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Friday, September 01, 2006

Your Girlfriend's First Bi-Sexual Experience

If You Want Your Girl To Have Sex With Another Girl, Use Her As The 'Bait'

The beauty of working at Seduction Insider is our LAB. We at SI have a state of the art laboratory where we test theory and practice technique so we can bring you fresh, accurate information to increase your sexual "bottom line".

The lab "rats" that we use are our girlfriends, one night stands, fuck buddies, friends with benefits, stripper chicks and MILFs.

We have gone to great lengths to "learn the ropes" and have taken a few slaps in the face along the way. But the good news is that after a while the slaps are fewer and farther between and eventually the slaps are on the ass. You know you have reached the pinnacle or "graduation" here at Seduction Insider when you go from getting slapped in the face to slapping a "high-five" to your girl when you both make some other girl cum.

Getting your girlfriend to have her first bi-sexual experience is going to be fun and exciting for you both. Hopefully she has never had one yet because when your girl is a virgin to another girl and she has her first experience with you it creates a whole new level of trust and you are forever going to be in her annals of "first experiences" and that is a great place to be.

If she ever becomes a swinger it will be you she has to thank and she probably will thank you with her vertical smile and another just like her.

The Bank & Bi-Sexual Trust

She is the bank when it comes to sex and you are the trust. She is the connection or link to another girl and you and she will make the ultimate decision anyway so remember that she is the commodity not you. She is also the bait for the other girl - not you. In some cases a "good time girl"* will give you both equal attention which can either turn your girl on or off depending how she is acting.

* Good Time Girl = A female swinger, usually single but swings both ways.

Good time girls will spot you first most of the time and will flirt with you both. I only recommend this girl to the seasoned couple or non-committed couples because GTG's are bad girls and can too naughty for the virgin. You want to find a girl who is bi-curios like your girl or a girl with a few experiences under her belt so she can "walk her thru it". The TRUST part will come from you in many forms through this first time including whether you get laid or not.

The first thing you must do is have this conversation with your girl alone. Never bring it up for the first time if some girl brings it up in front of you and never put her on the spot. The best time to talk about sex is when you are both having sex. In bed, that is where you will bring it up and see how she feels.

The girl I am dating (in the lab) right now is 30 years old with a playboy bunny body and is recently divorced. Her husband cheated on her a couple of times before she caught him and left him. She told me this story on the first date. She also laughed and said, "The girl he cheated with was not that attractive, if she was maybe I would have been interested."

Being Bi-Sexual

Did you read that, "…if she was maybe I would have been interested." Though we were not having sex at the time I jumped on the opportunity (because real players do) and said, "Have you ever been with a girl?"

She replied, "No." I suggested, "But it sounds like fun huh?" She replied, "Yes".

I dropped the subject because it was early in our relationship. Two nights later we had unbelievable sex and she has hardwood floors (completely waxed pussy) and I went down on her three times. That is the key to your plan by the way… going down on her.

While I was licking her I started to talk dirty, "Wouldn't this feel nice with a girl's soft lips licking you?" She giggled but did not reply which might as well have been a reply. Do you see how she is getting primed? You have to do those same things with your girl.

Suggest, simulate, activate.

Those are the three steps. I have told you the first two - Suggest a scenario, simulate or imitate the idea in bed, but the last one, activate, will be the final test or step.

Activate means initiate or set up the two girls. This can be done a couple of ways.

First, you two are at a bar or club - send a girl a drink and say it is from the both of you. Or in that same scenario you keep flirting with the girl until she gives you a look back then you go over and tell her, "Come join me and my girlfriend, we are a lot of fun."

Most women in both of these situations will know exactly what you are suggesting and will either bite or bail immediately depending on two things, their experience or your looks. It is not a bad thing for the guy to get involved in pimping her out the first time but I don't recommend participation the first time for the guy if he "really" likes his girlfriend.

The first time you let your girl have a bi experience, offer to "sit this one out". I know most of you think I am crazy but if she is comfortable the first time because of everything you have done then more than likely you will be paid back for your trust with sex or a threesome.

If her first time creates jealousy then she will probably resent you and never trust you again. I have worked in the lab a long time, trust me I know.



Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I read your "article," if one would even call it that and I think it is repulsive. I am a bi-sexual women and I would never ever fall for anything you talked about within this article. I hope that maybe on day boys like you will grow up and become men. By the way, if you want someone to write an article like this, have a woman write it. How do you kno0w what turns us on and what doesn't? Do you have a vagina?

Anonymous said...

lady, not to put you down or anything. buuttt different women different tastes. to the guy who wrote the article. it is better to learn the woman and her needs even before your self.

Health News said...

I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

Anonymous said...

this is really sad. and complete bullshit. i'm guessing the girls your with are complete dogs.

Anonymous said...

Im really high right now reading this. And its hilarious

Abigail Gonzalez said...
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