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Saturday, September 02, 2006

When It Comes To Attracting and Seducing Women Who Cares What Her Name Is

Have you ever been having a real good conversation with a woman and had it come to an end because she asked you what should have been a simple question but instead ended up being the three trickiest words know to a single man.

What's my name?

Now, it would seem that this is an easy question to answer if you know her name and a difficult one if you don't.

However, in reality it is a trick question and you need not answer it at all.

If you answer her question and you actually get it right you just let her know that you like her and she is in control.

If you answer and get it wrong or stumble looking for the answer you just let her know that you like her, have a bad short term memory, and she is in control.

Knowing what you know now it is easy to see why answering her question can only lead down a path you don't want to go down.

Instead of answering her question you can choose to ignore it or make fun of her for asking such a ridiculous question.

If you choose to ignore it and she asks you again what her name is you then have no choice except to make fun of her.

When a woman asks you what her name is she is giving you a signal that you need to step it up and take control.

The best way to do that in this situation is by making fun of her and not telling her what her name is or isn't.

By Teddy Shabba

The Perfect Time To Call A Woman In Order To Attract Her Is When You Have Something To Do

Imagine it is a Thursday night and you do not have any plans at all, when your perfect 10 woman calls you and wants to know if you want to hang out tonight.

Do you think you would hang out with her or just stay home and do nothing?

Most guys I know would gladly accept the invitation and might even cancel plans if they had any.

Now the example I just gave was not to discuss the pro's and con's of accepting last minute dates from women, but rather the benefits of calling a woman only when you have something to do.

So many times men get caught up with trying to figure out how long they should wait until they should call a woman.

The way to attract women is to call when you have something to do that you might think she would be interested in.

A man who calls the next day with plans to go to the river with some friends and wanting to know if she wants to hang out as well is going to come off much better than the guy who waits a week and has absolutely nothing to do or talk about.

It is important to remember however that when you call with something to do it is not really a date that depends on her, inviting her to go to the river with you and your friends; that's cool, but dinner and a movie isn't.

When you call a woman and invite her to accompany you in your life it lets her know that you are in control of your reality and maybe even really busy, her level of interest for you can do nothing but go up and even if she had other plans 9 out of 10 times you what know about them because she will cancel those after she gets off the phone with you.

In fact you might have even experienced it a time or two it is when you had a date plan with her and all of a sudden she has to cancel odds are some other guy who may or may not be better than you called her at the last minute and raised her level of interest for him higher than it was for you.

By Teddy Shabba

How To Start A Conversation That Gets Her Thinking 'Sex'

Breaking The Ice Is A Challenge - Making Her Hot For You Is An Even Bigger Challenge

Jump Starting Conversation

Sometimes not even a hammer with a lead ball at one end and a spike at the other is enough to "break the ice" in conversation with someone. The task can be even harder when you are trying to add some "juice" to the dialogue and get her in a looser mood.

Various settings will require various approaches but all the approach models out there contain something that is first and foremost in your tкte-а-tкte. This element will be something she will notice before you speak and the entire time you are in her presence.

This element that will precede ANY and ALL approaches to a female is: POISE.

Conversation Starters

Poise is more important than anything else because poise will help your chances of getting invited to the party so to speak. So before I throw you a few "ice breakers" pay very close attention because BODY LANGUAGE is an ice breaker and it is the first one she will see.

What ever the setting may be - work, school, frat parties, cocktail lounges, movie theater lines, coffee shops or even the Laundromat you must maintain "poise" at all times. It is in these abstract places you are most likely to meet someone you have chemistry with and have to act fast. But if you are giving off a cool vibe of confidence, positive energy and detachment you will attract many women.

Confidence: Assured (not cocky) behavior that suggests both experience and knowledge. Positive Energy: You project a good mood with jocular enthusiasm - courteous and smiling. Detachment: If there are 10 girls in the room you act as if you care about all equally and none.

These combined qualities are POISE. You walk with head high and shoulders back, with what I call "a Marine's confidence". You look her (and everyone) right in the eye when you speak as well as when you listen. You project - MAN…GENTLEMAN.

Be Invited Into Conversation

Getting noticed out there in the cattle that roam the hills that are the single life can be difficult. Having poise is the key to you getting noticed in all the abstract settings I mentioned earlier. That is literally half the battle; getting noticed. When YOU get noticed you help the onlookers or potential targets to sift them selves out of the game. Meaning: If you are attractive and show poise, you will undoubtedly get noticed by the girl who wants you to notice her. When she sends off this signal, then you are officially getting invited to the party.

Walk right up to her with smiles abound and say, "If you keep flirting with me I will make YOU buy dinner" or "I noticed you are always here when I am washing my boxers (Laundromat)". Say something FUNNY or something CLEVER that is a bit flirty. They sound corny but if you make a joke suggesting you two at dinner or in your boxers she HAS TO THINK ABOUT IT. If you make her think about it from the word "go" then she will always be thinking about it.

For kicks in the summer time (I am in better shape then) when I see a hot chick who is staring at me but won't approach, I will smile at her and then pull my shirt up as to "flash" her like girls do to guys…they think it is hilarious and always say something to ME. I do it in public or wherever and "you talk about an icebreaker…"

I know you saying, "How can I show poise when I am flashing some chick to start a conversation?" Poise gets there attention, laughter or joy keeps it. Everyone wants to have fun and when they have fun they smile more and open up.

Project Confidence

I once went to a coffee shop where a beautiful girl studying alone checked me out as I walked in. There were no other people in the cafй and when I got my hot chocolate and newspaper I came over to her table and said, "Do you mind if I share your table?"

She did not know what to say, and offered me a chair. I said, "Thank you" and then read the paper as if she were not there, it was about 10 minutes before she said, "So what do you do?" She started the conversation solely by how I projected myself, making my job that much easier. Poise, a combination of confidence, detachment and positive energy is the best way to get invited to the conversation, after that your focus should be on having a good time without being too aggressive. You can project sexy verbal stimuli to her solely by subtle words and suggestions.

I once walked up to a girl and said "Bon Jour Mademoiselle". She immediately replied in French and asked me a question. We both went silent and then asked in English if I spoke French, I said, "No, what you gave that idea?" I don't speak French but for that split second she thought I did. She felt I had poise and when she realized I did not speak French she knew I was funny and flirting with her. DOOR OPEN.

The best party to go to is the one you are invited to, you will always have the most fun. Poise and a good sense of humor are like dressing up for the party and they are your social skills when you arrive.

Make starting conversation with women easy. Make women want to talk to you.


How To Juggle Three Girls At Once

Juggling Multiple Girls At Once Allows You To Call The Shots And Always Have An Out

A good PUA (pick up artist) will have more than one bunny in the hopper at once. Juggling at least 3 girls at once is the norm for most players (yes we've slammed the word 'player' in the past, but you know what we're taking it back).

If you have fewer than that you are not necessarily working less than other guys but you may not be "fine tuned". The finely tuned player will always be filling the hopper with a new girl to replace the old one.

Keeping the hopper filled is important - much like playing for a team, if you practice often then you are ready to go in the game at any time. Desperation is an unattractive outfit that wears like a bad suit when you have not kept "the flow" going.

Juggling, it turns out, is expensive but having a long term girlfriend can be even more costly. Juggling multiple girls at once allows you to call the shots and always have an out.

Play On Playa

Get your game on by doing what they do in sales and marketing and target a specific group or audience at once. Use "what works" over and over again consistently getting new phone numbers. HAVE ONLY ONE SCRIPT.

What this means is you will tell all the girls the exact same story so you don't have to remember a bunch of bullshit lies. Treat them all the same in how you call or call back. What you are doing is setting up your level of standards and practices and expectations for them so none of them think you are ready to drop everything just for them.

Remember, you are the hunter-gatherer not hem and if YOU are not a little challenge they will lose interest too.

When you make dates you make dates not them, which means you will have to turn down dates with them sometimes just to keep a manageable schedule. Because don't think you can deny any of these ladies is ATTENTION. It is attention that got them and it is attention that will keep them and none of them will tolerate not going out on the weekend so you have to trade off now and again giving each of them "game time" with you.

If you ask one of them out only on Wednesday nights then it will be about 3 Wednesdays from now that you two stop seeing each other. Girls don't mind being a booty call, fuck bunny or friend with benefits but none of them want to fell used or like a slut (unless they ask of course).

Talk the Talk

Keeping 3 on the line is a bit wearing on you because you have to watch your PHONE. If your cellular telephone is your source for all your pussy then you can not risk having it on all the time when you are on a date or getting laid. PLUS - It makes you look a little mysterious and slightly unattainable when girls randomly call to surprise you and leave you messages.

I love it when I get laid and then on my way home hear a message from another girl telling me she wanted me to come over. If the girl who called thinks you are out getting laid (whether you are or not) it works in your favor. ALL the girls you are stringing along should think of you as a bit of a "player" because that is what you put out there in the beginning.

Beware of the bedroom because this is the place she will talk the talk. Girls know that you are there for one reason: That piece of hair pie they have between their legs and women usually use the bedroom or "pillow talk" as an opportunity to corner you for future commitments. This is where you have to be savvy because you could be lying in bed and she rolls onto your lap and says, "We should go away next weekend".

In your head your thinking, "I don't want to spend that kind of money on pussy I am getting for free" - or - "I would rather be fucking girl #2 next weekend" - or - "I have plans already with girl #1 next weekend" - or - "Did I water the plants". No matter what the case you must be prepared for that question from ALL of them at some point and if you are not ready to walk the walk it is time to run. Reality #1 - It won't always be the same 3 girls.

Bunny Hopper

Earlier I mentioned it is important to keep the hopper filled and that will be the ultimate task in keeping 3 girls going at once. It won't always be the same 3 girls that is the catch. You see you will not be able to string 3 specific girls EQUALLY for a long period of time - no man can without getting busted or avoiding marriage, it just isn't possible. So you must constantly fill the hopper with a new girl or new phone number.

When girl 3 (the girl who has lasted the longest) is starting to fade then girl 2 moves to 3 and 1 to 2 and a new bunny fills the #1 spot. Don't get lazy because just when you least expect it on of your stable will drop off unexpectedly because she was fucking 3 guys herself on the side and you got moved to the number 4 spot. When this happens you are one girl away from either turning your last girl into a girlfriend or being very lonely for a few weeks while you "ramp up" again.

NEVER Tips: Never buy jewelry for your stable. Never "make plans in bed". Never talk about kids unless it is the one you gave up. Never say "I love you" unless you are saying it to all of them. Never turn down an opportunity to suggest a 3-way.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Your Girlfriend's First Bi-Sexual Experience

If You Want Your Girl To Have Sex With Another Girl, Use Her As The 'Bait'

The beauty of working at Seduction Insider is our LAB. We at SI have a state of the art laboratory where we test theory and practice technique so we can bring you fresh, accurate information to increase your sexual "bottom line".

The lab "rats" that we use are our girlfriends, one night stands, fuck buddies, friends with benefits, stripper chicks and MILFs.

We have gone to great lengths to "learn the ropes" and have taken a few slaps in the face along the way. But the good news is that after a while the slaps are fewer and farther between and eventually the slaps are on the ass. You know you have reached the pinnacle or "graduation" here at Seduction Insider when you go from getting slapped in the face to slapping a "high-five" to your girl when you both make some other girl cum.

Getting your girlfriend to have her first bi-sexual experience is going to be fun and exciting for you both. Hopefully she has never had one yet because when your girl is a virgin to another girl and she has her first experience with you it creates a whole new level of trust and you are forever going to be in her annals of "first experiences" and that is a great place to be.

If she ever becomes a swinger it will be you she has to thank and she probably will thank you with her vertical smile and another just like her.

The Bank & Bi-Sexual Trust

She is the bank when it comes to sex and you are the trust. She is the connection or link to another girl and you and she will make the ultimate decision anyway so remember that she is the commodity not you. She is also the bait for the other girl - not you. In some cases a "good time girl"* will give you both equal attention which can either turn your girl on or off depending how she is acting.

* Good Time Girl = A female swinger, usually single but swings both ways.

Good time girls will spot you first most of the time and will flirt with you both. I only recommend this girl to the seasoned couple or non-committed couples because GTG's are bad girls and can too naughty for the virgin. You want to find a girl who is bi-curios like your girl or a girl with a few experiences under her belt so she can "walk her thru it". The TRUST part will come from you in many forms through this first time including whether you get laid or not.

The first thing you must do is have this conversation with your girl alone. Never bring it up for the first time if some girl brings it up in front of you and never put her on the spot. The best time to talk about sex is when you are both having sex. In bed, that is where you will bring it up and see how she feels.

The girl I am dating (in the lab) right now is 30 years old with a playboy bunny body and is recently divorced. Her husband cheated on her a couple of times before she caught him and left him. She told me this story on the first date. She also laughed and said, "The girl he cheated with was not that attractive, if she was maybe I would have been interested."

Being Bi-Sexual

Did you read that, "…if she was maybe I would have been interested." Though we were not having sex at the time I jumped on the opportunity (because real players do) and said, "Have you ever been with a girl?"

She replied, "No." I suggested, "But it sounds like fun huh?" She replied, "Yes".

I dropped the subject because it was early in our relationship. Two nights later we had unbelievable sex and she has hardwood floors (completely waxed pussy) and I went down on her three times. That is the key to your plan by the way… going down on her.

While I was licking her I started to talk dirty, "Wouldn't this feel nice with a girl's soft lips licking you?" She giggled but did not reply which might as well have been a reply. Do you see how she is getting primed? You have to do those same things with your girl.

Suggest, simulate, activate.

Those are the three steps. I have told you the first two - Suggest a scenario, simulate or imitate the idea in bed, but the last one, activate, will be the final test or step.

Activate means initiate or set up the two girls. This can be done a couple of ways.

First, you two are at a bar or club - send a girl a drink and say it is from the both of you. Or in that same scenario you keep flirting with the girl until she gives you a look back then you go over and tell her, "Come join me and my girlfriend, we are a lot of fun."

Most women in both of these situations will know exactly what you are suggesting and will either bite or bail immediately depending on two things, their experience or your looks. It is not a bad thing for the guy to get involved in pimping her out the first time but I don't recommend participation the first time for the guy if he "really" likes his girlfriend.

The first time you let your girl have a bi experience, offer to "sit this one out". I know most of you think I am crazy but if she is comfortable the first time because of everything you have done then more than likely you will be paid back for your trust with sex or a threesome.

If her first time creates jealousy then she will probably resent you and never trust you again. I have worked in the lab a long time, trust me I know.


How To Last Longer In Bed

Sometimes The Easiest Way To Be A Great Lover Is To Simply 'Last Longer'

Stamina is something every man in the world seeks… and every woman. Many women don't want to go 7 hours having nonstop sex - that is a myth. Women want sex that is "SATISFYING". That could be for 2 minutes or 2 hours and as long as it is satisfying then they will keep coming back for more.

The only clause to that statement is: Even if she can be satisfied in 2 minutes it is not recommended to do that often.

Lasting longer in bed or having more stamina is a great combination of both mind and body. You must first step aside from the belief that "supplements" are your best resort. Before we go any farther I will say right now that ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a whole separate story from just having a little more staying power every once in a while.

ED requires a doctor's attention and decision to administer a prescription such as VIAGRA. I absolutely endorse any FDA approved ED supplement if it will help you to live an active and fulfilling sex life.


The body is a "temple" and you must make sure this church gets plenty of worship at the gym. I don't care if you are a fat guy, skinny guy or short guy with a lazy eye - when you go to the gym regularly then you will build stamina through physical fitness and cardiovascular exercises.

When you do cardio you increase stamina as you increase difficulty. For instance whether you go running or swimming or biking, time yourself today. Now repeat this every day for two weeks - in two weeks time your self again traveling the exact same distance. My guess is you will have made better time simply because you are in better cardiovascular condition. The same body that can get better at biking can be better in bed.

You have to make a committment to bettering your body FIRST. Women are like men in that they too are stimulated by the VISUAL effects of the body. If you can stimulate a woman with your looks then she will probably work to stimulate you in bed. The better shape your body is in physically the better your metabolism and heart rate will facilitate the stamina you need to get the job done. Running, swimming and biking are at the top of my list for cardio and if you have the time to squeeze all three in during the week you will be lasting longer than a Marathon Bar - a good long time.

I mentioned supplements earlier and the only supplements I endorse other than for ED is the type that nutritionists and personal trainers use that help with the breakdown and rebuilding of muscle tissue. For example: Whey Protein, Creatine, Amino Acids etc. These are great for a meal replacement in controlling your weight and building muscle or just maintaining muscle as you start building stamina from your workouts - making you stronger and giving your more endurance, thus lasting longer in the sack.

Mind Your Manners

This is the part I have been waiting for - "mind over matter". Yes, you must learn to control your pleasure stick, even if it means you have to STOP! This is my first recommendation: When in doubt, pull it out! You can't cum to fast if you are not touching anything.

BUT HERE IS THE TRICK: When you do it - act like you are slowing down to "tease her". Simply pull out during sex and slowing - slowly slide back in and out with teasing strokes. If you still can't handle it, never be afraid of telling the truth. Sometimes I will tell a girl, "I stopped because I did not want to come to fast".

That actually turns a girl on! She will be thinking to herself, "Wow, he wants to take care of me first". When in a woman is turned on in the mind they will be stimulated by it for sure.

The next thing to do is the FIRST thing to do; Foreplay. Forty minutes of foreplay is 40 minutes you had sex with her in her mind, especially if you can make her climax before you ever penetrate her. When I like my date or one night stand I will try everything to make her cum before I fuck her. Once you open the floodgates it just gets easier and easier.

Start with your fingers and if she is in to toys then go there too! Then when you two can't take anymore put your mouth on her and lick her like you own it! Now use your mouth and your fingers and devour her! By the time you penetrate her she will be looking to take her first 15 minute break. If she is a sexual dynamo then go from foreplay to the "in & out" teasing action for a while before you "go for broke".

Most importantly; take your time. Patience is a turn on and makes you look more confident and anything you do to turn her on i.e. patience, stimulating her mind etc. will make you look like a better lover before you ever get in bed. Being patient means training your mind to SLOW DOWN or RELAX a little to keep the party going. Women are not built like us - their brain and their pussy are connected, the penis and the male brain never even have lunch together.

So don't run out and buy a bunch of those crazy supplements that promise better sex from a bottle or some herb - make your machine work harder and smarter. When you work your body and train your brain then your stamina will come along for the ride.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

How To Make Girls Horny

Having Trouble Turning Your Dates Into Hot Sex?

So you can get dates but you can't get laid?

You have no problem making girls laugh but you're stuck in the friend zone, or the buddy zone or the "you ain't getting any of this pussy zone". You need to learn seduction and the bi-product of seduction is romance. You can't get to the romance if SHE is not horny.

Getting girls horny is more complex than just finding some horny girl. If there were a contingent of horny girls out there I would not be here listening to you read my words out loud at your computer screen. I would be out with my horny girl butterfly net swooping them up.

There are really only three things at the top of my list for making girls horny. These three list toppers are "investments" because SHE is and has the bank: The bank being the pussy of course.

The three that top my list are:

  • Play hard to get
  • Create suggestive situations
  • Seduce with words

The last one will be tough for some because you will literally have to go out on a limb with some of the things that will be coming out of your mouth.

Making girls horny is about understanding at least a little about what they want or need. Women need to "THINK" and thinking about YOU can stimulate them if they are doing it enough. Horny girls merely need a pole to ride and unless your fat or missing limbs, anyone will do.

Playing Hard To Get

The first of three "get her horny tricks" is the trick all women use on men. MAKE THEM WORK. Remember if you are paying the check and opening the doors you should be deciding the "flow". Don't waste a bunch of money on a girl who does not give you the signs EVER that she is horny but just the opposite.

Playing hard to get is for the guys who are almost "there" with a girl and can't tell so you will incorporate "teasing". Teasing is the foundation of playing hard to get. Give HER the impressions you want to fuck her but don't let your ACTIONS show it.

For instance, take her on a date and flirt, flirt, flirt and then at the end of the date when you are certain she wants you to "come in for a while" you say NO. You might have to rub one out that night but you will drive her crazy and each time you take her out in the future she will be waiting for you to jump her bones. Tell her you only care about her but then don't return her call for a day or so.

Surprise her with a flower (waiting for her) on her desk or in her car with a note in "someone else's" handwriting and see if she asks you if you did it. If she doesn't then you're in trouble but if she does you just say no and then leave another telling her to meet you - you are the secret admirer - kinky and fun.

Create Suggestive Situations

The best way to create suggestive situations starts with being forced into positions that might put you two close together.

Example: Take your date to a movie that is boring so you too can goof off and hold hands. She will get impatient with the film and want you both to get out of there where you will take her to the parking lot and go down on her (how to set this up comes in part 3, below).

Take her to a bar if you know she likes dancing. Nothing says horny girl faster than getting funky and getting drunk. If she ever told you a story about her "dancing on a table", take her to the same place.

Take her to an amusement ride - yes a roller coaster. Studies show that when a woman is scared, shocked or excited by "thrills" it actually increases the libido.

Make her dinner at home. This is one of the best suggestive and sexy situations to get a girl horny on the entire list. It is so sensual watching a man cook for a woman and in this case he can even be fat… yes fat people cooking is sexy and makes girls horny (care to test it?).

Seduce With Words

Remember I told you that you would have to go out on a limb in this category to make girls horny. Seducing with words is not about saying, "I wanna fuck you". That is something you say with your eyes, not your mouth. But you can say just about everything else including, "I would love to go down on you".

Yes, I have used that line with girls and I will tell you why. Once I was on a date and she was a hot brunette with super dark eyes and caramel skin. The only problem was we were both bored as hell! We struggled in conversation as the meal ended and I knew the tricks I had been using had not worked.

I made a few jokes and then finally when I realized she did not want more wine I suggested, "I have an idea, since its getting late and you seem a little bored why don't we go over to the golf course and I will go down on you on one of the fairways."

She laughed the hardest she had all night long and said, "You don't want to go to your house, I am surprised." I replied, "I live 5 miles from here and you might change your mind but the golf course is across the street and you don't have to reciprocate, I just thought it would be nice to end the evening with you having an orgasm in my mouth on the beautiful grass."

She laughed again and chugged her wine and then just stared at me. She said, "You're naughty". I said, "You wait until you feel me go down on you, then you will know it for sure."

That is just one story and it could have failed miserably but "You can't have the fruit if you don't go out on a limb." The truth is that girl was very naughty but I was trying to be Mr. Niceguy all night and that turned her OFF. Another thing you could say to cause trouble is, "Why don't we go for a Jacuzzi, I don't have a jacuzzi but we can try and find one" (trust me if she goes on a jacuzzi hunt with you, you've got a horny girl on your hands). Just watch out for the home owners!

That's it gang, it is that simple, only 3 things and if you seize these opportunities when they come up it will be your stick that comes up… for air. No when to quit and move on and no when to stop making the "investment."

The only investment worth making is one that brings a return. Just ask the bank.

How To Get A Date With That Hottie

Once You Plan To Hit On Her, Follow These Steps To Reel Her In Fast

How many times a month do you frequent the same hair stylist, grocery store, drug store, coffee shop, tanning salon, gym, doctor's office, restaurant or other service and see that sweet hottie that is always so nice to you? You see her and she always treats you like a king with a big smile and you get the vibe that maybe -- just maybe -- you could make a move.

The only problem is that you don't want to misconstrued "niceness" for "horniness". How do you find out if she is single without blowing your whole wad at once? The best way is to ask questions.

The number one question you don't ask is, "ARE YOU SINGLE?"

The reason you do not ask this question is because it makes you look like a collegiate amateur. Why not just walk up and say, "I have a boner - do you want it?"

This question may break you for another reason. What if she is "not" single but really just wants to sleep with you? If you ask that question you alienate her because she would have to admit that fact to you and that might be an uncomfortable conversation. When a girl asks me if I am single I always say, "For the sake of this conversation I am."

Don't elimidate your prey with something so direct.

Feel With Words

So here is the approach: If you are a regular at any of the above mentioned venues such as a gym or salon the first thing you need to do is check the temperature of the water. Remember, this might take a few visits to pull off so don't be impatient. You have to do this right so that if you two never "connect" then at least she won't cringe when you show up in the future.

Just try to stay focused on always being "yourself" the same "self" that she likes smiling at - don't change your personality unless it is to merely "smile more". This is important because it may be your "simple" charms that get her attentions and keep them.

The way you go about it is - once you plan to "hit on" her, do it slowly in stages.

The first time you open the gate a little will be with questions about her JOB. The reason you ask about here job is because many of the professions mentioned can have high turnover. If she is quitting her job or leaving soon she might become an even better target and you can speed up your time table.

If she is quitting or leaving that location it does not matter if you strike out because she won't be there to rub it in - a new girl will. So now if she is not leaving the job it is an opportunity for you to learn a little about her - THE MORE INFORMATION YOU KNOW ABOUT A WOMAN THE MORE SHE THINKS YOU ARE LISTENING - THIS IS A GOOD THING.

On the next visit - try to see her AFTER the weekend so that you can ask her, "how was your weekend?"

This will be the first opportunity for her to tell you whether she has a boyfriend or not. If she is close with her boyfriend, then more than likely they spent the weekend together and she will tell you about it. It also may turn into a bitchfest of complaints regarding "what her boyfriend doesn't do". Make sure you don't become a "sounding board" for her problems or she will see you as the sympathetic ear and not the hard cock.

If you don't get anything from that conversation regarding her "single status" then on the next visit (OR IF YOU RUN INTO HER IN PUBLIC) ask her, "What's new?" If she doesn't say anything interesting - compliment her in a roundabout way by saying, "Someone as beautiful (or fun or cool etc.) as you should have dates lined up." If her response sounds like she needs a date then maybe; just maybe now is the time to ask her.

If her response is murky and includes suggestions she is not in a "satisfying" relationship then you might have to go one more round with flirting and priming. That next round might include a question like, "Have things gotten better"? For which you will respond, "Because I would love an attempt at making you smile." Suggestions are always better than uncomfortable direct questions.

At this point you should have a very good idea what she does, who she is seeing, for how long and if she is happy. If you can't feel a vibe "one way or the other" at this point then she is either playing with your head, she's an emotional wreck, or you're an idiot. If you do it right and she doesn't bite than I would bet on number two of those three.

You never have to ask "Are you single?" because many women (especially those attracted to you) will let you know in their actions and the stories they tell. If you go to one of these places mentioned and a girl YOU are attracted to asks YOU if you're single then forget everything I said, look at her, say YES.

The Swoop: How To Pick Up A Woman Surrounded By Guys

The Beauty Of This Move Is It Requires Only One Prerequisite - TIMING

The Swoop

As men we wear the moniker "hunter-gatherer". This means that the male species is EXPECTED to do the hunting, stalking and killing of their prey.

Laymen: You need to hit on chicks because you can not count on them to hit on you. Women are not oblivious to the Hunter-Gatherer theory and the millions they spend on cosmetics, hair and clothes is proof of that. The sweet fawns position themselves as dolls to be caught and played with.

This theory is important because today you will learn a technique that saves you time and money in the H-G continuum. This technique is referred to as the "swoop".

Think of yourself as the bald eagle that watches from above and waits to swoop down on un-expecting prey. This method is used by so many men who know "the game" and seize opportunities, not men who pace the floor at home saying, "I woulda, shoulda, coulda". The beauty of this move is it requires only one prerequisite - TIMING. Here at Seduction Insider you will find the intense skills of what to say, when to say it and most importantly - when to say nothing and watch. The latter is where we will start.

The Plan

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". That is a business credo that flows into your personal life as well. Here, your plan starts with "environment". You can not pull the swoop if you don't have prey.

The environment is a public place, party, bar, gym, and especially "the lake", where my editor is undoubtedly swooping on numerous victims daily. The environment must be "target rich" like the gym. I have a nationwide membership to 24 Hour Fitness and though I normally am against hitting on girls at the gym…it is okay only if you pull the swoop. The reason I think your LOCAL gym is not a good place to frequently hit on girls is because you don't shit where you eat; other gyms or locals I mentioned away from home are prime spots - including any bar.

Bring your confidence and maybe even inflate it a little because you will only get one chance to pull the swoop. That is the only drawback - in many cases the swoop is a "make or break" move and if you pull it again in the same environment too soon or too many times then you will "spoil the milk" and have to leave.

Since you really only have one shot per venue to pull the swoop there is no need to be in a rush. Now you know where to pull the swoop -- and it is time to tell you what it is you are looking for: You are looking for a girl who is getting hit on by a couple of guys, a group of guys or maybe some transient traffic surrounding her at the bar. THESE GUYS WILL BE YOUR AUDIENCE.

MRS (Most Recent Swoop)

My most recent swoop is a great example of how it is done. Earlier I mentioned my gym membership - my most recent swoop happened at 24 Hour fitness in the Bay Area. I was visiting family in The City (San Francisco) and when I was at the gym one afternoon I noticed the SWOOP setting itself up right in front of me.

A lovely brunette with wispy highlights and full red lips was working her abdominals (abs) in the abs section. Her body was so tight that no straight man on the planet could resist thinking what she might be like in bed. I actually lost concentration watching her - but it is was when I noticed the traffic of guys coming over to talk to her that I saw my chance.

When the third guy came over to talk to her I noticed he was a stud looking guy and had "game" with her and clearly had spoken to her in the past. What I noticed was NOBODY INCLUDING THE STUD was closing the deal. He actually came over more than once and even "I" was waiting for this guy to hit on her. His buddy came over to join in the "chit-chat" (this scene could have been at a bar) and that is when I did it.

I went to the front desk and wrote my name and number on a piece of paper and immediately approach the group and walk right up to the gal and say, "Hi my name is Jackson - staring at you working out is keeping me from my working out - I am only in town for a few days (hands her the note) maybe when you get done hypnotizing everyone at the gym you will let me buy you a cup of coffee".

EVERYONE WENT QUIET. For about a half second nothing was said and then she formed a smile behind blushing cheeks. She thanked me and they went back to talking - as I walked away I said, "I like your hair". She called two days later and we sat at The Grove on Chestnut Street in the Marina District and within an hour we "locked lips".

The swoop comes in different forms and has different time frames. For instance you can ask them for their number or they could call sooner. The best way though is literally cutting through your "audience" and showing her that you are showing them how it is done.

Someone does not even have to be hitting on her for it to work - for instance the grocery store line, a pool area in Vegas, boat to boat at the lake or any public venue that is target rich with onlookers. When you have the strength and poise to approach a female in front of others and make your move then you are showing her and telling them: confidence.

In fact this is probably the biggest display of confidence you can possibly show a women in a minute or less.

How To Pick Up The Hot Secretary

The following article is part of our 3 part series on How To Pick Up Girls, providing specific advice on approaching and meeting different age groups of women, based on where and when you are when you meet them...

Part 2 of 3. The Hot Secretary - Age Approx. 27 - 33.

The epoch that is 27 - 33 is actually my favorite in our three part series. It would take a lifetime subscription to Seduction Insider to equal what females in their 30's can teach men about liberty and self-rule. This period for women is all about energy, growth and their roots of CONFIDENCE have begun to burrow nice and deep.

These women are out of college and more than likely college guys are out of them as well (if you know what I mean). These gals are career minded and many at this point no longer share a 3 bedroom apartment with roommates - some own their own condo or home. This is when a girl is living the life she dreamt about leaving home for as a young girl, complete with freedom to bring home the bacon and the boy.


Women of this age are soooo on OUR team. When women start finding their confidence it is a like finding your stroke in tennis or golf - your game is on. These sexy gals rarely have kids and most often go to the gym frequently. Wow, sounds a lot like men doesn't it? The other reason they are on our team is they want to get LAID.

This is a great time for a women's sex drive and frankly I will take this sex drive over a cougar or younger pinup any day of the week. The older chicks get too attached and the younger chicks are stupid and just lay there. These little princesses are fit, both physically and financially, they are independent, and they will be the most outgoing of the 3 groups to attack. I mention all the things they have accomplished to emphasize HOW LITTLE THEY NEED FROM YOU. So when a gal like this is flirty with you, you know why.

The main reason they are on "our team" is women at this age understand ALL men much better and they can tell by behavior what it is you are looking for. They now fairly well read in the language of "I want to fuck you". But mostly, they are in the same boat, all grown up and no one to blow.


Bring your confidence brotha! You are gonna need it. You don't have to bring "big game" on this one - just your undivided attention. Here is the scenario and it is a real one that plays out every single day in supermarkets around the US: You are shopping for groceries and you see a girl, hot, sexy, probably 31,"acting" like she is sorting fruit when in fact she keeps looking up at you. Or maybe she is going down the same aisle as you and clearly slows down or gets in your way.


Samples: "Hello, does the store manager know your loitering?" - "What's for dinner?" Whatever you say will be no surprise if she is flirting with you and you will be able to tell by her response and facial expressions. "Small talk" is okay, like asking if she lives close by or what she does for a living. Then you literally go right in for the kill. This is why these girls are my favorite group - THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO BEAT AROUND THE BUSH, THEY WANT YOU IN THE BUSH. The longer you take to ask or offer your phone number the longer you are avoiding the inevitable. I live 6 blocks from my grocery store in Long Beach, California and in the 5 years it has been there I have bagged 6 girls using this method and watching the "messages" they send. Now 6 girls out of one grocery store may not sound like a lot to you but here's the catch: ALL of them went to bed with me in two dates or less, all of them.



The aggressive female will not be ignored and her independent and confident nature will eventually find someone to fulfill it. If you are not sure or don't understand the messages she is sending, then "bounce" or move on. Remember, females of this period most often have no problem FLIRTING, or TEASING, so if you can't "read it" then she may not be.

Another term for bounce is "sex". I am hoping you will be using it in that context and here is how. Simply put, these girls don't want the fluff. Be aggressive (she wants and expects) and ask her out. On the phone, make sure YOU FLIRT BACK. Show her you have your game on as well and she will have to put her money where her mouth is. If she "ain't down" then bounce or leave. If she is in it and seems to want to "skip dinner" then get her on the couch for a quick make-out session and before you know it you will be watching parts of her body "bounce". In our 3 part series, including the next one you will not find age group that will require less work and produce more satisfying sex. The young chicks LOOK great, the cougars FUCK great, but the girls in between have BOTH.


How To Pick Up Girls

From Virgins, High School Cheerleaders, to Girls At The Espresso Stand, Some Techniques Are Universal - So Make Your Move Casanova

The following 3 part series on How To Pick Up Girls provides specific advice on approaching and meeting different age groups of women, based on where and when you are when you meet them...

Part 1. "Barely Legal" - Age Approx. 18 - 23.

The first in our series goes right for the fruit - 18 to 23 year old females. TIDD-DOWWW.

This group encompasses virgins, high school seniors (think cheerleaders), retail clerks, low budget waitresses, and most especially coffee shop and espresso girls. Whether you live in a beach city like me with many coffee havens to choose from or you only have one coffee shop on your block, cafйs, coffee houses and internet cafйs are great places to meet new women.

Maturity: Key To Picking Up Girls

First of all, this advice is for every age group, but if you're older then 23 years old it works even more in your favor. The reason I say that is MATURITY. There is an Achilles Heal to these ladies, and that is "INDEPENDENCE". They are at an age where a mature guy could easily step right in to pick the fruit. Women of this age are either dying to move out of their parents house or just recently did. They want to prove to everyone that they can handle themselves in life, school, money and certainly with men. They have been governed up until now and many times the flood gates are about to crack.

The way you get to this Achilles Heal is "RESPECT". Never treat her like a little girl - in fact treat these girls as if you are on a date every time you see them. Here is how: When you are on a date the first thing you do is ask your date is "QUESTIONS" about her personal life. When she tells you what is going on, you have opportunities to say "wow, impressive" or "you should be proud of your self".

So even if you only visit your coffee shop for a couple of minutes a day - everyday ask that hot little peach about, school, work, family, sports, drama, BUT NEVER ABOUT GUYS! Others may hear your conversation as well so be aware of that. The next time you to see her (if you remember) you can make direct statements about her life - THAT INTERESTS FEMALES.

Focus On Her, She Will Focus On You

Are you caught up yet? Recap: Each time you see her talk about HER, treat her like an ADULT not a young girl, and NEVER bring up guys. If you are wondering why I say that it is because girls this young like to talk a lot and everything is so DRAMATIC in their limited experiences. If you focus on her, she will be focused you.

If she does work at a service oriented establishment such as a coffee house - make sure you TIP. Even if you only tip on her shift, make sure she sees you tip. Generosity of a few dollars to working girl students really means a lot to them and shows YOU are not a cheap bastard. So far you are probably wondering how this is all about Y-O-U. The reason it is about YOU is because you will getting the one thing you want from her in return for your repeat business, tips and generous nature - her company.

After you have CULTIVATED her at work or wherever then you need to take the next step by making a SUGGESTION. A suggestion is like asking for a date without asking and can help you avoid a flat out NO. Suggest that you TWO meet for coffee sometime…or a drink….or lunch…literally it is that simple.

You just say, "We should go for a drink sometime when you are not working". She will give you a RESPONSE that will suggest one way or the other. If she seems in FAVOR of the idea then immediately suggest "this week". When she seems in favor of this you say great, when do you want to go?

Again, the reason you handle the first half with such detail and the close with tender gloves is because ultimately the decision will be hers and the more you make her feel she is deciding than YOU are controlling the situation, and the closer she will come.

Pick Up A Girl, Get Her In Bed

Patience is a virtue I am told, but I always say, "Patience is only a virtue to ones not doing the waiting". You MUST do your groundwork early and pay attention to the signs so that when you finally get your coffee Chica back to your bachelor pad then she does not balk. If after you start paying attention to a girl she does not give you "SEXY RHYTHM" back then move on before the "suggestion". When you show consistent personal and sexual attention to a girl this age, it will take some repetitive patient work - but so does picking fruit.

You want to pick the ones who want freedom and are uninhibited to explore with you but avoid the virgins - you will never get rid of them.

Balls Out

EXTRA TIP: If you are really BALLS OUT, then don't waste two weeks of coffee money on caffeine. If she knows you like her (and you see that she's showing interest in you) - send her flowers. Girls this age NEVER get flowers sent to them at their job. Wait a couple of days to come back in and see her and then when you do come in, slip her a tiny flower from your hand when you pay.

Does sending flowers make you look like a desperate guy that can't get laid? No, as long as everything else about you says that you're a man in demand (so pay attention to your confidence and sex appeal).


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How To Get Past The Friend Zone

Stop Being The Nice Guy And Start Getting Pussy

You have been officially thrown into the FRIEND ZONE - and you want out! You know what the friend zone is right? I will tell you in case you're in this zone and don't even know it. I will feel bad for you for about oh…. I am over it already. Because I will tell you how you can make that transition to the SEX ZONE and possibly keep your friend if you don't. I said possibly...

What The Friend Zone Is

The way you know you are in the friend zone is simple. You are a guy and she is a girl and you have feelings for her that are sexual at times (a lot) and you two have never talked about a relationship but she talks to you like one of her girlfriends.

Yeah, that's right, you know what I am talking about - you two are watching a movie or something and she tells you stories of the guys (losers) she is dating and never really asks your opinion, she just constantly vents to you. Also, because of your little "crush" you probably make a larger effort than she does and you are probably paying more money for these trysts than she. If any of this sounds familiar it is because she grabbed you with her manicured mitts and heaved your ass deep into the friend zone. She probably did it during a hug or something.

Become An Assasin - Go Behind Enemy Lines

You have been thrown into SAFE territory and you want to get up to the front line and be one of the soldiers she is talking about. You think because you know her so well that you have a field strategy like no other guy. Well, even though you are safe in the no-fly zone right now, don't think she has not seen an attack like yours coming before.

Girls that are "friends first" do so because they trust us and that trust is your final border crossing into the sex zone. You will have to become an assassin - you will have to become the antithesis of what you were before as her "friend". So the big question solider is this: "Do you want to date her and keep her or do you just want to take her to bed and nail it?"

Once you attempt to cross over to the SEX ZONE there might not be an opportunity to return. You see if she does not share your romantic or sexual notions then she may not feel comfortable with you in the same settings as before because she will always wonder if you have an ulterior motive. How can she relax in the movie theater now after you told her you want to pin her down like an underage Cambodian hooker, it won't be the same I assure you. When you tell her or show her that you want to leave the safe zone for the comfort of the fuzzy triangle then that "trust" mentioned earlier will come into play.

One Night Stand Or Love Everlasting?

If you just want to take her to bed for a bombastic round of Romper Room then I say, go collegiate. Meaning get her drunk at a bar or party and see what happens. Though you can not count on it, sometimes your female friend has feelings for you too and is just waiting for the floodgates to open to let you know - sometimes those floodgates are controlled by alcohol. Personally I like tequila with a beer back.

Take advantage of the booze induced moments to make a move on her. When the alcohol is involved and you make some stupid move to kiss her when she does not want you too all you have to do is say, "I was drunk, sorry" or "Mi el boracho, lo siento". What ever language you say it in, drunk is the universal language for spontaneous perversion.

So you don't want to just take her to bed but you actually like her and want to turn the friendship into a relationship right away and that means some ass action. If the above does not apply in that you don't just want to "hit and quit it" some of the same rules will apply and you will have to loosen her up to get her to give it up. Unless she has been burning and yearning for your lips and your pole then she will be a nervous (but flattered) wreck around you.

Take this seriously - she will see that and know that you are not joking and want to tell her something. When you tell her that you want more out of this relationship do it somewhere where you both will not get interrupted by people or telephones.

Preferably you should take her somewhere private enough that if it goes well you can both actually kiss right then and there. Remember she sees you as one of her friends possibly like one of her girlfriends so be as masculine in your dress and posture with her. She has to see you as a possible romantic partner, so when you confess, dress to impress.

If you are looking good and feeling good and the mood and the place is right - then just tell her. Literally, look at her and say, "I love being your friend - but I want more with you and I don't think I can settle for less". If she needs time to think about it, tell her that it is fine to think about it because you will wait for the one answer you expect. As stated earlier this could be a make or break situation for the friendship but if this is what you really want then it will be worth risking it all for.

Be a man and step up and take what you really want; everything else in life will be the same way.

Why Risk A Good Friendship?

If you're in the friend zone with a female and you think about her too much, that is going to affect you meeting other women, other women with a lot more potential for sex and/or relationships. At least if this girl you're starting to obsess about isn't interested in anything more than being friends, let her tell you, so you can move on with meeting other women and get her out of your head.

Keep her as a friend, but stop being a shoulder to cry on. Start acting (and dressing) like the sexy bad boy you really are deep down and start working on her friends.

Do you have a reputation yet? If you don't have a rep yet, and you're still having a hard time meeting girls and getting the fuzzy triangle to open up and let you in, we have many more articles and a great book for you, which you can find in the SeductionInsider.com site search at the top of this page.

Read our articles and take notes today. Get your payback tonight.

Nightclub Pick Up Tips

How To Make Yourself The Host Of The 'Party' Everyone Wants To Be At

My sister once told me, "The best party to go to is the one you're invited to, you will always have the most fun".

In my twenties this made no sense to me of course until a couple of parties later. These parties were ones that I had crashed or junkets that I had just "tagged along" with someone else. It was not until I discovered why people go to nightclubs that it was clear to me: This was a party everyone is invited to - so find a way to make yourself the "host".

Going to a nightclub for the unseasoned partier or wannabe player is actually not as difficult as it seams. Before we get to the "dos", I have to address the many "don'ts" that are buzzkillers for females.

I have been to nightclubs from Miami to San Francisco and one thing is for sure women hate the "brat pack". The brat pack is when you show up to the club with two or more wingmen and pack up like dogs around the dance floor and stare at all the females why you point and share laughs and comments… this is a no-no.

You might as well be wearing a t-shirt that says "I can't get laid - help!" The reality is you should only be by the dance floor (or area) if you are with a girl or on your way to ask a girl something.

The next thing is don't play "dominos". This means: You ask a girl to dance, you strike out, and you go to the next one and strike out and so on. All the girls see you striking out and coming to them next and they become more apt to say 'no' also, merely to not be "the one that said yes". If you avoid the above stated moves of brat packing and dominos then you are already ahead of the game.

The Dos

Rule #1 - Never more than one wingman at a nightclub if at all possible. If you have any guts or confidence at all you really don't need to go with any guy or wingman. And if you can really pull it off: Bring a girl that you are friends with who looks good and is trying to get some action herself.

There is no greater BAIT than having someone of the opposite sex giving you a walking endorsement. So, again if that is not feasible you arrive alone or with only one other guy. The reason being is you don't want to "thin the herd" for yourself… every guy you bring in is another competitor on the scene.

Secondly, most females will travel in twos but will sometimes meet other girls they know at the club and get a table. When girls travel in a pack as opposed to twos YOU have a better chance of getting one of them alone. Try to frequent places that you know offer this higher male to female ratio.

Body language is going to be the best pick up line you can use in a nightclub or anywhere else for that matter. When you find your target (target is a word I use to describe the person you will direct all your seduction efforts toward) simply smile at her. When in a dim loud nightclub setting, a smile from across the bar is very obvious you are giving HER your attention.

In a nightclub or hip lounge scene there are often tables that are "for sale" so when the place gets packed and you want to go dance the establishment holds the table for you. These tables of girls should be your number one priority. If one of them invites you to sit down then you have CLOUT at the table and in the club and this would be the party my sister says you will have the most fun at… invited.

Clout and confidence are precursors to you making a move in this venue of wannabe rock stars and porn star rejects. Show up light (alone), play it cool away from the dance floor, find a target (or two) in a group or table setting, and now…get out your wallet.


In the movie written originally by Elmore Leonard, the basic theme was simple, "Be cool". This means if you can't make it, fake it. And always remember my rule of ALWAYS SMILE. Everyone loves a happy boy. Before you go over to your target, remember this is a one strike zone and you will not get another shot at anyone at this table the rest of the night.

I said to get out your wallet and play the part because this place is a party and if you want to be the HOST you better serve it up cold and top shelf. I recommend sending her a cocktail and if her group is small then send them a round. If you send a round of drinks then you don't have to have a target. If you send a round of drinks to the ladies then I assure you one of them will pick you - outwardly.

When you send it to the group you walk over and say, "Hi, ladies - you all looked like you were having so much fun it made me smile, so enjoy a drink on me." If you send the cocktail to a single female in the group, don't walk over just look at her to see if she acknowledges it nonverbally. If the look on her face suggests INTEREST then walk over and say HELLO. See if she wants to dance - when a female goes to a club it is for atmosphere and music so even if you're a shabby dancer she will probably have fun…even if it is just laughing at you.

You won't have to buy drinks all night I assure you but when you do it on the sly like that, no other person in the nightclub saw you literally hit on her whether you struck out or not. This keeps you looking cool and anonymous at the same time.

If you have to send too many drinks and you did everything I said here… you might need a geek makeover. If you're half-way confident and half-way know how to look good, you should be able to pull this off.

If you're not there yet, now you know what to work on: Being confident and looking good. Need further help fast? We've recommended our book a thousand times and by now you should know where to find it.

In closing:

Being a good pickup guy in a nightclub is not about what you say; it is about what you do and how you look doing it. The paparazzi is always watching, be cool.


How To Ask A Girl Out

Why Timing And Chemistry Are The Two Most Important Keys To Getting A Date

Whether females know it or not they are like art work - breathtaking artwork. Some of the most beautiful women in the world or even in your neighborhood don't fully realize how captivated and paralytic men become in their presence.

Maybe it is infatuation or even lust or no less than pure appreciation of that beauty that puts us in a state of mind that vexes us and confounds us. What do I say to this person? How could I possibly start a conversation with her?

How to ask a girl out on a date can stress men out to the point of compulsive obsessive behavior. When you ask a girl out in many cases she already knows it is coming so timing is everything. But asking her out on a date is more than just asking, it is planning. You must plan not only the date but how you ask the girl out.

Getting A Date

Determining the way to ask a girl out is often made more difficult than it should be. It is not a production, it is a "question" and in some cases it is a "suggestion". Keeping it casual is important to her because if the answer is not what you want it to be then you both will be a little uncomfortable and you will have to become the best Academy Award winning actor in history as you walk with your tail between your legs on the walk of shame.

The HOW in asking a girl will do a lot with the WHEN & WHERE.

The how is simple: ASK.

Try to avoid the NO by making suggestions. Suggestions such as: "We should check that place out sometime" is not a question and does not require a yes or no answer. Another way is, "I love dancing what about you?" You can "suggest" many different ways of doing many different things in the same context. "Suggestions" are made when the target is "warm", which means you don't know for sure if they are on the same page as you and you want to find out. When you "suggest" and she likes the idea, she will jump on it right away.

If the suggestion does not sound appealing to her then you will know it from her reaction and you won't have to wear the shame of rejection because you did not really ask anything out right.

No Guts - No Glory

When getting a woman to go out on a date with you, its YOUR job not hers to ask, so don't wait for her to send you an email that says, "Hey doofus call me tonight at 8:00", because it ain't gonna happen genius. You are the dominant of the two sexes and even though we live in a liberated world where they allow women to vote, you must still open doors for her and ask her out.

The specific when is not that simple as the "how" because each of us is different and when we meet someone new, they are not the same as the last. It is as if each of us has a different combination to the solution. The WHEN for her however is going to be when it is SAFE. Understand that females always want to feel safe and secure even in the modest of moments. Putting her on the spot or pressuring her is the not the way to go.

Nor is doing it in front of strangers because you don't know what the relationship dynamic is in the group, you could potentially embarrass her in front of her religious parents and ruin the deal even though she is a total whore in the bedroom.

Where to go on a date or even where you will "suggest" you will go is dependant on what little you know about her and what you know about women in general. In general women like food and drink, they like a lively atmosphere, and they like to be TREATED.

So to backtrack a bit from how & when, an all encompassing way to ask her out should be TRADITIONAL. For instance: "I have really enjoyed talking with you, would you like to have dinner with me sometime?" That sentence covers it all; you have given her a compliment and asked her politely to share your company at your expense.

I've made it a point to watch a lot of old movies because back in the day men were polite when they would ask women out, such as the example above. Another way to be straight forward and spontaneous is skip the compliment and in the middle of general conversation simply interrupt with, "Would you have a drink with me this weekend?" as if you could not hold out to ask any longer.

See how we are covering the how, when & where of asking her out all at once? If not just read it again.

Asking Her Out

Asking a girl out on a date is not about formulas so much as it is about TIMING and CHEMISTRY. If you have chemistry right from the outset then timing won't even be as important. Timing is more about being in the right place at the right time to meet Ms. Rightnow before there is some one beats you to it. It will be the chemistry that tells you WHO the target is, WHEN and HOW to ask her out and WHERE to take her. So put on your best suit of confidence, wear a warm smile, and go hunting for hostages.


How To Date Hot Women

Are You Tired Of Playing In The Minor Leagues?

Are you tired of playing in the minor leagues when it comes to dating? Are you ready to step up to the majors and date an "all star"?

Hot women are a dime a dozen and yet you seem to be watching them on someone else's arm. Are you wondering why these other guys are getting dates with the 10's when you are still dating 6's and 7's?

So your last couple of dates and girlfriends has only been with girls that are "pretty" or "cute" but not HOT? What is it about the hot chick that makes her seem so unattainable?

You don't have to be a stud or a bad boy or a pimp to reel in the big fish. Sure it does not hurt to have "major game" but hot females have HIGHER STANDARDS in certain areas that you may or may not know about, that mean more to them than a bank account or celebrity status.

Sometimes hot women do not want to be with a guy that has too much mojo or money because he is not truly "attainable" - meaning he uses that status to replace the old hot girl for the new hot girl. That's your meal ticket. Remember, some women want a guy lower on the totem pole.


The most basic of rules will apply here to satisfy those higher standards. Though some of this tutelage may be generalizing - it is applicable to the majority of the female contingent - also known as THE HOT BITCHES UNION. The HBU members have some fundamental rules about themselves that are their identity. If you adopt some of these same rules then your exposure and attainability level start increasing dramatically.

5 HBU Standards

  1. They are highly groomed to emphasize femininity. You will groom to emphasize masculinity, looking more tough than pretty.
  2. They are familiar with minutia information like pop culture and which Jen broke up with which Brad. You should be more like the host of Jeopardy, hot women like intelligent men, as much as hot men (as long as the intelligence is wielded from a pimp perspective).
  3. They like compliments from EVERYONE and are needy for attention because inherently they are INSECURE. You will feed this ego with compliments to her "intelligence" as much as her looks.
  4. They are extremely competitive of other HBU members. The more you expose yourself to other HBU members with her the more mojo you will produce for yourself.
  5. Women want to be the hotter one, not be overshadowed by a guy. You should not overdress or over groom (meaning, avoid looking like the 'ultimate metrosexual', at all costs.



What is your effort level? Realize that advice on SeductionInsider.com only works if you go out and make the effort to make it work.

You can't make the shot if you don't shoot the ball - practice makes perfect. And before you go out you have to ask yourself the really tough questions about your personality that you might not want to know the answer to. The first question in this paragraph is second really to the question of WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK?

You have to be honest with yourself about how you dress and what ATTITUDE you are projecting to the hot women you are courting. Do you stand out or blend in when you dress? Do girls EVER tell you you have good taste in clothing? If not - get a female friend to act as your stylist. All guys have a female FRIEND that will be glad to take you shopping with your dollars to teach you some fashion sense.

So you have an idea by the HBU standards how hot chicks will act - now you must find venues like coffee shops or bars, nightclubs, lounges wherever HOT FEMALES hang out in numbers. Remember rule #4, they are competitive so find places where the NUMBERS are in your favor, at least 2 to 1 girls to guys. That way every guy in the place has a better chance simply because the girls will want to outdo each other.


As mentioned in rule #3 there is an insecurity meter that all hot females have. If you do not come off as confident to these women they will see you as weak and even more insecure than they are. If this is the case you are not a good catch to them. These girls are the type that usually want "more" not less in their life and if they date someone they think is stronger than them they will see him as an achiever. So when you walk in the room or the bar or the party make sure you project confidence, and the best confidence to project is that of humble royalty (not cocky royalty).

Now, if you want to know how to start up a conversation with these girls think in terms of FUNNY and SIMPLE.

Our site provides dozens of articles to teach you opening lines and clever quips (use our 'Site Search') but if you remember to keep it simple and humorous then a good percentage of the time you will have her attention. Work on your opening lines because HOT FEMALES get hit on every single day of their life.

Whether it be a wink, a burning stare, or a bold approach - when a girl looks like these women do, men throw themselves at them (that is why you are reading this) all the time. So to differentiate yourself you must be CLEVER more than just interested. Remember it is you that wants her from the outset not the other way around.

Hot females get to choose their captors so you must remember the rules and focus on what you are "throwing out" to them. Your specific style of dress and the attitude that you exude will be the bait to getting her to bite before word one is even spoken between you so master those first. When the conversation begins remember to keep it simple and make her laugh. Lastly, if you do or know nothing less about hot females then know this and you will always succeed: It is all about them.


How To Be The Perfect Cheater

What To Do When You And Your Lover Can Barely Keep Your Hands Off Each Other

"When two people are sexually charged and attracted to each other it is obvious to everyone who sees the look on their face."

I live in the real world and in the real world people cheat - they go outside of their relationship or marriage for sex. Sometimes sex is the only thing they go out of the relationship for.

I could get into the many reasons that people cheat but that is not as important as not getting caught. For those of you who feel guilty and want to confess your sins to your spouse then - "talk to you later"!

It is no secret that many stray for mere "companionship" and that is often translated through sex and intimacy. I am here to help. I want you to be able to explore these opportunities without being caught. You might be wondering why?

Why would anyone promote cheating? At the risk of sounding jaded I am not promoting cheating so much as exploring (you'll find many articles on our site that explore different topics from different angles, not just this one).

There are certainly many people out there who are wondering if they are missing the sexual boat when it comes to their love life. Having the same partner for many years sometimes equates to the same items on the sex menu night after night.

This score is not to glorify cheating and infidelity (maybe a little) but to teach you the ropes so you don't get caught. A fling with a bartender is not worth ruining your marriage over.

Follow The Money

You have heard it a thousand times - follow the money. You can not hide bank and credit card records... or can you? You can, and we will get there in a minute. Cash is king! If you are the married party - I would tell your playmate that they better have an anonymous apartment or they are paying for the hotel.

Even if you reimburse your playmate, I would do it in cash installments. Don't be stupid! Don't buy your playmate gifts with a bank or credit card that will create a bill sent to you house. That bill will tell the whole story - what you bought - where you bought it - when you bought it and what it is worth. Bad move!

If you insist on buying him a gift - double down. Doubling down means you buy TWO of the same gifts and give one to your partner and one to your playmate. If your partner sees a bill it will look like a duplicate and since he owns the gift he won't think any different. Doubling down only works twice before an eyebrow is raised.

The experienced cheater can go the distance. First, you get a credit card then you get the bill sent to a P.O. Box - a P.O. Box that is paid for in cash. This way you can use the card anytime you want without fear of the bill. Just make sure you pay the bill with money orders, not a check!

All paper trails can be followed - the more cash transactions there are the more difficult it will be to follow.

Stay In Touch

You and your lover can barely keep your hands off each other so it is no surprise that you both want to talk to each other all the time… probably in that little lovey dovey voice that makes me want to puke! Luckily we live in the era of wicked technology.

Did you know that you can talk to people over the internet with little or no way to trace it?

For instance, many companies offer free email and messenger services. You can type a live conversation to your playmate through text messages from any computer with internet access. That same service offers phone service through the internet. Even if you access the internet from a home computer, you could have up to 10 screen names that no one even knows about. As mentioned with the P.O. Box, another benefit is you can snail mail each other love letters and dirty pictures.

The experienced cheater can't shut up. If you must talk from your cellular phone with your playmate, simply change their name to a name that your partner can not stand. If you know your partner can not stand your friend Mary, then he probably won't want anything to do with her when she calls. Just don't talk to Mary in the wee hours of the night. Publicly Separate You will be together in private so don't push your luck by being careless in public. If things become too "familiar" then you will get careless and meet in public places or worse yet forget the world is looking.

When two people are sexually charged and attracted to each other it is obvious to everyone who sees the look on their face.

If you happen to run into your playmate in public whether with or without your partner - treat them barely like an acquaintance. You don't want to get into the habit of embracing sometimes and not others in public and it will get emotionally confusing. If you don't know whether you plan on keeping your playmate for good then keep them at a distance socially.

Choose places that are not convenient as much as they are random. A local movie theater or popular restaurant is neither. The number one spot to meet is the home of the playmate; otherwise I say stay at least a 5 mile radius from your home. We tend to frequent business close to our home as do our neighbors and friends, if you leave this radius you have a better chance of public anonymity than if you don't.

Safety First

The last item is PROTECT YOURSELF. This is so important to you and your partner. You partner does not know if you are straying or not but why should they have to pay the price of a venereal disease or unwanted pregnancy. I know when you are cheating it just feels so good to ride bareback and be naughty but it is not worth it. Use protection there are enough diseases out there that you cheaters don't need to make it worse.

Now you know if you are in a relationship that requires some sexual sprucing up you can be a sly fox and get away with it at no else's expense. You can even get your playmate to do most of the work if you are good at it. If you are reading seduction articles on how to cheat, I get the feeling you are already good at it.

To Cheat or Not To Cheat

Why risk getting the label of 'cheater'? With sites like DontDateHimGirl.com, nowadays if you get caught once the whole world can quickly find out by checking online databases of cheaters who have been caught by their ex's red-handed, and then posted to the internet. Also, if your 'playmate' ever gets ticked off at you, she can tell the world as well.

The future doesn't look good for cheaters. So if you really are tired of your relationship, end it first. Cheating doesn't need to be a word in your vocabulary. If you're currently with the wrong woman, then you may want to work on getting out of the relationship first.

Leave with your head held high.