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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Creating A Great Singles Profile

You go through them, one at a time, looking for that special connection. You see some profiles that are very interesting to you, some that are not at all interesting, and then some that you feel you just HAVE TO get to know better.

What sets apart the HAVE TO MEET online dating profiles from your average or even bad profiles? Well, to some degree the answer is very individual, but there are many factors that you should try to include in your own profile to make it as ?must have? as possible. We?ve put together a few tips to help get you started.

A picture is worth a thousand personals searches

We are visual creatures. The fact is that attraction starts with a physical spark, and when I look at the free personals, I seldom even consider those without pictures. It?s not that everyone has to be a supermodel ? but there has to be some physical attraction to get things started ? maybe it?s a great smile, nice hair, beautiful eyes ? whatever makes you say ?I want to meet you? it starts with something in the look.

Because a picture is so important, be sure to have the right picture! Online daters agree that the best type of photo is a candid one (as opposed to a posed, studio shot) ? one that shows you doing something you love ?and preferably having fun at it.

Go for a photo that is flattering, but don?t make the mistake of using something for your singles profile that is five years old (unless you look the same as you did five years ago). There?s nothing worse than the ?sticker shock? of arranging a date, only to find out that the person you thought you were meeting looks completely different from how you expected him or her to look. A person will build a mental picture of you from your profile and your subsequent correspondence, if they meet you and the pictures don?t match up, chances are things will be over. Just be honest with the pictures.

The Best Profiles are honest and fun

Be yourself. Think about this thing for a while ? a bad profile is always a huge turn-off. Think about who you are and what?s important to you. Think about your best qualities ? but I stress, be honest. If you?re unsure as to your best qualities, ask your friends ? they will usually be happy to tell you what makes you most attractive.

Be clever, have fun with it and let your personality shine through. Your free online dating profile will be out there meeting hundreds of people on your behalf, so make sure it ?feels? like you.

Finally, if your language skills are not that good, or you are one of many of us who can?t spell, find a friend to proof-read! There are few bigger turn-offs than a dating profile that is full of errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. These things are easy to fix, and when not fixed can make you appear less intelligent than you probably are.

Now the Headline

Every good newspaperman knows that the pull of any piece is in the headline. Use your headline to show the unique you and evoke emotion.

Review other online dating profiles and write down the headlines that grab your attention, then craft your own accordingly.

It is important to really think about the image that you are putting forth when using online dating services. A well designed personals profile could make the difference in finding that special someone.



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