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Thursday, October 26, 2006

How to Get More Blowjobs

“There’s a reason why they call it a job” –actress Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City on a recent Dr. Phil Show when asked about blowjobs.

So recently I was chillin on the couch on a Sunday evening, mindlessly flipping channels, and suddenly, there to brighten my early evening was the gorgeous actress Kim Cattrall on Dr. Phil. Apparently she was acting as a sort of sidekick on a show about the common sexual challenges couples are faced with (she’s just brought out a book called “Sexual Intelligence” which I’m sure we’ll be reviewing soon). You know the complaints, no time for sex, no interest in sex, and the one that really caught my attention – a man wondering how in the heck to get his girlfriend to give him more blowjobs.

Ah, now that’s an important question.

See, the problem is that the girlfriend thinks all oral sex is disgusting (even when she’s on the receiving end – yes, Ms. Cattrall was as amazed as I was). But in the beginning of the relationship, when they were first dating, she participated in both giving blowjobs and receiving cunninlingus as if she enjoyed it. As Dr. Phil so aptly put it, “she pulled a bait n’ switch.”

Just in case I need to spell it out for you, that’s a woman who pretends to enjoy sex (rather than truly get in touch with what she wants and needs to enjoy herself with you sexually) in the beginning of the relationship in order to move you toward commitment.

Blowjob Bait n` Switch

I waited eagerly for the good doctor’s advice, but Dr. Phil really didn’t have great solutions for how to solve this most serious of challenges (at least for men). He pointed out that you can’t really force your woman to give you blowjobs, which is true (unless you want to go to jail), and how good important communication is, but when the lovely Cattrall tried to move things into a practical how-to-get-things-started kind of way it was on to another couple and another challenge.

So since Dr. Phil wasn’t ready to answer the question on national T.V. I’m ready to step in to fill the gap – I’m just bummed I don’t get the sexy Cattrall as my sidekick.

But before we get into how to get more blowjobs, more oral sex, we need to get clear about why girls don’t want to go south in the first place:

Why Many Women Don`t Enjoy Blowjobs

  1. You’re Selfish and Don’t Reciprocate
  2. You Smell Funky
  3. Your Pubic Hair is Out of Control and Constantly Gets in Her Mouth
  4. It Takes Forever to Get You Off
  5. You Insist She Swallow and She Hates How You Taste
  6. And last but not least... She Never Enjoyed It But She Pretended to in the Beginning to Get You to Commit

As you can see, the top five reasons women avoid giving blowjobs are fairly simple things to fix. If you’re selfish you need to get over yourself because sooner or later it’s not only blowjobs you won’t be getting anymore. And it’s easy enough to take a shower or a soak before getting naked, and trimming your forest of pubic hair if it’s out of control, and if it comes down to choosing between no blowjobs vs. simply no swallowing where’s the contest really?

I have heard, however, that drinking more sweet fruit juice, like papaya, can greatly help the taste of your output.

But what the heck do you do about the fact that it takes such long time for you to reach an orgasm during a blowjob that she’s plain worn out?

Let’s face it; we love getting blowjobs because of the mental and visual stimulation more than the physical. Unless we’re still in adolescence (or virgins who don’t masturbate), the stimulation of a woman’s mouth just can’t match that of your own knowledgeable hand or the fabulous pussy. That can mean a woman has to work really hard, for quite a long time in order to take you over the edge. Sooner or later she may decide that the benefits you give in return for her getting a sore tired jaw and a stiff neck just aren’t worth it.

"Free Blowjobs - That`s What Wives Are For"

Several years ago I found an old Playboy of my Father’s when I was helping clean out my parent’s garage. Flipping through it I found an article by the porn star Nina Hartley who admitted she never refused her husband blowjobs – as long as they only lasted five minutes.

Now I don’t know if most women would be quite as generous about giving a blowjob whenever their man felt like one, but I know there are all kinds of women out there who would be far more generous with the mouth action if the act could be brought to fruition quickly. But how do you make it happen? How do you shorten the amount of time it takes?

You cheat. That’s right. You bring in assistance. Whether you get things started yourself, or she uses her hands as well, or toys, or whatever your combined imaginations can come up with (and I think you can get pretty creatively crazy if you both put your minds to it). The key is to get out of the mindset that she’s got to use her mouth from start to finish in order for them to be real blowjobs and instead get into the mindset that the easier you make it for her, the more frequently you’re going to feel her lips around your Johnson.

But now we’ve got to tackle the problem of women who say that going down on a man just isn’t for them. This is where good communication really does come in. You need to find out why she’s not into it. If you’re gal’s refusing because she thinks it’s degrading or perverted it’s better to know now. Perhaps she equates women giving blwojobs to being subservient, in which case you can talk through it and find out if there are ways to work it so she doesn’t feel this way. If she thinks it’s perverted it’s a bigger challenge, but again a good honest talk, where you’re willing to listen rather than demand can do much to move you in the right direction.

And what about if she’s pulled a “bate n’ switch” with the blowjobs she`s given you? Check out next week`s article -- we`ve got some simple seduction techniques you can use to get those blowjobs coming your way again.

Hot Foreplay Tips

"Slow down big boy - you'll get everything on the menu but let's start with a little appetizer..."

She pushed me down on the couch on my back and slowed me down. I needed to slow down; I was trying to get her top off like I was stealing it.

She climbed on top of me and put her forefinger over my mouth as to silence anything I was about to say. She said in a mere whisper, "Slow down big boy - you will get everything on the menu but let's start with a little appetizer".

She was right - I went into overdrive like I was driving a Lamborghini, hard and fast. She was so beautiful and feminine how could I resist?

I did not have to resist because she wanted me to have everything on the menu - she just wanted me to "play with my food" first for a while.

If humans were car engines then the females would have one prerequisite: HEAT IT UP FIRST. Men can go from 0-60 in under 10 seconds but the female engine needs to be warmed up and lubricated before they will run the big race. Granted some females love a good quickie sometimes but when it comes to real sex and real love-making the game any woman wants to play is FOREPLAY.

Foreplay is most definitely the bricks and mortar of a good lover. A good lover is not measured in penis length or bra size. Good lovers do not posses magic powers or have hypnotic potions that create this aura about their sexual prowess. A good lover is about GIVING and SATISFYING their partner thru SEDUCTION and unselfish behavior. Nothing exemplifies this more than foreplay. It is the game before the game.

Imagine you are making a movie where you are the star...

When you PLAY with your partner imagine that you get to live vicariously through the movie industry and you are the big star. If you were "playing" with your partner and the camera was rolling you would not hurry or speed things up. You would play to the camera and make it as sexy as possible. Using every sense you have, your fingers, your mouth and in some cases even your warm whispery breath can be part of the fun.

When two people get together for intense sexual pleasure they both have an agenda and fantasies on their mind. Even partners we have had sex with in the past can create new fantasies and desires. Experimenting is not only fun for you but your partner as well. Surprise the person you have been sleeping with by giving them a full body massage followed by a "snow job".

If you want a great example of foreplay - lay your partner down on their back and you go up and down their body with your mouth, never touching the naughty bits but everything else. Use your warm mouth to suck and bite and tease their erogenous zones and lick them behind the ears or bite the top of their shoulders - literally devour them with your mouth.

The more you treat your partner as something you eat and not something you dominate the more erotic and heightened the pleasure will be for the both of you. Sensual massage is a great place to start. You don't have to be a pro to "touch" someone. We all take great pleasure in being touched, massaged and caressed by another to the point of arousal.

Use your hands, forearms, chest, elbows and even your chin to get into your partner's muscles and deep tissue. This massage and touch will relax and stimulate your partner at the same time - remember the camera is rolling.

Foreplay Zones

As mentioned there are certain zones on the body that are more stimulating than others. After the massage, use SOFT strokes and touch to stimulate your partner. Roll your finger tips across their nipples and behind their ears as you kiss them and tease them with your tongue. When your partner gets impatient and aggressive during the foreplay it means you are doing something right.

I know I am turned on when I just can't take it anymore. When you can't physically take it anymore - you must! You must endure the taunting and teasing of your senses because they must also endure you and your warm tongue as you bring them to get chills across their thighs.

Foreplay is as much of an art form as it is a "necessity". Think about this for a second - if you make love and it only lasts 20 minutes then you are having a good time. If you have 25 minutes of foreplay before the 20 minute lovemaking session then everybody is having a GREAT TIME and you look good! Foreplay can include, toys, tools, ties and even food.

There is no limit to foreplay either - so if you want to watch a person spontaneously combust then tease them for an hour straight before you take care of business. Don't be afraid to experiment with sex toys and oils because both can enhance sexual pleasure considerably for both parties. Like a machine everyone needs to stay nice and lubricated to keep things "fun".

Take Care Of Her First, Then Take Turns

The rules of foreplay are standard worldwide and there is only one: Take care of your partner first. Good foreplay is when one guy/girl gets great pleasure out of pleasing his/her lover. You might think how two people can accommodate each other if they are both trying to accommodate each other at the same time. The answer is: Take turns.

Taking turns pleasing and teasing each other is part of every session you have together. When it comes to mutual satisfaction where two people are trying to accomplish the same goal then remember that this is the only time when the order is not, "ladies first" - take care of her and she will no doubt take care of you.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What do women really desire in a man?

What do women really desire in a man?

  • He's cute (handsome)
  • He's physically fit
  • He's a nice guy
  • He's famous
  • He's rich
  • He drives a nice car

Then why is it that we sometimes see average guys with hot women? You know that scrawny average guy you see with the hot 9 or 10 in the supermarket and you ask yourself "Whats she doing with him?" or "What does he have that I don't?".

Is it luck? Yeah maybe sometimes but by far what you have to begin to understand is that its not her bad taste in men or what he has that you don't rather its "WHAT HE DOES" that drives this woman hot crazy horny for him. For starters he had the balls and confidence to breath a word to this woman when most guys freeze up and choke.

Go ahead and ask any woman the same question and she'll tell you the same bs. " I want a man that is a nice guy, cute, has money blah blah blah... "


Extensive research proves that although all of these above factors will help improve your chances of getting her attention, above all its a guy's... We've discovered it and you'll be surprised...

by Chris Gonzalez

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fast and Easy Tips to Avoid Being "Just Friends"

Don't worry, it happens to each and every one of us. We meet a woman, she is gorgeous, intelligent, and seems into us. And then, just as we are about to move to kiss her, she throws up her hands and delivers the CLASSIC line:

Let's Just Be Friends

Ugh... our hearts drop, we feel embarrassed, and our masculinity plummets. What happened? What went wrong?

There is no fail-safe method to preventing this, but there are some tried and true tips to help stave-off this dreaded phrase. Here we go.

Be physical

No, I don't mean wrestle with her, but I do mean for you to TOUCH her. Perhaps you just met her, and have been talking for 5-10 minutes - touch her lightly on the hand or the shoulder. Or, you are out on your first date, offer your arm to her as you cross the street or subtly place your hand on her lower back. These are masculine moves, which signal to her that this is a romantic interaction, not a "friendly" one.

Be bold

Ultimately guys, she is looking to you to be both sensitive to her and to the moment. If the window opens for a kiss, be bold, and go for it. If you allow too many of these to pass, the energy changes, and you classify YOURSELF as a "friend". Even if she rejects your advance, it is far better to go for it that not. You get nowhere fast by hoping a kiss magically happens. If she does reject you, this doesn't mean you cannot try again later. Also, she may be saving you a lot of time by indicating that she simply is not interested in you. Better to find out now...

Challenge her

Too often we are so eager to please the woman that we fail to be ourselves. If we are really focused and moving our lives forward, our attractiveness to women increases tremendously. In my ebook, "How To Get A Girlfriend", I discuss this in length. A woman, intuitively, biologically, is seeking a man who will be firm and steadfast in his resolve, and his purpose. The way we demonstrate this is in not accepting her at her fullest. So, if you feel that she is not really living up to her potential, TELL HER. If she is allowing herself to slip into mediocrity, TELL HER. Do it tenderly, and with love, but be sure to do it. Don't accept less than her best.

There you go guys. If you can do these three things with consistency, you will never find yourself hearing those awful words again..."Let's Just Be Friends". There will be times when you do not get the girl, but you will always be firm in your purpose maintaining your integrity. And, you will be better prepared for the NEXT girl, just around the corner.

If you want to know more about EXACTLY how to incorporate this belief set, and skyrocket your dating success, check out my ebook "How To Get A Girlfriend". You can download it to your computer, and be reading it in less than 5 minutes. Want to get this area handled ASAP? Go for it now.

Also, if you have questions that you feel are suitable for our mailbag series, feel free to email them to me at: Stephen@ceimageconsulting.com.