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Thursday, August 31, 2006

How To Pick Up Girls

From Virgins, High School Cheerleaders, to Girls At The Espresso Stand, Some Techniques Are Universal - So Make Your Move Casanova

The following 3 part series on How To Pick Up Girls provides specific advice on approaching and meeting different age groups of women, based on where and when you are when you meet them...

Part 1. "Barely Legal" - Age Approx. 18 - 23.

The first in our series goes right for the fruit - 18 to 23 year old females. TIDD-DOWWW.

This group encompasses virgins, high school seniors (think cheerleaders), retail clerks, low budget waitresses, and most especially coffee shop and espresso girls. Whether you live in a beach city like me with many coffee havens to choose from or you only have one coffee shop on your block, cafйs, coffee houses and internet cafйs are great places to meet new women.

Maturity: Key To Picking Up Girls

First of all, this advice is for every age group, but if you're older then 23 years old it works even more in your favor. The reason I say that is MATURITY. There is an Achilles Heal to these ladies, and that is "INDEPENDENCE". They are at an age where a mature guy could easily step right in to pick the fruit. Women of this age are either dying to move out of their parents house or just recently did. They want to prove to everyone that they can handle themselves in life, school, money and certainly with men. They have been governed up until now and many times the flood gates are about to crack.

The way you get to this Achilles Heal is "RESPECT". Never treat her like a little girl - in fact treat these girls as if you are on a date every time you see them. Here is how: When you are on a date the first thing you do is ask your date is "QUESTIONS" about her personal life. When she tells you what is going on, you have opportunities to say "wow, impressive" or "you should be proud of your self".

So even if you only visit your coffee shop for a couple of minutes a day - everyday ask that hot little peach about, school, work, family, sports, drama, BUT NEVER ABOUT GUYS! Others may hear your conversation as well so be aware of that. The next time you to see her (if you remember) you can make direct statements about her life - THAT INTERESTS FEMALES.

Focus On Her, She Will Focus On You

Are you caught up yet? Recap: Each time you see her talk about HER, treat her like an ADULT not a young girl, and NEVER bring up guys. If you are wondering why I say that it is because girls this young like to talk a lot and everything is so DRAMATIC in their limited experiences. If you focus on her, she will be focused you.

If she does work at a service oriented establishment such as a coffee house - make sure you TIP. Even if you only tip on her shift, make sure she sees you tip. Generosity of a few dollars to working girl students really means a lot to them and shows YOU are not a cheap bastard. So far you are probably wondering how this is all about Y-O-U. The reason it is about YOU is because you will getting the one thing you want from her in return for your repeat business, tips and generous nature - her company.

After you have CULTIVATED her at work or wherever then you need to take the next step by making a SUGGESTION. A suggestion is like asking for a date without asking and can help you avoid a flat out NO. Suggest that you TWO meet for coffee sometime…or a drink….or lunch…literally it is that simple.

You just say, "We should go for a drink sometime when you are not working". She will give you a RESPONSE that will suggest one way or the other. If she seems in FAVOR of the idea then immediately suggest "this week". When she seems in favor of this you say great, when do you want to go?

Again, the reason you handle the first half with such detail and the close with tender gloves is because ultimately the decision will be hers and the more you make her feel she is deciding than YOU are controlling the situation, and the closer she will come.

Pick Up A Girl, Get Her In Bed

Patience is a virtue I am told, but I always say, "Patience is only a virtue to ones not doing the waiting". You MUST do your groundwork early and pay attention to the signs so that when you finally get your coffee Chica back to your bachelor pad then she does not balk. If after you start paying attention to a girl she does not give you "SEXY RHYTHM" back then move on before the "suggestion". When you show consistent personal and sexual attention to a girl this age, it will take some repetitive patient work - but so does picking fruit.

You want to pick the ones who want freedom and are uninhibited to explore with you but avoid the virgins - you will never get rid of them.

Balls Out

EXTRA TIP: If you are really BALLS OUT, then don't waste two weeks of coffee money on caffeine. If she knows you like her (and you see that she's showing interest in you) - send her flowers. Girls this age NEVER get flowers sent to them at their job. Wait a couple of days to come back in and see her and then when you do come in, slip her a tiny flower from your hand when you pay.

Does sending flowers make you look like a desperate guy that can't get laid? No, as long as everything else about you says that you're a man in demand (so pay attention to your confidence and sex appeal).



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