices and expectations for them so none of them think you are ready to drop everything just for them.

Remember, you are the hunter-gatherer not hem and if YOU are not a little challenge they will lose interest too.

When you make dates you make dates not them, which means you will have to turn down dates with them sometimes just to keep a manageable schedule. Because don't think you can deny any of these ladies is ATTENTION. It is attention that got them and it is attention that will keep them and none of them will tolerate not going out on the weekend so you have to trade off now and again giving each of them "game time" with you.

If you ask one of them out only on Wednesday nights then it will be about 3 Wednesdays from now that you two stop seeing each other. Girls don't mind being a booty call, fuck bunny or friend with benefits but none of them want to fell used or like a slut (unless they ask of course).

Talk the Talk

Keeping 3 on the line is a bit wearing on you because you have to watch your PHONE. If your cellular telephone is your source for all your pussy then you can not risk having it on all the time when you are on a date or getting laid. PLUS - It makes you look a little mysterious and slightly unattainable when girls randomly call to surprise you and leave you messages.

I love it when I get laid and then on my way home hear a message from another girl telling me she wanted me to come over. If the girl who called thinks you are out getting laid (whether you are or not) it works in your favor. ALL the girls you are stringing along should think of you as a bit of a "player" because that is what you put out there in the beginning.

Beware of the bedroom because this is the place she will talk the talk. Girls know that you are there for one reason: That piece of hair pie they have between their legs and women usually use the bedroom or "pillow talk" as an opportunity to corner you for future commitments. This is where you have to be savvy because you could be lying in bed and she rolls onto your lap and says, "We should go away next weekend".

In your head your thinking, "I don't want to spend that kind of money on pussy I am getting for free" - or - "I would rather be fucking girl #2 next weekend" - or - "I have plans already with girl #1 next weekend" - or - "Did I water the plants". No matter what the case you must be prepared for that question from ALL of them at some point and if you are not ready to walk the walk it is time to run. Reality #1 - It won't always be the same 3 girls.

Bunny Hopper

Earlier I mentioned it is important to keep the hopper filled and that will be the ultimate task in keeping 3 girls going at once. It won't always be the same 3 girls that is the catch. You see you will not be able to string 3 specific girls EQUALLY for a long period of time - no man can without getting busted or avoiding marriage, it just isn't possible. So you must constantly fill the hopper with a new girl or new phone number.

When girl 3 (the girl who has lasted the longest) is starting to fade then girl 2 moves to 3 and 1 to 2 and a new bunny fills the #1 spot. Don't get lazy because just when you least expect it on of your stable will drop off unexpectedly because she was fucking 3 guys herself on the side and you got moved to the number 4 spot. When this happens you are one girl away from either turning your last girl into a girlfriend or being very lonely for a few weeks while you "ramp up" again.

NEVER Tips: Never buy jewelry for your stable. Never "make plans in bed". Never talk about kids unless it is the one you gave up. Never say "I love you" unless you are saying it to all of them. Never turn down an opportunity to suggest a 3-way.


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C. Spice said...

OMG Talisman. It must be hard. But thanks for the wake-up call and reality check, more, a validation for my own insight. You hate Jesus but he did say this, "You knew the truth from the beginning, for all times"... and this.."Come ye, little children..." I am sorry that you didn't have a good family to show you what it's like on the other side, the one you yearn for, yet reject, because you don't know whats its like, and are so far removed from it now, that you have nearly given up on it, one day, you may forget altogether..Is there a light at the end of that deep abyss? When it gets so deep, remember, there is no place so deep that he is not deeper still.