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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Watch Seduction School Episode (Video)

Check out these great movies from Seduction School hosted by England's Channel 4. Really great watching, it certainly gets me pumped up for going into the field and overcoming anxiety. It is at times, painful to watch, but great to watch these guys progress. What it's all about. Empowering us.

Be nice on the comments guys, these blokes are coming from the ground zero! :)

Part 1/5

Part 2/5

Part 3/5

Part 4/5

Part 5/5

10 Lessons to Close the Deal with Women

Fuck an intro! Let's get right down to it. Because the more time you spend reading this shit, the less fucking you'll be doing. Read it. Learn it. Understand it. In grain it. Re-read it if you fuck up. Apply these rules, lessons, principles immediately in your life, and watch the used condom wrappers pile up.

The first ten lessons apply in situations where you have yet to kiss the girl.

1. Trust your gut. Unless you are a completely delusional person, I'd say onaverage your gut feeling is right more that 80% of the time. That leaves 20% for error. I'd say that is a chance worth taking. You know when talking to a girl if you are getting a vibe or not. If you feel a vibe, chances are she does too. Act on it quickly. Do not give yourself time to second guess. Because second guessing comes from thought. And remember, thought is the cheapest commodity on earth. Intuition is priceless. Go with it. With that being said, if you don't feel it, flee. Don't waste another second with a dead end lead.

2. Take action quickly. The biggest mistake you can make is letting a good one slip by because you hesitated or wanted more proof that your gut feeling was right. If you start looking for proof you'll start finding the opposite. The minute you feel your gut saying its time. IT IS TIME. Not tomorrow, not next week, not after you get a hair cut, or a new job, or after you have time to plan out some advanced strategy. Those are all excuses to delay. A way to procrastinate. That is your fear of failure. That is your way of justifying the fact that you haven't got the balls to act on a good lead. If you want pussy you better be ready to act on a minutes notice. No later. The sad truth is there are a hundred guys lined up behind you to fuck this one girl. Delay for a second, and you'll be home again masturbating, while the guy who took action has his dick between her legs.

3. Lead the conversation in the direction you want it to go in. You are probably saying, 'okay I feel it, now what?' If you don't think it is the appropriate place or moment to kiss her, lead her to that place. If you are in a crowded place tell her to come with you some where more intimate. Tell her. Don't ask. Lead her to a better spot. If your gut was right, she will be more then willing to follow. Now make sure the conversation stays where you want it. If you let her start rambling on she may wind up talking about something that kills the mood. Her dead aunt. Her last relationship. Her current boyfriend. Remember: THE MORE TIME THE TWO OF YOU SPEND TALKING THE HARDER IT WILL BE TO KISS HER. YOU WILL TALK YOURSELF RIGHT PAST THE MOMENT.

Make sure you keep the conversation light and flirtatious. Throw compliments out there, but DO NOT OVER DUE IT. Find a genuinely nice characteristic of hers and let her know you notice it. If she has on a nice smelling perfume let her know that you've noticed. Don't try to flatter her with remarks about her eyes, or how pretty she is. Those are clich├ęs and hardly ever get you anywhere. Compliment things that she can reply to. You tell a girl she is beautiful and there will be silence.

Silence is good if you are at the point where you want to move in for the kiss, but if you are not at that point then you risk a potentially awkward moment.

4. Kiss her already, damn it. I stressed this point in lesson #3 but it is well worth repeating. Until your lips have touched hers you have shit. Shit. Shit. Nothing. You may have had the greatest conversation in the world, but if you leave without kissing her you are no closer to her pussy then you were yesterday. Planting seeds is for farmers my friend. Chances are you won't have another opportunity as perfect as you just blew.

5. The hand is the first step. Before we can kiss a girl we must make use of our hands. This is our way of warning her that it is coming. That way it is not a complete shock when we lean in for the kiss. I'm not talking about molester type shit. I'm talking about making an initial contact. Rubbing her back. Brushing hair away from her eyes. Holding her hand. Holding her hand is the key. If you can get her hand in yours, you are more then half way there. A nice trick is to grab her hand when leading her through a crowded place. It will seem completely appropriate; yet, it creates a certain amount of intimacy. If at all possible keep holding it, once you get her through the crowd, a little longer then necessary.

6. Let her know your intentions if you must leave without kissing her. Yea, I know it happens. There are times that you really can't kiss her right then and there. If this is the case it is vital that you set the terms of your next encounter immediately. Let her know, in not so many words, that when you see her again you intend on kissing her. (hopefully fucking her) Do this by stressing those warning signals I told you about. Use you hand. Hold her hand for a second or two longer then normal while saying goodbye. Tell her that you really want to see her again. Make plans to see her right then and there. Don't leave it up to a phone call. I hate making that call, and I'm sure most of you do to. Set a date, a place, and a time up.

7. Don't act hungry. Those who look hungry never get fed. While you don't want to lose her to the competition, you also don't want to appear desperate. Even if you are. Once you realize that nothing is going to happen tonight, let it go. DO NOT BEG FOR IT. If she has to leave, let her leave. Follow lesson #6 while saying goodbye. But do not try to talk her into staying around. It will kill your chances for next time. Always leave with the upper hand.

8. Be decisive. Make up your mind quickly and stick to that decision firmly. There are a million girls in the world. Unfortunately you can't fuck them all. Decide who the lucky lady is for the night and go for her. Once you have decided, push the other ones out of your mind for the time being. You will spread yourself to thin if you go for more then one girl at a time. Now I'm not saying you can't talk to other girls and use them as jealousy tools, but know who the bitch of the bunch is and go for her 100%. That way if you fail with her- she's off the list.

9. Overcome small obstacles. The difference between a winner and a loser is; a loser gives up that much sooner. A winner figures out a way to win. That is why once you have decided on the girl, you don't give up until you have gotten in her pants or there is a painfully clear rejection. Don't settle for less. When obstacles appear, deal with them, and overcome them. Most of the time the girl is just weeding out the weak. Don't be weak. Girls do not like the weak. If a girl shoots one of your attempts down and you continue on it shows vast amounts of confidence. CONFIDENCE IS THE MOST ATTRACTIVE QUALITY YOU CAN DISPLAY TO HER.

10. There is no perfect moment. This is kind of a rehash of the other nine lessons. Do not wait for the perfect moment to strike up a conversation, ask for the number, hold the hand, or go for the kiss. The perfect moment does not exist. WAITING FOR THE PERFECT MOMENT = ANOTHER NIGHT JERKING OFF. And I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of stroking my self to sleep.

These are the toughest lessons to master. Why? Because they require a certain amount of balls that we all have but tend to suppress. It is easier to delay. As with anything in life. I learned these lessons the rough way. When I say rough I mean I went months in between fucks. Months! I watched guys not half as good looking, with half the sense of humor, half the knowledge I had, get more pussy in a week then I did in a year. And it hurt. Bad.

I took comfort in the knowledge that I knew more then they did. So fucking what? It is all shit. Until you have that girl naked in your bed begging for your cock to dig inside of her, you have not proven anything to anyone. I was the king of content. If I knew I could have her I was okay. NO MORE! I will say it again loudly, UNTIL YOUR DICK PENETRATES HER PUSSY YOU HAVE JACK SHIT. Try and tell me how you can have any girl you want on any given day, I will laugh in your face. SHOW ME THE PUSSY. Because without it you're a dreamer. And dreams are like thoughts; cheap and meaningless.

Source: Bobby Rio's Seduction Bible

Monday, November 06, 2006

When Should You Be Dominant With Women

You see, some of the guys have the idea that, to really attract women, you must always be in charge, always be in control, always be in command.

Frankly, I think this is a load of hog-wash. Look: while it is true that women are attracted to strength, you also have to be flexible and know when to listen to what she is saying. If all you can be is controlling, commanding and "in charge" you are not only going to turn her off, but you are going to expend needless and wasteful amounts of mental energy, always being on guard against her daring to show any "defiance".

In reality, there are 4 basic energies or attitudes that attract women, and a master seducer (or master seducer in training) can move from one to the other or combine them. Let me sketch it out for you.

The 4 Energies/Attitudes Revealed

The first, of course is being commanding and, yes, dominant. But bear in mind, this just means the will and the ability to take the lead. It does NOT mean being domineering or abusive. It simply means taking and setting the lead, usually in a relaxed way. But it is also combined with a strong amount of generosity and consideration for others.

Tyrant Vs. Emperor

Consider this metaphor: a Tyrant and an Emperor. The Emperor and the Tyrant will both enter a room as if they expect to be obeyed and as if they are use to power with others. The Tyrant, however, cares only for himself and rules with fear. The Emperor rules from respect, but also has a tremendous generosity that he shares with those who serve him and also is open to genuine feedback. He cares for others. The Tyrant cares only for his own needs. Which one has to constantly watch his back and fears attack?

The second energy is that of being playful, funny and fun: the ability to draw out the playful side of a woman and make her feel like a little kid. A good seducer can do this at will.

The third energy is what I call demonstrating insight or being an authority in her world. NOT the authority of threats of force or the gun. But the authority of demonstrating you genuinely understand where she is coming from and where she is at, WITHOUT letting her set the lead and take you there yourself!

The final energy is simple sincerity: being able to speak your truth without apology, hesitation, or need of approval. Sincerity can be extremely persuasive and very powerful.

So, I hope you see that always being "dominant" is about as smart as always throwing a left-hook in a boxing match. You wind up being a bully. However, if you can never be dominant, you wind up being "the nice guy" which I wouldn't wish on anyone!

And, if you can only be playful, funny and fun, you wind up being her party entertainment until the guy she's making it with comes home! Then again, if you can never be playful or funny or fun, you will have a hard time breaking the ice and you will be missing a lot of the fun of being with women!

If you can ONLY be sincere then you leave out the challenge aspect of dealing with women, and women LOVE a challenge! If you can never be sincere, there is no chance of showing the true courage to speak your truth and no chance of any real emotional intimacy.

If you only demonstrate your understanding of her, you wind up being her counselor, psychologist and emotional dumping ground. If you can't demonstrate any understanding of her, she might be very unwilling to accept you lead.

So you see, the key to all of this my dear reader and student is… Balance! Balance and learn these 4 attitudes and energies and the sky's the limit with women!

by Ross Jeffries www.seduction.com