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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How To Be The Perfect Cheater

What To Do When You And Your Lover Can Barely Keep Your Hands Off Each Other

"When two people are sexually charged and attracted to each other it is obvious to everyone who sees the look on their face."

I live in the real world and in the real world people cheat - they go outside of their relationship or marriage for sex. Sometimes sex is the only thing they go out of the relationship for.

I could get into the many reasons that people cheat but that is not as important as not getting caught. For those of you who feel guilty and want to confess your sins to your spouse then - "talk to you later"!

It is no secret that many stray for mere "companionship" and that is often translated through sex and intimacy. I am here to help. I want you to be able to explore these opportunities without being caught. You might be wondering why?

Why would anyone promote cheating? At the risk of sounding jaded I am not promoting cheating so much as exploring (you'll find many articles on our site that explore different topics from different angles, not just this one).

There are certainly many people out there who are wondering if they are missing the sexual boat when it comes to their love life. Having the same partner for many years sometimes equates to the same items on the sex menu night after night.

This score is not to glorify cheating and infidelity (maybe a little) but to teach you the ropes so you don't get caught. A fling with a bartender is not worth ruining your marriage over.

Follow The Money

You have heard it a thousand times - follow the money. You can not hide bank and credit card records... or can you? You can, and we will get there in a minute. Cash is king! If you are the married party - I would tell your playmate that they better have an anonymous apartment or they are paying for the hotel.

Even if you reimburse your playmate, I would do it in cash installments. Don't be stupid! Don't buy your playmate gifts with a bank or credit card that will create a bill sent to you house. That bill will tell the whole story - what you bought - where you bought it - when you bought it and what it is worth. Bad move!

If you insist on buying him a gift - double down. Doubling down means you buy TWO of the same gifts and give one to your partner and one to your playmate. If your partner sees a bill it will look like a duplicate and since he owns the gift he won't think any different. Doubling down only works twice before an eyebrow is raised.

The experienced cheater can go the distance. First, you get a credit card then you get the bill sent to a P.O. Box - a P.O. Box that is paid for in cash. This way you can use the card anytime you want without fear of the bill. Just make sure you pay the bill with money orders, not a check!

All paper trails can be followed - the more cash transactions there are the more difficult it will be to follow.

Stay In Touch

You and your lover can barely keep your hands off each other so it is no surprise that you both want to talk to each other all the time… probably in that little lovey dovey voice that makes me want to puke! Luckily we live in the era of wicked technology.

Did you know that you can talk to people over the internet with little or no way to trace it?

For instance, many companies offer free email and messenger services. You can type a live conversation to your playmate through text messages from any computer with internet access. That same service offers phone service through the internet. Even if you access the internet from a home computer, you could have up to 10 screen names that no one even knows about. As mentioned with the P.O. Box, another benefit is you can snail mail each other love letters and dirty pictures.

The experienced cheater can't shut up. If you must talk from your cellular phone with your playmate, simply change their name to a name that your partner can not stand. If you know your partner can not stand your friend Mary, then he probably won't want anything to do with her when she calls. Just don't talk to Mary in the wee hours of the night. Publicly Separate You will be together in private so don't push your luck by being careless in public. If things become too "familiar" then you will get careless and meet in public places or worse yet forget the world is looking.

When two people are sexually charged and attracted to each other it is obvious to everyone who sees the look on their face.

If you happen to run into your playmate in public whether with or without your partner - treat them barely like an acquaintance. You don't want to get into the habit of embracing sometimes and not others in public and it will get emotionally confusing. If you don't know whether you plan on keeping your playmate for good then keep them at a distance socially.

Choose places that are not convenient as much as they are random. A local movie theater or popular restaurant is neither. The number one spot to meet is the home of the playmate; otherwise I say stay at least a 5 mile radius from your home. We tend to frequent business close to our home as do our neighbors and friends, if you leave this radius you have a better chance of public anonymity than if you don't.

Safety First

The last item is PROTECT YOURSELF. This is so important to you and your partner. You partner does not know if you are straying or not but why should they have to pay the price of a venereal disease or unwanted pregnancy. I know when you are cheating it just feels so good to ride bareback and be naughty but it is not worth it. Use protection there are enough diseases out there that you cheaters don't need to make it worse.

Now you know if you are in a relationship that requires some sexual sprucing up you can be a sly fox and get away with it at no else's expense. You can even get your playmate to do most of the work if you are good at it. If you are reading seduction articles on how to cheat, I get the feeling you are already good at it.

To Cheat or Not To Cheat

Why risk getting the label of 'cheater'? With sites like DontDateHimGirl.com, nowadays if you get caught once the whole world can quickly find out by checking online databases of cheaters who have been caught by their ex's red-handed, and then posted to the internet. Also, if your 'playmate' ever gets ticked off at you, she can tell the world as well.

The future doesn't look good for cheaters. So if you really are tired of your relationship, end it first. Cheating doesn't need to be a word in your vocabulary. If you're currently with the wrong woman, then you may want to work on getting out of the relationship first.

Leave with your head held high.


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