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Thursday, August 31, 2006

How To Pick Up The Hot Secretary

The following article is part of our 3 part series on How To Pick Up Girls, providing specific advice on approaching and meeting different age groups of women, based on where and when you are when you meet them...

Part 2 of 3. The Hot Secretary - Age Approx. 27 - 33.

The epoch that is 27 - 33 is actually my favorite in our three part series. It would take a lifetime subscription to Seduction Insider to equal what females in their 30's can teach men about liberty and self-rule. This period for women is all about energy, growth and their roots of CONFIDENCE have begun to burrow nice and deep.

These women are out of college and more than likely college guys are out of them as well (if you know what I mean). These gals are career minded and many at this point no longer share a 3 bedroom apartment with roommates - some own their own condo or home. This is when a girl is living the life she dreamt about leaving home for as a young girl, complete with freedom to bring home the bacon and the boy.


Women of this age are soooo on OUR team. When women start finding their confidence it is a like finding your stroke in tennis or golf - your game is on. These sexy gals rarely have kids and most often go to the gym frequently. Wow, sounds a lot like men doesn't it? The other reason they are on our team is they want to get LAID.

This is a great time for a women's sex drive and frankly I will take this sex drive over a cougar or younger pinup any day of the week. The older chicks get too attached and the younger chicks are stupid and just lay there. These little princesses are fit, both physically and financially, they are independent, and they will be the most outgoing of the 3 groups to attack. I mention all the things they have accomplished to emphasize HOW LITTLE THEY NEED FROM YOU. So when a gal like this is flirty with you, you know why.

The main reason they are on "our team" is women at this age understand ALL men much better and they can tell by behavior what it is you are looking for. They now fairly well read in the language of "I want to fuck you". But mostly, they are in the same boat, all grown up and no one to blow.


Bring your confidence brotha! You are gonna need it. You don't have to bring "big game" on this one - just your undivided attention. Here is the scenario and it is a real one that plays out every single day in supermarkets around the US: You are shopping for groceries and you see a girl, hot, sexy, probably 31,"acting" like she is sorting fruit when in fact she keeps looking up at you. Or maybe she is going down the same aisle as you and clearly slows down or gets in your way.


Samples: "Hello, does the store manager know your loitering?" - "What's for dinner?" Whatever you say will be no surprise if she is flirting with you and you will be able to tell by her response and facial expressions. "Small talk" is okay, like asking if she lives close by or what she does for a living. Then you literally go right in for the kill. This is why these girls are my favorite group - THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO BEAT AROUND THE BUSH, THEY WANT YOU IN THE BUSH. The longer you take to ask or offer your phone number the longer you are avoiding the inevitable. I live 6 blocks from my grocery store in Long Beach, California and in the 5 years it has been there I have bagged 6 girls using this method and watching the "messages" they send. Now 6 girls out of one grocery store may not sound like a lot to you but here's the catch: ALL of them went to bed with me in two dates or less, all of them.



The aggressive female will not be ignored and her independent and confident nature will eventually find someone to fulfill it. If you are not sure or don't understand the messages she is sending, then "bounce" or move on. Remember, females of this period most often have no problem FLIRTING, or TEASING, so if you can't "read it" then she may not be.

Another term for bounce is "sex". I am hoping you will be using it in that context and here is how. Simply put, these girls don't want the fluff. Be aggressive (she wants and expects) and ask her out. On the phone, make sure YOU FLIRT BACK. Show her you have your game on as well and she will have to put her money where her mouth is. If she "ain't down" then bounce or leave. If she is in it and seems to want to "skip dinner" then get her on the couch for a quick make-out session and before you know it you will be watching parts of her body "bounce". In our 3 part series, including the next one you will not find age group that will require less work and produce more satisfying sex. The young chicks LOOK great, the cougars FUCK great, but the girls in between have BOTH.



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