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Friday, November 03, 2006

Five Ways To Get Laid On The First Date

Secrets to Getting Laid On The First Date

If you were one of the lucky ones who got to read my article 5 Techniques for Approaching Girls then you know that there is never just five ways of doing anything.

Truth be told, I know more than 5 ways to have sex in the missionary position let alone any other category. The beauty of lists like these here at Seduction Insider is that they are always there for you to reference in case of a dry spell.

No one can make women just appear for sex with the exception of buying a prostitute but there are sure fire point to pay attention too.

Getting laid on the first date is not every man's dream believe it or not some guys really want to have a good time but no man will turn down sex on the first date that is for sure.

And I speak for most women when I say that "if you play your cards right then anything can happen". Getting laid "from scratch" on the first date is rare but not unheard of. Personally, if I want to get laid on the first date my odds of this happening are if I am taking out someone I know a little bit already.

The "Booty Call" for the record is not a date. A date, simply put, is when you spend money and time on a female in hopes of romance but not expecting sex with the intention of asking her out again.

A booty call is when you don't care what it takes to have sex with her but you are sure that you probably won't ask her out again (for a while anyway) and the goal is only sex with little or no romance. Now that you know why "booty calls" did not make the list let's get started.

1. Shoot the fish in the barrel

There is always someone out there more desperate than you. If you know a girl who wants you worse than the lottery and you have kept her at bay for a long time then give her a call. Call her during the day and tell her you want to hang out that same night.

Don't tell her you are taking her out for food or drinks. Tell her you just want her to come over and "watch" a movie, of course you would rather "make" a movie. If she wanted you bad before this then all you have to do is take her for a cup of coffee in public and she will screw your brains out.

2. Old flames never die

…newer flames merely burn brighter. Nothing says good sex like good chemistry. If you have an old flame that you are still friends with that you know would "throw it down" with you then why not call them and remind both of you why you two were together in the first place.

Tell her you don't want "REKINDLE" rather but you want to "RELIVE" a date you two had. Say, "Let's live in the past for 24 hours" and then take her to where you two first had a date and then back to your place for a night cap.

3. Have a few non-dates first

I am the KING of the non-date. The non-date creates the "warm lead". Some girls are savvy and will ask me after the third one if it is a "date" or not. If we have not had sex yet and I don't think we ever will I continue to say "no it is not a date".

But if I have had a couple of "outings" for coffee or whatever and I want to push her over the fence I will call her and say, "no more fooling around - lets get crazy and go dancing and get drunk at my place". Now she knows the next time you two will have coffee is the following morning.

4. The Paid Endorsement

As mentioned in 5 ways of approaching women there is nothing stronger than the paid endorsement. If you have a friend or ex who has referred you or tried to set you up then you know that you are in like Flynn.

My sister has gotten me laid more times than I can count by telling girls, "This is my brother, he is so much fun you two should get along great". Thanks sissy.

5. The Booty Call

Okay so I said that a booty call does not count as a date. Here is the exception to the rule! If you spend money on a female AFTER she has had sex with you then that my brothers is a date!

So call her with the invitation to come over for some fun foreplay and then tell her that when you two wake up you will go for a bike ride in San Diego. Works every time! Think about the 5 ways I just wrote. I bet most of you have peripheral females in your life that are just sitting on the cusp of going to bed with you and you don't marry them or spend a fortune. Dating is expensive and tiresome if you don't plan correctly. I know whether a date was a success or not the moment the girl leaves.

That could be my car, the restaurant or even my house. I know how I feel inside in that very moment if the money was well spent. If I spent 1 hour and was not happy then that cost me more than if I spent $200 in a half hour and was very happy.

Sex is not always the goal for me and most people though it can be a fun part of the evening if both people are on the same page.

Truth is always welcome among females and in fact they ask for it by name. If you are honest about what you want with women you might find that many of them want the same thing.

By Jackson Morris Copyright © 2006, Seduction Insider, www.seductioninsider.com

Five Techniques For Approaching Girls

Secrets to Approaching Women

Today you will get a taste of what you already know and a little bit more.

Whether you are approaching young college chicks or cougars or MILFs each MAN is as different in his approach as every WOMAN that he is approaching so the combinations for chemistry are endless. Men and woman are like Lock & Key and sometimes the key fits better than others.

Something that is sure to oil up those locks is basic FUNDAMENTALS that get her attention and increase your chances of a second meeting - a date. Listed are 5 individual ways that you can use to approach a female and hope that it goes your way.

1) Tickle Her Funny Bone

The pinnacle of pleasure for a female is when she is experiencing joy or LAUGHING. If you can make a woman laugh you can definitely work out a second meeting. Saying something funny to break the ice is top of my list for "first impressions". You could be at a night club or even a coffee shop and even if she can "overhear" you say something funny - you got her! When a female starts laughing or smiling or giggling you have her undivided attention.

Tell her a joke or if you can make a sarcastic reference to something taking place in the environment you're in, that can do the trick also. However you do this make sure you are SMILING when you do it to let her know you are kidding and never open with anything crude, sexual, racial or homophobic. "Granted I know that leaves everything out…" See that was funny!

2) Sell The Farm

Some women who sneak in and read this will be mad at #2 because with it comes some bragging rights. "If you got it - flaunt it". So with that said, another way to approach the ladies is with an offer they can't refuse. Say for instance a day out on the water in my boat!

If you have a boat or a beach house or something expensive, convenient and local then some girls will bite on that the moment you bring it up. The average gal does not get asked to go to dinner in a boat or a private plane. If you got it - flaunt it. And don't feel bad; what you lack in looks and charm you make up for in success and audacity.

3) Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

The right compliment at the right time is always a winner and I will even go as far as saying that this might be number 1 all time for best approaches. Be creative and don't give the patented quotes like, "You have really pretty eyes…" or "You have a really pretty smile…"

The best compliments are the ones she went to the trouble of working on. You should try, "I really like your shoes..." or "That's a pretty outfit you're wearing (that is a good color on you) today…" The best compliment is the one they have not heard in a while or at all. Think about what a woman would compliment if she was complimenting another female and use that as your benchmark.

4) Ignore The Bitch

How can you approach a female by ignoring her? Well my friends that is easy, "By showing her you are ignoring she knows you have noticed her". She will wonder why you are trying so hard to ignore her. If you are in a bar or coffee shop just sit down right next to her and don't speak to her for as long as you can.

The closer you sit to her the less eye contact you make so if you are right next to her then try not to even look at her or say hi. When you know you two are at the pinnacle of curiosity then you turn to her and say something extremely funny. Then don't say anything again until she speaks to you. If it does not work she will be out in a matter of minutes. If you do it right with just the right energy she will be trying to talk to you in less than 10 minutes.

5) Paid Endorsement

The endorsement or the referral is awesome! First of all, this one takes CONFIDENCE with a capital "C". If you have a friend or coworker who has a friend that you want to go out with and the two of you have already met at least once through the mutual friend - then get her number and call her.

She will know the moment you introduce yourself on the phone how much trouble that you went to get her number and contact her. Don't be worried about calling without permission because you have a 50/50 chance with any girl and she is no different. If in the first meeting you picked up on her vibe then she will more than likely welcome the call.

The endorsement or referral works in your favor because the person you are calling already knows that their friend who gave you the number endorses this union or would not have helped.

There are more than the five ways listed to approach a female, in fact this essay was written in a cafй in Southern California and while I was writing it I met Noel. Noel saw me tapping away on my laptop and we started discussing dogs since we both had our dogs with us at the time.

These 5 plus ways all have something in common: confidence and creativity. By the way if you are rich and you are using number 2 to get chicks and you need a running buddy…I am available, I might even bring Noel.

By Jackson Morris Copyright © 2006, Seduction Insider, www.seductioninsider.com

Monday, October 30, 2006

How To Find Her G-Spot

That Really Hit the G-spot!

Did you know that women could have more than one kind of orgasm? Yep, not only are the lucky creatures the owner of the only body part dedicated solely to arousal and sexual pleasure (the love button – aka the clitoris), and able to have multiple orgasms with no down time to recharge, women are also able to have several different types of orgasms from genital stimulation.

Let me break away here for a moment and note that both men and women have the capacity to experience full body orgasms (where men learn to orgasm throughout their entire body without ejaculating, meaning they don’t experience the “down” period of tiredness ejaculation brings on) but that will be the subject of a different article (don’t’ worry, I’m hot on the case doing research).

G-spot And Orgasms

So back to girls and the different types of genital orgasms they can experience. Just about all-genital arousal for women starts with the clitoris; so ignore this magnificent bundle of nerves at your own peril. However, once a woman is fully aroused via clitoral stimulation, you can either add or switch (depending on the woman’s preference) to different types of genital stimulation for variations on the orgasmic bang.

Which brings us to the much wondered about “G-Spot” While scientist and sexuality experts still argue whether the spot actually exists, regular people are quietly (and not so quietly) going about seeking it out and all the pleasurable possibilities it can ignite in their love lives.

Getting to the G-Spot

Okay, so let’s get down to the “G-Spot” basics. First off, the name comes from a Dr. Grafenberg who wrote about this special area of a woman’s anatomy back in the 1950’s - it’s not, however, necessarily a spot. On his website doctorg.org Dr. Gary Schubach, a sex educator and writer, quotes from Grafenberg’s originally published study in order to argue for the existence of the sensitive area and gives a very good explanation of what could be going on:

“Grafenberg does not refer to the G-spot as ‘a small but allegedly highly sensitive area on the anterior wall of the human vagina about a third of the way up from the vaginal opening,’ but to the ‘area’ or ‘zone’ on the upper wall of the vagina through which the prostate (aka Skene`s glands and ducts) can be accessed. In women, the prostate gland, while generally smaller than the male prostate, also surrounds the urethra, close to the urethral opening. The great sensitivity comes not from what is on the upper wall of the vagina, but from glands and ducts behind the vaginal wall.”

It’s very important to pay attention to the fact that the sensitive “G-zone” is apparently behind the vaginal wall as well as the fact that this area isn’t sensitive to stimulation unless a woman is already aroused.

So yes, your girl needs to be totally hot and bothered before you let your fingers do the walking to discovery because otherwise you’re going to come up (pardon the pun) dry. In fact, it’s best if she’s already had at least one orgasm before you go on your search just to make sure she’s totally ready. It’s also important to note that the “G-zone” often needs quite strong stimulation in order to trigger any pleasurable response. These two previous reasons, plus the tricky location, explain why the “G-zone” is so challenging for women to both find and trigger on their own.

It’s great to be needed!

Triggering the G-Spot

So your gal is all hot and bothered, all wet and ready, and now you’re ready to venture forth and see what you can make happen. It’s a good idea to move forward with the idea of “finding pleasure zones in her vagina” rather than getting yourselves stuck on the idea that you will find the G-Spot and it will trigger such an amazing mind blowing orgasm that your gal will weep with the ecstasy of it all.

Don’t get me wrong, that would be a wonderful thing to make happen, but in my experience in dealing with this tricky area it’s more of a process of discovery rather than an immediate eureka! What I mean by this is that in the women who have learned to have orgasms triggered this way find the G-Spot often becomes more sensitive and able to trigger an orgasm over time and, well, use.

Think of it like a muscle, if it hasn’t been used in a long time, or ever, how effective is it going to be the first time it’s called to action?

And of course, it’s important to note that not all women are going to respond to stimulation in this area – and with some women you’re going to find a totally different area in her vagina that’s super sensitive to stimulation that you never new about before.

So it’s important to spend time discovering her magnificent cave and all that’s going on in there.

With this in mind, and with your woman all turned on, she needs to do two things before you can get down to business:

1) She needs to empty her bladder before you begin as you’re going to be stimulating an area close to her bladder and it often makes her feel like she needs to pee when first stimulated. If she’s nice and empty beforehand she won’t be worried about possible leaks.

The G-Spot Needs Easy Access

2) She needs to be in a comfortable position, as do you, and of course one that allows you easy access to the G-Spot. Two good positions are in a big comfortable chair, facing you, with you sitting on the floor in front of her – this way you have access to her clit with your other hand, and your mouth. The second good position is with her lying on her stomach, hips elevated with a pillow, legs wide so you can have easy access to her – and again you might want to be sitting on the ground.

It’s important not to rush forward into fingering her, which might be the thing you’re so use to doing. Instead insert one or two fingers and gently but firmly press against the front wall of her vagina. Starting about an inch or so up start making “come here” motions with your fingers against her vagina, or if that doesn’t feel good to her, press firmly moving your way up. You’re looking for an area that is either swollen or a very different texture (one friend of mine said it felt like the ridges on the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth). Once you hit this area try the come-hither motion, or pressing and rubbing, while at the same time giving her (or she can take charge of this) clitoral stimulation.

The goal is to try and transfer the pleasure from just clitoral stimulation to a combo of clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. This is why it’s a good reason to have her handle her clitoris herself, as she feels new pleasurable sensations in her G-Spot she can back off her clitoris and enjoy what you’re doing…but it’ll be give and take. Remember this is a learning process – but one that will definitely be worth it!

By Grant Day Copyright © 2006, Seduction Insider, www.seductioninsider.com