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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How To Get Past The Friend Zone

Stop Being The Nice Guy And Start Getting Pussy

You have been officially thrown into the FRIEND ZONE - and you want out! You know what the friend zone is right? I will tell you in case you're in this zone and don't even know it. I will feel bad for you for about oh…. I am over it already. Because I will tell you how you can make that transition to the SEX ZONE and possibly keep your friend if you don't. I said possibly...

What The Friend Zone Is

The way you know you are in the friend zone is simple. You are a guy and she is a girl and you have feelings for her that are sexual at times (a lot) and you two have never talked about a relationship but she talks to you like one of her girlfriends.

Yeah, that's right, you know what I am talking about - you two are watching a movie or something and she tells you stories of the guys (losers) she is dating and never really asks your opinion, she just constantly vents to you. Also, because of your little "crush" you probably make a larger effort than she does and you are probably paying more money for these trysts than she. If any of this sounds familiar it is because she grabbed you with her manicured mitts and heaved your ass deep into the friend zone. She probably did it during a hug or something.

Become An Assasin - Go Behind Enemy Lines

You have been thrown into SAFE territory and you want to get up to the front line and be one of the soldiers she is talking about. You think because you know her so well that you have a field strategy like no other guy. Well, even though you are safe in the no-fly zone right now, don't think she has not seen an attack like yours coming before.

Girls that are "friends first" do so because they trust us and that trust is your final border crossing into the sex zone. You will have to become an assassin - you will have to become the antithesis of what you were before as her "friend". So the big question solider is this: "Do you want to date her and keep her or do you just want to take her to bed and nail it?"

Once you attempt to cross over to the SEX ZONE there might not be an opportunity to return. You see if she does not share your romantic or sexual notions then she may not feel comfortable with you in the same settings as before because she will always wonder if you have an ulterior motive. How can she relax in the movie theater now after you told her you want to pin her down like an underage Cambodian hooker, it won't be the same I assure you. When you tell her or show her that you want to leave the safe zone for the comfort of the fuzzy triangle then that "trust" mentioned earlier will come into play.

One Night Stand Or Love Everlasting?

If you just want to take her to bed for a bombastic round of Romper Room then I say, go collegiate. Meaning get her drunk at a bar or party and see what happens. Though you can not count on it, sometimes your female friend has feelings for you too and is just waiting for the floodgates to open to let you know - sometimes those floodgates are controlled by alcohol. Personally I like tequila with a beer back.

Take advantage of the booze induced moments to make a move on her. When the alcohol is involved and you make some stupid move to kiss her when she does not want you too all you have to do is say, "I was drunk, sorry" or "Mi el boracho, lo siento". What ever language you say it in, drunk is the universal language for spontaneous perversion.

So you don't want to just take her to bed but you actually like her and want to turn the friendship into a relationship right away and that means some ass action. If the above does not apply in that you don't just want to "hit and quit it" some of the same rules will apply and you will have to loosen her up to get her to give it up. Unless she has been burning and yearning for your lips and your pole then she will be a nervous (but flattered) wreck around you.

Take this seriously - she will see that and know that you are not joking and want to tell her something. When you tell her that you want more out of this relationship do it somewhere where you both will not get interrupted by people or telephones.

Preferably you should take her somewhere private enough that if it goes well you can both actually kiss right then and there. Remember she sees you as one of her friends possibly like one of her girlfriends so be as masculine in your dress and posture with her. She has to see you as a possible romantic partner, so when you confess, dress to impress.

If you are looking good and feeling good and the mood and the place is right - then just tell her. Literally, look at her and say, "I love being your friend - but I want more with you and I don't think I can settle for less". If she needs time to think about it, tell her that it is fine to think about it because you will wait for the one answer you expect. As stated earlier this could be a make or break situation for the friendship but if this is what you really want then it will be worth risking it all for.

Be a man and step up and take what you really want; everything else in life will be the same way.

Why Risk A Good Friendship?

If you're in the friend zone with a female and you think about her too much, that is going to affect you meeting other women, other women with a lot more potential for sex and/or relationships. At least if this girl you're starting to obsess about isn't interested in anything more than being friends, let her tell you, so you can move on with meeting other women and get her out of your head.

Keep her as a friend, but stop being a shoulder to cry on. Start acting (and dressing) like the sexy bad boy you really are deep down and start working on her friends.

Do you have a reputation yet? If you don't have a rep yet, and you're still having a hard time meeting girls and getting the fuzzy triangle to open up and let you in, we have many more articles and a great book for you, which you can find in the SeductionInsider.com site search at the top of this page.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in highschool. And I have liked my friend for a few months now and I alwayyyyys think about her. She is like the exact girl looking for, and I know what she likes in guys and I am almost perfect but she doesn't like me. When I first met her we were like"talking" but I blew that and she has thought of me as a friend ever since. Buttttt she always flirts with me and leads me on and then one day I've told her I like her and she didn't feel the same way. I have told her I've like 3 times and she said no each time but I haven't let her go yet cause I've spent so much time on her I feel it's a waste to stop, but I have recently been talking to someone else and all my friends and her friends think she is jealous. But she denies it and she told my friend one day she would kiss me probably. But now she's saying it'd be weird and make things awkward between us. I just want to be with her and have sex with her and be her first time, because we are both virgins. Please help me out

E$ said...

hey man I just left high school in 2008. During my career there I had quite a few girlfriends and was given the title homecoming king. If I was in your shoes i would play my cards like this... start talking to this new girl and act as if you really like her. start spending less time with your friend, and more time with bait girl, get her to really like you. When you see your friend act happy as a clam as if your life is perfect because of this new girl (but NEVER say it). You cant make it obvious that your trying to get her jealous or your plan will fail. just act as if your happy and your glad that your friend is happy for you. (because theres no way in the world that she's jealous because she's "your friend" and only wants you to be happy) Then you wait and observe, keep things as smooth with your new chick as possible. and start acting like you are confident and masculine, (and would never ask a girl out and get rejected three times,[BUT NOT COCKY] you would just move on after one) it couldn't hurt to even apologize to your friend for badgering her for so long about it "haha, i cant believe I asked you three times, no hard feelings right?" one of two things will happen A she will say "Not at all" and act as if she really doesn't care, or B she will get upset. If A she needs more time, or she really isn't interested (but don't get discouraged if this happens, high school girls are stubborn) if B then she likes you and now is the time to go in for the kill while all that emotion is flowing. you act surprised by her emotional or angry reaction at first but then, you get serious and act as if you understand her. (Because you do understand, you now KNOW that she likes you) then you take her hand look her in the eyes and tell her that you still think about her, wait for a reaction (DONT BLOW IT BY CONFESSING EVERYTHING TOO SOON) If she says A "really" in a softer ? tone then you have her, if B her reaction is suprized and annoyed back it up by saying as a friend cuz we dont get to hangout as often. If then give her some more time. If A then lean in and kiss her in a confident manly way. then tell your other girl that your sorry (don't feel too bad either, your young and will probably feel like a dick but ya gotta break a few hearts sumtimes, shit happens, shell get over it.) and your home free with your new baby. BUT say you don't do the apology/? or she says "not at all ect." then you wait and watch until you know that she's jealous or upset over you (if she's mad she likes you) then go in for the kill, by saying "are you sure everything is ok between us?" and repeat the "going in for the kill" scenario from before. If Its been more than a few months. and she still doesn't care then she's not interested, so count your losses and move on.
1. You are happy, confident, and masculine.
2. You dont make it obvious.
3.Treat HER like a friend
4.Observe i would suggest studying up on this about body language ehttp://changingminds.org/techniques/body/body_language.htm
5.Be a MAN! haha, especially in those clutch times, like going in for the kill and breaking it off with your bait girl.
let me know how it goes

E$ said...
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Health News said...

I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

tropico said...

I'm the ruler of the friend zone! grhhh

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Jay Kay said...

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