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Friday, September 15, 2006

How to Be the King of Your College

With college having started recently for a lot of you guys I thought now would be a good time to post this.

This is something that's been tested and proved as pure GOLD. This works only if you are going to a new college, where the majority of people don't already know one another. There's no need to have some crazy PU or social skills to do this, everybody can do it, and it's so simple. It's a natural human process that you can use to improve your social life.

When young people come to college, most of them don't know each other, so sooner or later they will need to make friends, or join an already established group. Usually it takes a few weeks till those friendship circles are formed. So after a few weeks, you will see many circles with 5 to 10 members in each group.

Once they are formed, some of them will last until the very end of college days, until graduation. It's hard to manipulate already established groups. The only thing you can do in that case is to join the group, but then you cannot establish yourself as the leader, as you are a new member. The easiest way to join an already established group is to pick one person from group, and create rapport with them. She or he will invite you to go and hang out with the rest of the group. Then slowly you can create rapport with all the other members, and that way you will become an intrinsic part of that circle of friends.

But I must say that this is not the way I like to do it. My style is more creating a group and controlling it, and that's what I want to teach you.

The first 7-10 days are particularly crucial. In those first few days, social circles will be created. The goal is to create a social circle of 6-7 hot girls, make them friends, and establish yourself as a leader of the group. Going to clubs with them: can you just imagine the respect and admiration you could have, going to a club with 10 hot girls? Basically, with this kind of social proof, you can have any girl in the club. Or inviting your new hot friends to your home party. Then let them invite a few of their other friends also. Soon you will find yourself living your life surrounded with hot girls. That's the lifestyle I am talking about. So let me teach you how to do it.

During the first and second day of college, people will be extremely friendly, because they will be nervous, scared, and anxious of the new environment, the new context in their life. Some of them will look lost, like sheep that have wandered from the flock. They will feel lonely, and will have an incredible urge to meet new people and make friends in order to remove the unpleasant feeling of isolation and aloneness. You can use this knowledge to make a difference in your own life.

Don't be shy; be friendly towards them, there is no pressure to seduce them, or anything like that. You can go straight for rapport without concerning yourself with attraction. It's just about being friendly, cool and normal, and getting to know people that you will spend the next few years with. Don't be weird, and don't talk about your obsessive computer gaming habit and addiction to internet porn.

Naturally during these first few days there will be many events, introductory sessions, initial lectures, and so on. Information is normally advertised clearly in the college so you should get there early and make sure you know what's going on. When you go to one of these events, make sure you try to sit next to some hot chick that you would like to befriend. Start a conversation, exchange some basic facts about yourselves. Where you're from, your hobbies, your family; get them into some kind of conversation. Exchange numbers, hang-out with her after the class or lecture, go for a coffee or drink. Just be friendly, and try to make new friends. Don't try to PU them! Not yet, anyway. You can get them in class, in hallway, inside dorms. Whatever.

Next day, or at the next class, do the same thing with a new hot girl, sit down next to her in the class, or talk for 20-30 minutes, build rapport, hang out with her afterwards, but this time invite the girl from before to join you. Or more of them if possible.

You will see as soon as you sit down with two girls that they will start to connect. They are extremely good at bonding, and creating rapport with each other. Especially hot girls. Because they have so many thing in common. So all you need to do is isolate 2 or more girls somewhere for a coffee, or a drink, and then let them connect by themselves.

Don't hit on them, or try to seduce them during the first few weeks. The social proof you create for yourself by hanging out with these girls will get you tonnes of other girls. This is all about creating a lifestyle at university or college, a lifestyle that will bring you chicks by itself. But if you decide you want to take advantage of their loneliness in the new situation, then by all means find one and seduce her. But don't bring her into your group.

You see, bringing a girl you've slept with into your social circle can be dangerous. You can easily destroy the group, or the girl you sleep with can spread pernicious rumours about you, and destroy your reputation in the group. So it's better to keep the two activities separate.

So over the course of 5-7 days, you can collect 6-10 girls into a social circle. Gather them together at regular intervals. Once they get together, and get to know each other (which should take one or two meetings) they will become good friends.

They will exchange phone numbers, emails, and keep in contact. You will see how they will later plan to study together, to exchange books, scripts and essays for college.

After 10 days, and after you've created this social circle, try to get them together from time to time, like go out together partying…the more things you do with them, or they do together, the better friends they will become. So try to create some events that will bond them together even more.

Naturally the more experiences the group has together, the more things they will have to talk about tomorrow, and the more reason they will have to hang-out tomorrow. In this way it becomes self-perpetuating.

After you've formed your group of a few hot girls, a few weeks later you can start taking advantage of it. Start organizing home parties, and let your new hot friends, invite their girlfriends to the party. Because everyone likes you, and because you are their LEADER, chicks that come from outside the group will have considerable ATTRACTION for you.

You can also take them to clubs. Hug all of them, and go out. Have fun with them. Other chicks in the club will notice this, and trust me; they will start hitting on you. Chicks always want to have what other girls have. You can easily get to the point where you don't need to pick up chicks at all, instead, they will be around you, and you just need to choose which one you want. Maybe this all looks a bit complicated at the moment, but it's much easier to set up than you might imagine.

It's hard to organize a group consisting solely of girls. Sometimes it happens, but mostly, you will have 1 or 2 guys inside. And that's just fine. It's ok to have a few of those guys inside your group. Usually, when we go out, those are the guys who are buying drinks for our girls…Also they protect the girls from other drunken guys inside club that may hit on them. So basically, they can be made use of.

Whenever you put a bigger group of people into one place, they will never work as a group; instead, they will separate into smaller groups of 3 to 5 people. You can see this demonstrated on the reality show 'Big Brother'. And after the initial group forms, an alpha will come forward, the person who is going to be the head of the group. Usually this is the most dominant person, he makes all the decisions, and the rest blindly follow.

So if you organize everything, if you make decisions for the group, you think for them. They will see you as the Alpha male, and they will naturally follow you.

Later on, you can leave that social circle alone. Usually from the circle a new person comes forward that will becomes its leader, and decides everything for the group.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Top 10 Most Important Seduction Skills

Lately I've been noticing a lot of guys getting confused about what is really important when it comes to picking up women. This is very dangerous and can affect your overall game because when you spend too much time on things that don't matter... you are actually moving backward instead of forward.

If you are one of the many men who have been reading up and learning your seduction material yet have not yet seen any results, this may be the source of your problem.

I've put together a list of what I believe to be the most crucial skills that you must master to be successful with women. Here they are (in order of importance):

1. Confidence

Everyone should already know that this is the #1 thing that women look for in men. It's more important than muscles, brains, money and everything else.

2. Flirting Skills

Even though you must learn to be care-free in order to become a good flirt, this skill must be taken very seriously... it can make your or break you!

3. Conversation Skills

I have never met a man that could get beautiful women interested in him without knowing how to talk to them.

4. Understanding Women

You can't hop in a helicopter, start pressing random buttons and expect not to crash. This works the same way : Learn what women are all about and how the operate and you'll always be successful with them.

5. Your Personality

Did you know that you can change and mold your personality into the type that women are uncontrollably attracted to? You can, and it can be a very useful asset to your game if you know how to use it.

6. Charisma

This is the skill that literally takes everything that you've learned about getting girls and pulls it all together... making it work. Needless to say, this is a necessity.

7. Fear Of Rejection

If you are afraid to approach girls you will definitely need to get that under control before anything else comes into play. However, this is a very common problem that many men face and it can be easily fixed... it's just a matter of knowing how.

8. Playing Hard

To Get This works wonders with women. When it comes to all of the sneaky little tricks that you can use to attract women, playing hard to get takes the cake every time. This is not a necessary skill, but it is still very important.

9. Eye Contact

There is a lot more to eye contact than you might think, and the difference between a man that can use it correctly to his advantage and one that can not is astounding.

10. Your Appearance

This is not as important as the rest of this list, but many girls are picky when it comes to how a man looks. However, you do not have to stay exactly how god made you, as there are many things that you can do to improve your physical appearance.

Well there you have it, the top ten things that you need to work on if you want to be able to pick up hot women.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How To Seduce Your Ex's Friend

So you just broke up with your girlfriend and now you want to nail her hot friend who you have been flirting with even when you were with your ex.

It is not impossible but it takes some fine tuning before you dive right in. When trying to seduce your ex's friend make sure you are not in a hurry or you will spoil the whole pot of friends that she has.

Make sure you pick a hot friend or one that was/is competitive with your ex-girlfriend. Women are very competitive and this increases your chances of getting the girl based on their obsession to "outdo" each other.

Don't screw around with her slutty friends because that is too easy and that is what she expects you to do. If you are gonna steal jewelry make sure it is worth something.

Become Friends

The first thing you will do with the friend of your ex is invite her out to a function, gathering, party, get together or some venue where many other people will be there to share in the festivities. This shows her you see her as a person in the group or in the circle of friends, quickly establishing that you could possibly invite her in the future to other functions.

If you invite her out to two or three of these situations and she has a good time she will feel safe around you and that will open the door to inviting her "solo" to something… like your lap.

When you are out in a group make sure you are not hitting on any other girls but flirting with all of them so she will not have any idea what your status is and yet she will be curious why you have not hit on her. And don't hit on her! Not at the party or initial functions anyway. All this will show your ex's friend that you might not be a bad guy after all but fun and charming. Make her feel safe with you.

When a girl feels safe and charmed, you on your way in!

Special Attention

If you don't have the opportunities to get her into parties etc… then you must find opportunities to give her special attention. Do you know where she works? Do you know her favorite coffee shop? Do you know what she likes to do when she is not working? You will need this information because you DO NOT WANT TO CALL HER THE FIRST TIME YOU MAKE A MOVE. When you call there are too many opportunities for her to have to get off the phone and you won't be able to flirt with facial and body language.

Show up to her work, especially if it is a retail or restaurant job and act like you just stumbled in there. When a girl is in the "service" position is much more vulnerable to your charms. She knows she has to kiss your ass and laugh at your jokes until the tip comes, so make it fun. When you come into her work the next time bring her something (NOT FLOWERS) like a piece of chocolate or something simple, maybe a CD she likes and tell her that you remembered she likes that band or chocolate - she will dig this (make sure she has shown interest in you first, your goal with this move is to increase that interest level).

In the early stages of the game she will most likely know what you are up to and if at any time she says, "You used to date my friend; I don't think we should date." You simply respond with, "I am not trying to date you I am trying to seduce you." You will set the precedent immediately that she has an opportunity to act on her sexual feelings because all you really want to do beyond those parties and chocolate and CDs is screw her brains out or have her blow you like a trumpet.

The last major move to get her attention is blatantly telling her you want to take her to dinner. All women love to eat and public places could not be safer for her. Tell her that too. If she is hesitant about saying yes tell her how the public location will keep you from mauling her and it is an opportunity for her to spend some of your money on food for her. She will then reiterate, "This is not a date", for which you will reply, "I will tell you at the end of the date."


Now you have a date with your ex's girlfriend and you want to go from A to B as soon as possible. You have got to take her somewhere that has nothing to do with your ex or her's either. You have to talk the talk now and make sure you don't pull any tricks that your ex may have told her about because that will make her feel weird.

Stay focused on you two and if things heat up GO TO HER PLACE if possible. If she goes to your place there might be reminders of your ex which will undoubtedly turn her off - unless she is a total slut (we talked about that earlier). So if you are going to bang your ex's gal friends just avoid being creepy and act like a guy completely different from the one that your ex knows - because that is what she knows. Keep bangin'.

4 Women To Avoid

You may have noticed that every romantic comedy ends as soon as the relationship begins: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy reforms, boy gets girl back, the end. The part that we do not see is the haggard boy several years later, after he’s been bled dry by his demanding girlfriend and has raised someone else’s kid. In order to avoid becoming one of these haggard fellows, certain female archetypes should be given as much attention as yesterday’s newspaper.

If you are not careful with the type of woman you choose to approach, you will soon notice the giant sucking sound of your soul being spun down into a vortex and into the black hole of your next relationship.

Getting involved with certain women has irreversible ramifications that can eventually cause interference with the simple joys of life like the Rose Bowl or the World Series, for instance. Instead of the NBA Finals, it will be Breakfast at Wimbledon and a day of shopping with your future mother-in-law.

There are different types of women who should be avoided at all costs. By comparing your dates to certain female Hollywood icons, you can quickly identify these problematic partners on your next date.

1. The Zellweger

Renee Zellweger provides a case study for men to learn from and avoid. Her character on Jerry Maguire is a pitfall, a sinkhole, a Venus flytrap waiting patiently for a man to enter her home, wield her child and discover his inner father before he even becomes one. The lovable son is too young to realize you’re not his real dad, but he soon will.

What the movie does not show is the United States Marine husband who is serving his third tour in Iraq. He’ll soon be bringing the war to all those pretty boys who made it with his wife while he was gone, including you.

2. The Jolie

Her mysteriousness exudes a tortured, creative secret that you simply must uncover, but be advised: The Angelina Jolie type is a wretched mess. She looks like a mystifying piece of wonderment, and there's something about her copious tattoos that attracts you. The appeal of the Jolie type is strange, though: Add chewing tobacco and she would look like a super hot, female version of your mechanic.

She is adventurous, has a wild side and is comfortable riding a motorcycle, but eventually her depression will roll over like a herd of bloated cattle in your living room. Her obsession with death and Gothic astrology will quickly violate all holy days, like Monday Night Football and "Fat Night Tuesday." For you, this will be an emotional, emasculating loss. Her problems with her dark side might only be solved with a backhoe out of there and a good-bye note.

Smart girls may be sexy, but not when they psychoanalyze you to pieces...

3. The Bancroft

A woman has the best chance of conceiving before 35, so time is important to her. If you are a young man, understanding her urgency will be nearly impossible. A younger man will always feel rushed by an older woman. Hollywood has depicted the older woman and the younger man as a wonderful excursion into sexual fantasy. This is only true if the involvement with the older woman is kept strictly as an affair.

If she is much older and has children, rest assured that her adult children are already too old to care about you. If the woman is only five years your senior, listen for a ticking sound beating in her head like in "The Tell-Tale Heart." By age 30, if she has invested any time into you, the ultimatums are secretly being loaded like torpedoes.

Prepare to issue counter-measures. Hot on the heels of the marriage ultimatum will be the request for children. It will actually be more like a Papal decree to Catholics. If you can keep an older woman as a fling and make sure her children are all in college, then you can let her ankles fly and enjoy the ride. Otherwise, break it off while you can.

4. The Curie

Her intelligence fascinated you from the start, but wait until Marie Curie deconstructs you with her triple major, PhD-educated mind. The scientist/psych major/accountant cannot help but put you into logical boxes. She will dissect you and examine you from oblique perspectives, using ratios and quantum physics to weigh the pros and cons of all your flaws.

Around her apartment will be little notes, data-flow diagrams and pie charts outlining your personality qualities. These will be mostly negative, but don’t worry, she also has a five-year project outline that will ensure your “improvement.” Your love for the Miami Dolphins will be viewed as the manifestation of childhood guilt from the time you saw your father naked.

Sex in this relationship will be deconstructed and analyzed until your desire becomes as flat and lifeless as the university degrees she has hanging on her bedroom wall.

nobody’s perfect, but...

Two rules to follow in your search for a girlfriend are: If she’s cool and has no baggage, go for it. The other rule is: No woman is perfect, but at the very least, avoid the Gothic senior citizen who comes equipped with children and four degrees in psychology.


Monday, September 11, 2006

How to Be Irresistible to Women

You don't need a guitar, rock-hard abs, or even a full head of hair to make a great impression on a woman. Follow these tips, and she'll want to hear from you again real soon:

1. Go out with another woman. If you're going out to a club or a bar, take a female friend or your sister with you. Women are often more amenable to talking to men who are with other women. It gives them the feeling that you actually like women, and that's attractive. If your female friend is outgoing, see if she'll make small talk with somebody you'd like to meet. She can say something along the lines of, "I love your necklace!" and that should do it. After a little back-and-forth, your friend can say, "Oh, how rude of me. This is my friend Andy," and you're in business.

2. Look women in the eye. It seems elementary, but you'd be surprised at how many guys either undress a woman with their eyes or avoid eye contact altogether. Women love it when you look them in the eye.

3. Don't try to "buy" her. If you buy her a drink, she is obligated to say thank you and that's it. If she accepts the drink, the polite thing for her to do would be to spend a little time talking to you, but that's all. On the other hand, if a woman takes the drink and walks away, let her go. You wouldn't want spend time with her, anyway. Trust me.

4. Find out her interests. Get her talking about what she's crazy about, whether it's David Bowie or the New York Mets. If you don't get it, you can say something like, "You know, I'm not too familiar with Bowie. What CD would you recommend?" Or, "I'm more into football than baseball. What is it about baseball that you like?" Ask a woman her opinion, and you'll have her eating out of your hand (we have more in common with guys than you think).

5. Listen more, talk less. Hey, I'm not suggesting that you let her do all the talking, but some guys meet a woman and then never shut up. Don't try to impress her! Don't brag about your GPA at Harvard, the Jag in your driveway, or the fact that you're CEO of a tuna fish conglomerate. You'll get precisely the kind of woman you don't want, the one who's only into you for your achievements and possessions, rather than for who you really are. Instead, ask questions and listen for the answers. Give your opinions. Get to know the woman. Let her get to know you.

6. Be optimistic. In other words, this is no time to discuss how oil prices are going through the roof, what a witch your ex-girlfriend was, or that your parents never gave you enough attention. If you run out of things to talk about, ask her if she's seen the latest hit at the box office.

7. Be chaste. Do not try to go to bed with a woman right away. Sure, there's a chance that if you go for it, she will, but if you're hoping for a lasting relationship, you set up all sorts of weirdness if you "do it" too soon. Crazy as it sounds, if she sleeps with you, she may not respect you in the morning (you didn't know that, did you?). She'll figure that you get into bed with every woman you meet, which pretty much rules you out as boyfriend material. (Or she may be the type who thinks you owe her because she slept with you, which makes her really bad girlfriend material.) Save yourself undue angst and get to know a person before you go to bed with her.

8. Make a great exit. If you want to see her again, ask for her number (preface this with something casual, "Maybe we can get together some time."). Then touch her shoulder (a little restraint is sexier here; don't try to kiss her) and tell her you'll be in touch. Then leave. If your friends aren't ready to go yet, tell her you have to hang out with them. Walk away. The key here is to keep her wanting more.

9. Call her. If you said you were going to call, you can avoid looking desperate by waiting two days, but no longer. A plea on behalf of the female sex: If you're not interested in a woman, do not-I repeat-do not say you'll call. Say, "Nice meeting you," and be on your way. Besides, collecting numbers to feed your ego is kind of sad.

10. Treat women as you'd have them treat you. The media have brainwashed us to believe that men come and women come different planets, but we're all human. Some of the biggest losers in love are women who complain that all men are the same, they all want one thing, and so on. But it's equally sad when a guy assumes all women are like his mother or his psychopathic ex-girlfriend. You'll enjoy astonishing success with women if you understand two simple facts: We're people. We're more like you than you think.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

How To Tell She's If Faking Her Orgasm

Over 70% of women claim to have faked an orgasm frequently during sex. That’s a pretty high damn number. So even with all the Cosmo’s and Glamour magazines and sex books telling women to pursue their own pleasure in bed- they’re still faking it. Women often fake orgasms in order to avoid, or because they don’t know how to, explain how they like or what they want you to do in order for them to climax. Now, one or fakes is entirely permissible, because we women love sex and even if we don’t orgasm all that sexual goodness just makes us happy. But if your girl is constantly faking it, you need to step in and start communicating. So what are the signs she giving the better performance in bed?

1. She Has Energy After Sex

Sex with an orgasm take a lot out of you- so if she’s not breathing hard or just laying there for a few moments trying to recover, it’s likely she faked it. Climaxing gives women lots of oxytocin and endorphins that gives them a mini high, but it plummets soon after. We feel drained after good sex just like you do- so if your girl is able to get up and put on her clothes without hesitation, something’s up. In fact, if she is able to get up and continue her routine like nothing happened, she didn’t climax.- which brings us to…

4. She Immediately Starts Thinking About Her Routine

If after sex she starts talking about what she has to do later that day, or the next day, something is terribly amiss. A satisfied girl can think of only one thing- how satisfied she is and great you are. If her mind is wandering, or if she’s getting up to go do her daily tasks, it wasn’t good for her.

3. Physical Traits

Something different happens to every girl when she climaxes. Some get quiet and concentrate only on what is happening to her body, some get loud as hell and dig their nails into your back and some make give-away noises. There are common traits among peaked women and they are as follows: her face, chest or body gets flushed at the moment of truth, her nipples harden (if her nipples don’t harden is about 95% sure she didn’t orgasm), her breath shortens and you should be able to feel tiny contractions in her vagina. Her body also gets more tense right before an orgasm- involuntarily. Her thighs quiver and her back elongates uncontrollably. Her clit is also very sensitive right after an orgasm so if you’re still pounding away and she is matching you while she “climaxes” and after without changing pace, something up.

2. The Vocals

When we orgasm, pretty much the only person we can talk to is God (Oh my God, Oh God Oh God). If she is stringing together coherent sentences during sex she’s not peaking. If her sentences are fragments and all jumbled up “Jake, God, I, oh my god, so good…” then it more plausible to be genuine. Moans and whispers mean you’re on the right track but loud vocals are usually a sign she’s faking it. It takes way too much damn energy to try and yell how great you are while getting off. If her vocal action sounds like anything in the movies, you’re waaaaay off. For some reason, most women like to act like they’re having movie-style sex when they’re faking it. It’s funny because movie-sex is not real sex.

1. She Doesn’t Get Close To You

When women orgasm, they feel a very emotional connection to the man that helped them achieve it. She will want to snuggle, to be held by you, to just get close to you. She might have faked it if she’d rather fall asleep on her side of the bed without any post coital touching. If she’s okay with you just falling asleep while she does her own thing, it’s also a sign she wasn’t satisfied. Unemotional, non-connecting girls are not happy girls who also didn’t orgasm.

The woman orgasm is not the elusive thing mot people think it is. The trick to stopping her from faking it is… talking about it. If you choose to confront her about it, do it in a way that shows that you want her to orgasm and you want to know how she likes it. Don’t get her defensive by asking “why are you faking it?”- Rather coax it out of her, “I really want to make sure that you get off, I want you to tell me how do to that”. And once you do, both of you will be very, very happy people. Stay tuned for the next article on sex positions that get her off the easiest!