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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How To Date Hot Women

Are You Tired Of Playing In The Minor Leagues?

Are you tired of playing in the minor leagues when it comes to dating? Are you ready to step up to the majors and date an "all star"?

Hot women are a dime a dozen and yet you seem to be watching them on someone else's arm. Are you wondering why these other guys are getting dates with the 10's when you are still dating 6's and 7's?

So your last couple of dates and girlfriends has only been with girls that are "pretty" or "cute" but not HOT? What is it about the hot chick that makes her seem so unattainable?

You don't have to be a stud or a bad boy or a pimp to reel in the big fish. Sure it does not hurt to have "major game" but hot females have HIGHER STANDARDS in certain areas that you may or may not know about, that mean more to them than a bank account or celebrity status.

Sometimes hot women do not want to be with a guy that has too much mojo or money because he is not truly "attainable" - meaning he uses that status to replace the old hot girl for the new hot girl. That's your meal ticket. Remember, some women want a guy lower on the totem pole.


The most basic of rules will apply here to satisfy those higher standards. Though some of this tutelage may be generalizing - it is applicable to the majority of the female contingent - also known as THE HOT BITCHES UNION. The HBU members have some fundamental rules about themselves that are their identity. If you adopt some of these same rules then your exposure and attainability level start increasing dramatically.

5 HBU Standards

  1. They are highly groomed to emphasize femininity. You will groom to emphasize masculinity, looking more tough than pretty.
  2. They are familiar with minutia information like pop culture and which Jen broke up with which Brad. You should be more like the host of Jeopardy, hot women like intelligent men, as much as hot men (as long as the intelligence is wielded from a pimp perspective).
  3. They like compliments from EVERYONE and are needy for attention because inherently they are INSECURE. You will feed this ego with compliments to her "intelligence" as much as her looks.
  4. They are extremely competitive of other HBU members. The more you expose yourself to other HBU members with her the more mojo you will produce for yourself.
  5. Women want to be the hotter one, not be overshadowed by a guy. You should not overdress or over groom (meaning, avoid looking like the 'ultimate metrosexual', at all costs.



What is your effort level? Realize that advice on SeductionInsider.com only works if you go out and make the effort to make it work.

You can't make the shot if you don't shoot the ball - practice makes perfect. And before you go out you have to ask yourself the really tough questions about your personality that you might not want to know the answer to. The first question in this paragraph is second really to the question of WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK?

You have to be honest with yourself about how you dress and what ATTITUDE you are projecting to the hot women you are courting. Do you stand out or blend in when you dress? Do girls EVER tell you you have good taste in clothing? If not - get a female friend to act as your stylist. All guys have a female FRIEND that will be glad to take you shopping with your dollars to teach you some fashion sense.

So you have an idea by the HBU standards how hot chicks will act - now you must find venues like coffee shops or bars, nightclubs, lounges wherever HOT FEMALES hang out in numbers. Remember rule #4, they are competitive so find places where the NUMBERS are in your favor, at least 2 to 1 girls to guys. That way every guy in the place has a better chance simply because the girls will want to outdo each other.


As mentioned in rule #3 there is an insecurity meter that all hot females have. If you do not come off as confident to these women they will see you as weak and even more insecure than they are. If this is the case you are not a good catch to them. These girls are the type that usually want "more" not less in their life and if they date someone they think is stronger than them they will see him as an achiever. So when you walk in the room or the bar or the party make sure you project confidence, and the best confidence to project is that of humble royalty (not cocky royalty).

Now, if you want to know how to start up a conversation with these girls think in terms of FUNNY and SIMPLE.

Our site provides dozens of articles to teach you opening lines and clever quips (use our 'Site Search') but if you remember to keep it simple and humorous then a good percentage of the time you will have her attention. Work on your opening lines because HOT FEMALES get hit on every single day of their life.

Whether it be a wink, a burning stare, or a bold approach - when a girl looks like these women do, men throw themselves at them (that is why you are reading this) all the time. So to differentiate yourself you must be CLEVER more than just interested. Remember it is you that wants her from the outset not the other way around.

Hot females get to choose their captors so you must remember the rules and focus on what you are "throwing out" to them. Your specific style of dress and the attitude that you exude will be the bait to getting her to bite before word one is even spoken between you so master those first. When the conversation begins remember to keep it simple and make her laugh. Lastly, if you do or know nothing less about hot females then know this and you will always succeed: It is all about them.