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Friday, September 08, 2006

5 Signs She’s Turning You Into A Man-Friend

Women are known to be terrible, evil, creatures- and we are, although not completely intentionally. The intentionally evil women out there are known as bitches- fair enough. But the most evil thing we women do without meaning to, is to take a man who’s falling for us and place him in that permanent “friend” category. Once you become a “friend” you stay a “friend”, forever. Now there are a FEW exceptions out there, I’m sure, but for about 99% of the “man-friends” out there, don’t get your hopes up. This being said- women LOVE man-friends. We adore them, we need them.

A man-friend is almost better than any lady friend and will be used a whole lot more in the advice and venting department. A man-friend is someone we complain to about the jerks in the world, who we expect to be honest and to flatter us unconditionally, to give us advice whenever we call (we call them often) and to never try to woo us because they are our man-friend and must stay that way.

Right from the moment you meet a woman, she will have classified you in her mind as “date” or “future man-friend”. If she is interested in you from the start and something goes awry in the process, you can become a man-friend. The tricky thing about man-friends and dates is that a woman will string a guy along just enough to make him a man-friend while it appears she is actually interested in him. All women will deny this “I’m just being nice!He knows we’re just friends” but the truth is, the only real difference in her actions most of the time is in her mind. And since you’re not her man-friend yet, you have no idea what she’s thinking.

This is what makes man-friends like gold to us, they understand us, and since we don’t want to lose someone who understands us so well, we really make sure not to get involved romantically with them.

Allright, here are some signs that will tell you if she’s just itching to make you her man-friend.

5. She Insists On Paying Her Half

She won’t pay for the entire bill, but she’ll always pay her half. She doesn’t want to owe you anything, and friends don’t pay each other’s parts of the bill unless it’s a special occasion. So if right for the get-go she makes sure she covers herself financially then she probably is telling you she wants you to be her friend.

4. She Doesn’t Flinch if You Check Out Another Girl

In fact, she might even compliment your eye-catching female. Compliment you in the way your mom might “Oh, she looks nice” or “she seems like your type”. If your woman doesn’t care about you checking other girls out, or is very comfortable with her female friends flirting with you, chances are she’s just not interested. It’s important to note that she might not be interested in you, but it will seem like it. She’ll be smiling and laughing and *totally* into you, but if you return any of the same signs of affection she’ll back off leading us to…

3. She Has Mini-Freak Outs When You Get Too Close

Sure, she might hug you or touch your hands and arms when you’re talking and together, but try anything like that with her and she gets cold. See a man-friend is someone we can flirt shamelessly with without having to worry if he likes us or not- he’s not supposed to. The man-friend is supposed to be a good sport and just take the flirting and know that it won’t lead anywhere. When women flirt and get cold they are trying to train their new acquaintance to be a man-friend “take all the flirting I do with a grain of salt- if you react I will stop, if you don’t I can continue”. She will also have big freak-out sessions if you declare any sort of romantic interest in her. First she might just give you the “I like you… as a friend” speech.

2. She Tell You How Much She Appreciates You

Now when on earth has a woman said that you are very important to her in the beginning dates or stages of a relationship?If she’s head over heels for you, she WILL NOT allude to any sort of future or dependence on you. She knows guys tend to get wierded out by immediate displays of attachment, and she wouldn’t risk chasing you away by admitting to something like that if she liked you. The Man-Friender, however will tell you many things like that. If you’ve heard one of these statements before, chances are, you’re becoming a man-friend.

  • “I feel so comfortable around you. You’re like a brother”
  • “Before you, I didn’t have anyone to confide in”
  • “I’m so glad we’re friends” (BIGGEST SIGNAL OF ALL)
  • “You remind me of my old friend, Kevin; we used to get along so well”
  • “You’re such a good friend to me, what would I do without you?”

Obviously anything that emphasises FRIEND or BROTHER indicates MAN-FRIEND.

1. She Calls You

If she is interested in you, she’s inevitably going to be playing all sorts mind games and other silly dating games (letting the phone ring twice before she picks up, letting it go to voice mail, not accepting dates unless they’re planned for three days in advance- article on her games later). One clear sign that you’re becoming a man-friend is that she starts to call you early in the dating game. Be EXTRA weary if she starts calling you just to chat, and not to set up any sort of date. If she sets up a night date then maybe you just have a very forward girl. Lunch dates are not “I want you, you sexalicious man”. Lunch dates are “I want to complain and have some company”, be weary of lunch dates.

So those are some of the easy signs, my male readers. Also be aware that some of the more evil women out there will seduce men in order to build herself an army of man-friends. My suggestion for you men who are becoming man-friends and don’t want that is to stop letting her. If she flirts, you should turn cold and have her then start to want you. If she calls, tell her you’ll call her back. Try to regain the date position in the relationship, other than that, you might as well move on to another girl who won’t take up your time and toy with your emotions for nothing.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

How To Make Her Laugh

"If you want to get into a girl's pants, make her laugh."

I once heard a supermodel on Oprah say, "If you want to get into a girl's pants, make her laugh."

This is the best advice for every man out there because she did not imply the guy had to be rich or tall or even talented he just has to be funny. If you can make a girl laugh you will not only keep her attention on you but that attention will be joyous and positive. When a woman is laughing she is not thinking about your motives or even how you dress, she is thinking about what a good time she is having with Y-O-U.

I can tell you how to act silly or be jocular to get her attention but it is really more about "SENSE OF HUMOR" that defines our comical genius. My particular comical genius is SARCASM. Many guys use QUIPS or COMEBACKS but those are too reliant on the humor of others to produce any originality that could be used in her presence alone.

Sarcasm is TRUTH based humor that usually CONNECTS people by experience. If you don't know how to be sarcastic correctly you will sound SYNICAL and ANGRY so make sure you understand the first rule of making ANYONE laugh is... TIMING.

Stand Up Bar Comic

Timing is everything and when you are in a bar or nightclub there is almost an "anything goes" attitude anyway. Here is my FAVORITE move at the bar - bar none… get it… at the bar, bar none… anyway.

I enter the scene and order a drink but I don't sit down. If I see a hot chick or two at the bar I wait until I see a guy approach them to hit on them. As soon as this goes down I walk over and stand right next to all of them (the girls don't notice until you are right up on them because the guys are distracting them).

As I stand there I watch their "game" go down and it makes them a little nervous*. When they strike out I just stand or sit down right were the guys were and face the other way. The girls will inherently start talking about the "strike out squad" - opening the door for me to make some sarcastic comments to follow.

*Never try to put another guy down to make you look good - if he is funny laugh at his jokes - don't be competitive like the girls are.

This bar opportunity effortlessly opens the conversation between me and the other girls. It is as if they will "open the show" for you. Now the way you keep it going is to joke and jab at her a little bit. One thing I love to do is TEASE a girl and get her to laugh at herself.

If she has a nice purse, ask her if it is a "knock-off". If you can learn how to make a compliment a funny jab you can make her laugh. I told a girl one time, "You have really pretty eyes, too bad they are so close together". She laughed her ass off.


Humor is the shortcut to attraction - if a girl is "on the fence" about whether she wants to sleep with you or not the tipping point will come if you can make her laugh. Humor is comforting and consuming. When people are laughing they have there guard down and don't think about the superficial things that has kept them single or picky to begin with.

When women laugh they are so at ease that this is truly the moment when "looks" don't matter. Look at Woody Allen - he was married to Mia Farrow in her prime. Now she is not that hot but she is hella hotter than what Woody deserves by his looks.

His comic genius being NEUROTIC and that behavior is hypnotizing to some women - especially smart ones. YES IT IS TRUE! Women need to be stimulated mentally and humor is greater to them than any book or play or TV show or even cooking a lavish meal. So if you can hit that nerve then you will have her ATTENTION. Attention from a female is the number one thing she can give you.


Your comic genius is YOUR comic genius and you can not mimic that of others. Find your comic voice and then play the NUMBERS GAME. Some chicks will think you are funny and some won't so be sure to LISTEN to the feedback because that will shape your comic voices.

If two chicks tell you that the joke you told about the farmer and the Jew was not funny then…it's not funny, don't tell it a third time. Don't try to be something you are not…if someone laughs at something you said - remember it might have been "HOW YOU SAID IT" as much as what you said.

Now... Shut Up!

There is a time to be funny and a time not to be funny. There is a time to talk and time to be quiet. Don't be the "talk of the town" or the "town clown" because you don't want a reputation for being nothing other than a wise-cracking-loudmouth. You want to be known as a savvy guy who gets some action. Some remember NOT to be the old phrase, "All talk and no action".

Once you get her laughing and you think she is hot and bothered and ready for your sex then do what any other red-blooded American man would do... log on to SeductionInsider.com and find out how to close the deal. Ha-HA you thought I was going to tell you how to screw her? You idiots, now you are making me laugh!


Make Women Flattered By The Interest Commitment And Attention

Men often view approaching unknown women and initiating conversation a difficult step, that one doesn’t enter into lightly. Actually that’s mostly true if you’re inexperienced with women’s manners in courting situations.

Essential steps to introducing yet unknown women

However It's also useful to note that the if a man that just sits back and waits for a woman to hit on him, he actually never get to choose who he wants to date.

To be picked and approached seems like some kind of compliment to women. So they would rather wait for a man to make first step and approach her then she would risk approaching men and get turned down. What are essential steps to introducing yet unknown women?

Examine this list and see if you think you have all the essential skills:

  • Know to maneuver yourself into women’s space to show her signs of interest
  • Understand why shy or introvert women would rather wait for a man to initiate contact
  • Make women flattered by the interest and attention you give them

So, let's evaluate all-important steps one by one!

How to maneuver yourself into women’s space to show her signs of interest

Although men believe they have the opportunity to make the first move towards introducing women, actually women do pick and approach.

Women are welcome in a social situation to see a man they find attractive and then maneuver herself into his space to make herself available for his attention.

Shy or introvert women would rather wait a man to initiate contact

However there are always shy or introvert women who’d rather wait a man to initiate contact. So if you're in, a crowded bar or at a party, find a reason to walk near or stand in relatively close proximity to the woman.

You’ve given her the opportunity that eye contact can be established; you’re giving her the opportunity to make a move and show if she’s interested. Sometimes it ends up merely being eye contact across the room. Even the split second connection and small smile, could lighten love spark.

Make women flattered by the interest and attention you give them

Women are flattered by the interest and attention a man gives them, even when they're not interested in a relationship. Being the object of the opposite sex attentions boost females self esteem and praise her female attributes.

These are signals that say, it's okay to approach me. You can want women to be more aggressive all you want, but unfortunately all kinds of long-established social conditioning is in effect.

Women would let a man make first move toward intimacy

Bottom line: Most women are more comfortable letting a man make the first move. As a man you need to recognize hidden and subliminal messages from women and initiate contact if appropriate.

In a woman’s eyes, that doesn't mean she isn't picking and choosing, In her own way she might be sending easily readable signals so the man can make the connection.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How To Overcome Anxiety And Fear With Women

One of the most common scenarios students present me with is this:

"I do fine if I am introduced to women or already know them. But walking up to a stranger, dead cold, in any situation, scares the bejezus out of me. I just can not do it. What can I do to resolve this?"

Over the years, I have seen this question or variations on it more times than I can count. If you have felt shy, anxious or even afraid of women, especially beautiful ones, I can assure you that you are far from alone. In fact, I would have to say that fear and shyness around women is so common among men, it's close to being an epidemic.

Now, this "fear factor" can strike guys at different stages. For most, it has to do with the initial approach/ice breaking. For a few guys, approaching is easy, but they freeze up when it comes time to making that serious physical pass. Wherever you may be having your "fear" or "shyness" or "freezing" problem, the good news is that there are powerful solutions to this that can get you going rapidly in the direction you want, without fear, shyness or shame.

I am here to tell you that you can rapidly overcome all of this, just as thousands of guys I have taught have done. I can also assure you that this kind of fear effects guys from all walks of life, from rich to poor, from unathletic dudes to even former U.S Special Forces soldiers. Yes, I mean guys who would have no problem jumping from planes, running through mind fields and dodging bullets have flat out told me, face to face, women scare them silly. The good news, this can all be rapidly overcome with some awareness of how you are producing your shyness and fear and a little retraining of your mind.

Your Fear Is Not A "Thing"

Here is why: "fear" and "shyness" or "hesitation" are not THINGS that happen to you even though it may seem that way.

Remember we spoke in a previous issue about how a woman's "feelings" don't just happen to her by some mysterious magic, but are the result of a recipe or process she runs on herself?

It's the same for any kind of feelings, positive or negative, that anyone experiences.

Remember this rule for personal change; whatever it is that is troubling you, has a structure and a process, and that it means it can be changed, and even blown apart.

You don't have a bunch of "fear" or "shyness" or "hesitation" fluid running through your body, like transmission fluid in a car that some mind mechanic has to drain out so you can then be "confident". "Fear" or "shyness" or "hesitation" are internal mental processes that you DO to yourself.

You don't HAVE "shyness". You DO "shyness", usually so quickly and outside of your awareness of how you are doing it that it seems like something that is just happening to you.

I repeat it again: all humans have their "recipes"- internal mental processes they do to themselves that produce the final resulting "feelings" of fear, confidence, assurance, calm, etc. So you too have some internal "recipe" that produces your shyness, or hesitation or fear.

This means that by changing one or more of the elements of your recipe-how you are talking to yourself, what you are visualizing, the flow of energy in your body or your posture and breathing, the resulting "feelings" that come out the other end can be rapidly and radically changed, even if you have suffered from them for a lifetime!

Here's A Method Guaranteed To Work!

We'll examine how to do this in detail, but I want to talk about the most powerful and easily shifted element of any internal "fear" recipe. It's one that most people never even consider, but I will explain not only how to use it to immediately rid yourself of all fear and nervousness around women, but also the science behind it so you will know WHY it works.

I'm talking about the power of your breath. You can look at your breath as the single key ingredient for controlling and designing your state of mind with women. Why is this? Simply because the part of your brain that controls the fight or flight response-that rushing of adrenaline that makes you shake, get short of breath, feel jumpy and want to run from a woman, or just get passive and withdraw-that part of the brain is intimately linked to your breath.

Put simply, you cannot go into the "flight or fight" response if you learn to control your breath. Control the breath in any situation and you will remain calm; if you've studied any kind of martial arts, you already know this. By controlling your breath and cutting off the fight-flight mechanism, you activate the creative and adaptive layer of your brain, the layer of the brain that is relatively new in terms of evolution.

This layer of your brain can is the same part that helps you think on your feet, adapt to the situation in front of you, remember to try new behaviors, etc. It's also the part of your brain that lets you come up with exactly the right move or exactly the right thing to say an hour after the woman has walked away and you've already calmed down! We want you calmed down, immediately, so you can take advantage of and enjoy the new skills we'll teach you to succeed in every situation! Is this all making sense?

Can you now imagine the power of remaining totally calm, relaxed, confident and secure, in every situation with women?

Now, please remember, this is a practice. Retraining the brain takes some focus, discipline, repetition and time, but it can be done. So do this as a practice, ten minutes a day, every day, for at least the next 2-3 weeks and get ready to enjoy the results you will feel!

A Breath Practice To Destroy All Fear With Women

The first thing I want you to do is take a deep, deep breath in through your nose. Do it right now as you read this. As you breathe in, do it by expanding your rib cage and imagine you are breathing into the center of your chest. Complete the inhale by expanding your belly and pushing it out. Now hold the breath for a just a moment. Begin exhaling, also through your nose. This time, when you exhale, pull your belly toward your spine. Empty your lungs of air and at the end of the exhale, pause for just a moment. Notice how you can feel that calm moment of silence at the end of the inhale and the end of the exhale.

Ok. Here comes the piece we want to add in. This will really help totally disrupt your fear response. Take another inhale, just like last time, through the nose. This time, as you do, imagine there is a soft line of energy moving down the front of your body and imagine it pooling in the space between your belly button and your pubic bone. In the martial arts, this place is known as the hara, or t'an t'ien. Imagine it swirling there in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. Either way will work.

When you are finished inhaling, hold the breath for just a moment and feel the calm and silence. Now, when you exhale (through the nose), pull your belly toward your spine and imagine a strong line of energy-an energy of strong will and intent-moving from the small of your back, up your spine and straight out through the top of your head. Feel the strength up your spine and your clarity of mine when you do this strong exhale.

Please note here, when I say "imagine energy" what you ought to do is see some kind of color or feel some kind of feeling-like warmth or heat or tingling, or even a combination of both. It doesn't have to be vivid or super-real; just an idea that this is happening will do.

The keys here: when you inhale, the energy you feel or imagine is soft and relaxed and moves down the front of the body. Almost like a feather brushing the surface of your skin. You imagine it gathering, pooling and swirling in the space between your belly button and pubic pone. When you exhale, the energy going up the spine is inside your body, in your spine, rather than on the surface of the skin. And it is strong AND calm. A relaxed determination. By the way, energetically speaking, this is what women mean when they say they want a guy with "backbone"!!)

They are using a metaphor to describe something that is quite "energetically "real) When you really feel this calm, relaxed, determined feeling, put the fingertip of the first finger of your right hand on the tip of your thumb and touch it gently. As the feelings increase, increase the pressure of the fingertip against the tip of your thumb. You have now created a "calm/confident' anchor for yourself, so when you find yourself in a real world situation with women that's a bit scary, simply do one of the breath cycles (inhale and exhale) as you place your thumb and finger tip together. Increase the pressure of fingertip against thumb to increase the feelings of calm, confident power. I want you to practice this breathing for 10 minutes a day, sitting comfortably or standing.

By Ross Jeffries, http://www.seduction.com/

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

Here is just a funny very special Top 10 list from MenAreBetterThanWomen.com blog. Must read! ;)

Naturally as a man the moment I thought of an idea I set to work implementing it — in this case by writing it. It would have been exactly the same if my idea had been the wheel or the Hoover Dam. That’s because I’m a man and instead of taking shit from the world around me, I can shove shit right back into it as well.

Top 10 Reasons Men are better than women

  1. Men do not have Tourette Syndrome
  2. I believe all women suffer from a mild and extremely localized form of Tourette Syndrome. The afflicted organ? Their tongues. That’s why women cannot shut their fucking mouths for ten seconds while adults are speaking around them. Their tongues are battling around in their mouths like drunken Vipers.

  3. Men are not sponges
  4. Women are social chameleons — of better yet: social vampires. Women walk into a situation and before you know it they’ve completely changed their wardrobe and mannerisms as if they’ve joined a fucking cult. Men are not sheep. Everyone knows the word for a female sheep is ewe, but what about the male word? There isn’t one because sheep is something men are not.

  5. Women are racists
  6. Women’s entire lives and social circles are based around hatred. Do they hate their boyfriends? Do they hate their wardrobe? Do they hate each other? Yes, yes and fuck definitely. Men don’t go in for that silly sort of nonsense. If we’re dissatisfied, we pick up and move out. Or we take our mighty man muscles and lift fucking mountains so the world looks exactly the way we want it to. Men do more world changing before 9:00 AM than any woman ever has done in her whole life.

  7. Men live less than women
  8. The last thing a society needs is a bunch of non-contributing members laying around and sucking all the juice from the young. Men know this so they blast off from birth like shooting man stars — burning out ten years faster, but setting the whole night ablaze with manness. Women just kind of lie around like big fat pigs in big fat puddles of shit. Congratulations women. You really earned those rights!

  9. Men write illegibly
  10. Writing is stupid and in ineffective way to communicate. Men know this so they don’t give a shit about handwriting things with big hoops and loops and squiggles and shit so aliens can read notes about remembering to pick up your birth control pills after 6th period from space.

  11. Jesus was a man
  12. Whether or not you believe in Jesus, there is one fact you can’t argue with: he was a man. No religion anywhere has ever put a woman in charge of shit. That’s called dogma — man-dogma — and it means men are better than women.

  13. Men wear watches
  14. Do you know why men wear watches? It’s because there’s a limited about of time in the day and men need to know how much of it there is so they can efficiently allocate their man ass kicking for the day. Women don’t wear watches; they wear bracelets. Women wearing bracelets is like dropping a bus of retarded kids off in front of a taffy pulling machine. They can just stare for hours and never get bored.

    A watch says, ‘Get up and go! Move your man ass and take care of your fucking man business!’ That’s why 60 minutes uses a ticking watch for its theme song. ‘Important shit is going down and we’re about to talk about it in a fucking fastidious manner, so get the fuck ready,’ says a ticking watch. A bracelet says, ‘You’re most likely ugly, but look at how much money you’re worth!’ What a joke.

  15. Boys destroy things
  16. The only thing that has ever lifted our species out of the trees where we came from is our ability to destroy. Take paper: the cornerstone of the modern world. That was invented because man wanted to destroy trees and beat them into pulp. How about nuclear power? Men invented that too. Men are natural destructors. We pop right out of the man-womb and start on a life-long tirade of progress by tearing down the Earth with our mighty, man-manly man-fists. Goddammit, that’s awesome!

  17. Marriage is stupid
  18. Marriage is 100% the fault of women. It was invented by men though! Did you know that? Marriage was invented because women were too busy whoring it out to fuck the only the guy who was paying their rent and feeding their fat asses French bon-bons every day. Men invented marriage as a way of telling women who they could and couldn’t fuck. Like everything else men have ever invented, it completely worked and worked way better than any man thought it would. Women became so indoctrinated by the man-invention of marriage that they’re fucking obsessed with it.

    Marriage is still stupid. It’s a stupid game invented to entertain stupid minds and to teach basic lessons of fidelity that even invertebrates are born with.

  19. Men have penises
  20. When it comes to being a man, being quick at identifying problems is tantamount to fixing them. In fact it’s tantamount-ier. Having a penis — in other words looking like a man and having man parts — is a man’s way of telling other men, ‘Hey. Look at me. I’m a man. I won’t fuck up whatever it is that you’re trying to do. If you need some help, maybe ask me and I’ll see if I can lend a man-hand. It’s the least I could do to be fucking courteous.


What is a ‘Neg’?

Negs are generally used on attractive and very attractive women! They serve numerous purposes, including slightly lowering a girl’s self-esteem so she’s more vulnerable to pick-up, displaying higher value, lowering a girl’s bitch shield, etc.

An HB (Hot Bitch) is there, surrounded by her friends. She has put on this BITCH act. Is she REALLY a bitch? Unlikely. All my girlfriends were wonderful human beings. Beautiful people have it easier because they are beautiful and often times have better upbringings because of it.

BUT - she needs to have a standard when all these NOBODY guys approach her. So her values are very honed and understood. When a man walks up and says, "Can I buy you a beer" this WILL annoy her. While the guy thinks he's doing something nice for her, she gets this ALL the time. She is desensitized to this. You are the 8th guy TODAY!

So she is very good at brushing all these guys off. She HAS to be... she isn't going to sleep with ALL of them! So she may say NO, or act annoyed, and then the guy thinks she's a bitch and he walks off pissed and feeling like a failure. And that seems to work. Sometimes when the girl is particularly in a feeling of control (like in a club where she is PREPARED for the barrage of men - it IS after all something that occurs so often that when it is GONE she MISSES it) she will accept the beer and then flake the guy off. Hey, the guys are stupid enough to buy her one; she might as well take it.

When she accepts a beer from you, the girl is saying to you, "I don't know you and I don't care about you. You are just another one of those typical guys and since I don't respect you, I'll take the beer from you before I snub you."

Since an HB is so GOOD at snuffing your approach, SNUFFING THEM is important. You CANNOT INSULT them, because they are used to all the hurt guys INSULTING them ("ahh you are nothing but a bitch!") so this rolls off their back like water off a muskrat's ass.

How do you SNUFF them WITHOUT INSULTING them? Well, let's say she has long nails which are most likely fake. Now why do 10s dress so FINE if they don't want the attention? Sometimes they LOVE the feeling of control. They are in a club with friends and they want to be the leader of the circle (social hierarchy in primates) and so she gets all the attention. The guys come and buy drinks for them and she gets off on knocking the guys down. It's all in a days play. Ok, so she is wearing fake nails to look even BETTER! Most guys will say, "Wow you are so beautiful!" BORING, typical and in her mind by now, TRUE.

Imagine now, a guy comes along and says "Nice nails. Are they real?" She will have to concede, "No, acrylic." And he says (like he didn't notice it was a put down), "Oh. (Pause) well I guess they still LOOK good." Then he turns his back to her.

What does this do to her? Well, he didn't treat her like shit and INSULT her. He complimented her, but the result was to target her insecurity. She thinks, "I'M HOT I'M BEAUTIFUL" - (especially in her current emotional state of control) - "but I didn't win this guy over. I'M SO GOOD at this. I'll just fix that little smear on my image that he has of me."

Then you continue to show disinterest in her looks as you give her a neutral topic like the Elvis script. During this time, her intention is to get you to become like all the other guys so she can feel in control and snuff you.

Then you give her another NEG HIT like this: "Is that a hair piece? Well, its neat... what do you call this hairstyle? The waffle? :)" Smile and look at her to show her you are sincerely being funny and not insulting. You are pleasant but disinterested in her beauty.

This will intrigue her because she KNOWS guys. And this isn't normal. You must have really high taste, or be used to girls, or be married or something. These questions make her CURIOUS. So this keeps happening and is known as FLIRTING. She gives you little Negs and these tests are qualifiers. You pass them by Negging her back. After all, you aren't like the others showing interest.

But... why? To get control again, she says, "Will you buy me a drink?" Notice how she is trying to get you now! BUT, she only wants to sucker you in enough so she can SNUFF you. That is all she is about - this strategy is all she knows and it's not working for you so she is trying to do damage control on the situation. But at the same time she doesn't quite understand WHY you don't think she's "all that."

After all, her nails ARE fake.

You say, "Ahhh, that's so funny ... your nose wiggles when you speak......" - (pointing and being cute) - "look there it goes again ... its so... quaint ... hheeeee look." She'll say, "Ahhh, stoppp!" :) *blush*. Now she is self-conscious and having her in this state is where you want her. You have, with 3 negs, successfully created INTEREST (curiosity) and removed her from her pedestal (removed her bitch shield.) You were humorous, you had a smile, you dress well, you are confident and everything she would want in a man.

You didn't take her shit. OH...and when she asked you for a beer, you said, "No. I don't buy girls drinks. But you can buy ME one." You are qualifying HER now. If she buys you a beer, this is symbolic of her RESPECT for you.

If not, you say, "Pleasure meeting you" [NOT sarcastically] and turn your back to her again. DON'T walk away, just turn your back. You are negging her again just when she thought she was negging YOU. That is teasing each other. That is the first step to flirting. This is all textbook psychology.

A NEG is a qualifier. The girl is FAILING to meet your high expectations. It's not an insult, just a judgment call on your part. The better looking the girl, the more aggressive you must be with using negs. A 10 can get 3 negs up front, while an 8 gets only 1 or 2 over a longer time. You CAN go overboard if they think you are BETTER than them. You can drop the self-esteem right from under them (just like most 10s do to guys) and this isn't good. You have to get as close to the breaking point as you can without crossing the line. Once you have gotten her RIGHT THERE, you can start appreciating things about her (NEVER LOOKS.) There is a mutual RESPECT now. Something most guys never get from the girl.

This is how you remove a bitch shield. 3 negs ought to do it within 2 or 3 minutes of neutral chat. Once it is down, you can, from a place of mutual respect, seduce her.

From personal experience, it takes plenty of practice to use negs effectively – but they are absolutely deadly! When dealing with hot women they are totally essential, because HB’s are use to dealing with supplicating men day-in and day-out! And, if you want to succeed with stunning women, you need to display higher value from the outset to set your-self apart from the AFCs – a neg is an excellent way to do this!


Social Proof: Why do I need it?

Building social proof helps reduce a player-like image, and may significantly help in getting approach invitations from girls…

Some players can be seen walking around the venue, eyeballing all the women and looking for a good one to approach. This behavior looks predatory, and is quite transparent to the people in the crowd. Similarly, some guys may be seen standing in a group, peering around at the field. If they don't look like they are having a great time together, if they aren't hanging out with girls, if they aren't running a set ...then they will start to lose social status. When one of them finally does open a set, he may discover that opening is more difficult in environments where he has negative social proof.

Whereas a venusian artist, rolling in with his wing, is not going to be looking around at the people in the crowd. Rather, he's going to be talking to his wing, and it will appear as if they are two high-value guys having a great time together.

If he were looking around the venue, especially with a serious expression on his face, it would telegraph that he is looking for something more fun and of more value than the spot where he already is. But he isn't. He believes that the most fun and valuable spot in the field is his own spot, his own reality - and he is congruent with that.

Women are searching for a man whose reality is more fun and more valuable than their own. You must be congruent with the value that you have to offer, and it must be apparent to the room. Follow the three-second rule, and you will be in set much more often, resulting in higher social proof.

It's interesting that whenever you have more social proof, you will get noticeably more occurrences of proximity. Girls will also give you other approach invitations, such as making eve contact. Remember that it's not necessary (nor is it necessarily desirable) to wait around for AI (approach invitations,) because with practice, a venusian artist can consistently open sets even without AI.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Top 10 Girls Pickup Methods

By Neil Strauss (http://www.askmen.com/)

My Mystery Method workshop in Los Angeles kicked ass. I’ve decided to teach several impressive ways to demonstrate mind power through magic at my next workshop. After all, some of you need something with which to convey your charming personalities. If you are going in without an edge - like if you say, “Hi, I’m an accountant” - you will not capture your target’s attention and curiosity.

So, since the workshop, I’ve retired the FMAC model and broken down the approach to 10 detailed steps. Here is the basic format to all approaches.

Number 10

Smile when you walk into a room

See the group with the target and follow the three-second rule. Do not hesitate - approach instantly.

Number 9

The opener should open the group, not just the target

When talking, ignore the target for the most part. If there are men in the group, focus your attention on the men.

Number 8

Neg the target

Neg the target with one of the slew of negs we’ve come up with. Tell her, “It’s so cute. Your nose wiggles when you laugh.” Then get her friends to notice and laugh about it.

Number 7

Convey personality to the entire group

Do this by using stories, magic, anecdotes, and humor. Pay particular attention to the men and less attractive women. During this time, the target will notice that you are the center of attention. You may perform various memorized pieces like the photo routine, but only for the obstacles.

[The photo routine involves carrying an envelope of photos in a jacket pocket, as if they’ve just been developed. Each photo, however, is pre-selected to convey a different aspect of the PUA (Pickup Artist)’s personality, such as images of the PUA with beautiful women, with children, with pets, with celebrities, goofing off with friends, and doing something active like roller-blading or skydiving. The PUA should also have a short, witty story to accompany each photo.]

Number 6

Ask the group, “So, how does everyone know each other?”

If the target is with one of the guys, find out how long they’ve been together. If it’s a serious relationship, eject politely by saying, “Pleasure meeting you.”

Number 5

Ask permission to take her away from the group

If she is not spoken for, say to the group, “I’ve sort of been alienating your friend. Is it alright if I speak to her for a couple of minutes?” They always say, “Uh, sure. If it’s okay with her.” If you’ve executed the preceding steps correctly, she will agree.

Number 4

Hold her hand

Isolate her from the group by telling her you want to show her something cool. Take her to sit with you nearby. As you lead her through the crowd, do a kino test by holding her hand. If she squeezes back, it’s on. Start looking for other IOIs.

Number 3

Ask her about her qualities

Tell her, “Beauty is common but what’s rare is a great energy and outlook on life. Tell me, what do you have inside that would make me want to know you as more than a mere face in the crowd?” If she begins to list qualities, this is a positive IOI.

Number 2

Stop talking

Does she reinitiate the chat with a question that begins with the word “So?” If she does, you’ve now seen three IOIs and can…

Number 1

Kiss close

Say, out of the blue, “Would you like to kiss me?” If the setting or circumstances aren’t conducive to physical intimacy, then give yourself a time constraint by saying, “I have to go, but we should continue this.” Then get her number and leave.

Show Her You’re Not Interested

By Tommy Jordan (http://www.askmen.com)

In our society, it has become increasingly difficult to blow off a girl without people thinking you’re gay or weird - even if she’s ugly. Fortunately, there are two ways to blow off a girl who is into you without anybody getting the wrong idea. The only problem is that one method is great and the other is terrible.

One night, I was at a bar with a buddy of mine and one of his friends from work when two girls started closing in on my boys. So I sat back and observed two very different styles of blowing off women.

My buddy subtly conveyed to one of the girls that he wasn’t interested in her, and before long, she got the hint and left with her dignity intact. On the other hand, his coworker went out of his way to be a jerk for no reason, and the girl left humiliated.

In case you didn’t have this figured out by your first semester in community college, nobody wants to hang with the guy who makes other people feel bad on purpose. The funny, slightly cocky guy? Sure, everybody likes that guy (especially the women). The guy who’s a jerk for no reason? Nope, everybody hates that guy. To make sure you fall into the first category - and preserve your reputation for future pickups in the process - here are some of the dos and don’ts of blowing her off.


Call her the wrong name

Everybody knows you know her name because she just told you five minutes ago -- or maybe you've even known each other for months. You didn’t just suddenly forget her name, and everybody knows it -- including her. It’s a stupid move that only speaks to your immaturity.

Ignore her

If there is one thing every girl wants more than a new pair of shoes, it’s respect. Aretha Franklin made an entire career out of searching for some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. When you suddenly quit paying her any attention and ignore her altogether, you are being extremely disrespectful.

So what should you do to let her down easy and make sure she doesn’t badmouth you to all the other hot women in town?

“Mistakenly” send her nasty messages about her

Don’t send her e-mails, text messages or voicemail messages that you “meant to send to your buddy Tommy” saying that she’s not your type or she has bad breath or other such nasty things. Not only will you hurt her feelings, but if she figures out you lied to her to get rid of her, she’ll be doubly upset. And keep in mind that this might backfire on you if she decides to seek revenge.

So how do you let her know you’re not digging her without being a jerk or embarrassing her? A combination of these dos should do the trick.


Ask her about her hot friend

Women love to give advice and they are jealous of each other. Use both of these well-known facts to your advantage and ask her what you should do to hook up with her hot friend. While she may initially want to latch onto you more, she will ultimately get the hint that you’re just not feeling her, and she’ll probably even find a way to blame it on her friend - double bonus points for you.

Tell her you have a friend that is perfect for her

After you’ve decided she’s not the one for you, use the information you’ve gathered on her to push her onto another guy. Point out how your buddy also cried when he saw the movie What Dreams May Come (1998), or any other common points they may have. Your buddy may be annoyed, but at least you’ll be rid of her.

Let her know how busy you are lately

Anytime she tries to contact you or you run into her, cut the conversation short. Bring up work, school or any other excuse to justify the fact that you have to run. Just be sure to point out that you love whatever it is that is taking up all your time and that you wouldn’t change a thing about your life.

Subtly highlight clashes of opinion

Politics, morals, values - there are all kinds of hot-button issues you can subtly drop that will turn her off. If you know she’s a conservative, spout off something negative about the Bush administration and Fox News. If she has a kid, tell her you would never get involved with somebody who has children.

The not-so-direct approach

It sounds so simple, but spitting out the words “I’m just not that into you” can be extremely difficult. Get around this by letting her know that you’re just looking for a good time. Say something along the lines of how much you would love to hook up, but you respect her too much to make her just a ”friend with benefits.”

Reject the right way

Being rejected is hard enough for anybody, and we’ve all been there at one time or another. But nothing is worse than having the person who rejected you make a fool of you as well. And keep in mind that letting her down easy is also a way to ensure that she doesn’t tell all the women in town that you’re a jerk; in other words, it’s a form of dating insurance.

Dating Ideas - Great Places to Date

by Ian McNeice (http://www.topdatingtips.com/)

When faced with the prospect of dating ideas with someone new, it is always amazing how quickly one's mental creative energies normally nuclear fuelled take on the attributes of the Sahara Desert. Yes, Saturday and Sunday need to be filled as does Tuesday evening with person X and what have you thought of so far ? Zilch!

Ironically, whilst our minds are buzzing with thousands of ideas they are usually all useless and not appropriate in this instance. Two weeks last Thursday you could have thought of flying to Niagara Falls for dinner, ballooning over Paris at dawn or swimming naked together by moonlight in your local pool. But two weeks later with new date on the phone and even worse heading to meet you after work and you can think of absolutely nothing at all. Worse still, you have no preference and start using phrases like "no, that's fine, whatever you like, its up to you, you choose".

Stop right there. There is a danger here of appearing completely useless and about to fall at the first hurdle so its time to pre-plan and get your thinking caps on. Its time for dating ideas. Of course dating ideas differ depending on whether it is first date, second date or so on. Maybe you are hoping that the third date will be spent in bed but lets not get ahead of ourselves. For now we will stick to social functions and activities their parents would approve of.

The key to dating in the early stages is keeping it manageable, relatively inexpensive, within easy travel proximity's and also within manageable timelines. Particularly on a first date, you may wish to leave early, or so may they. An exit plan for both guys and girls is always useful. After the initial date the key to good dating ideas is to make them sociable, relaxed, fun, public and open-ended. Lets face it, why stop a date that is really going well. That is why I favor lunchtimes for first dates and afternoons for weekend second dates. Lunchtimes are good because they have predetermined time restrictions and can be abandoned if necessary with little harm done. Saturday afternoons are great for a second date because that allows both of you to over run if things are going really well.

Dinner is often the case for a first date but its often too formal leading to too much social pressure. Both parties feel obliged to finish the meal even if its going badly and there is always a decent sized bill to cap it all. Its late in the day so parties may not sparkle as they normally would, there may be transport issues, darkness, alcohol, fatigue, dress and very importantly, the restaurant may not be to both tastes.

So with this in mind here are some ideas for keeping things fun, real and enjoyable. Make your own list in advance of any dating for your own city so that you have some ideas in advance. Always have a good food guide and know some nice daytime places to visit. Oh and always avoid places where you can't chat, like the movies!

First Date

  • Lunchtime convenient coffee shop
  • Lunchtime restaurant
  • Early evening restaurant

Second Date

  • Weekend walk in the park and lunch
  • Visit the Zoo and lunch
  • Ice skating - always a winner
  • Indoor Bowling and dinner
  • A ballgame or sports event and lunch
  • Art Gallery and museums

Third Date

  • Amusement and adventure park
  • All day Water park - Summer!
  • Visit the beach and lunch
  • Include them in a sporting activity
  • Visit a tourist attraction and take in drinks and dinner
  • Theater and dinner
  • Adventure Activity

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Newly Single Young Milf

Put In The Time And This Young Milf Can Be The Best Sex Of Your Life

Nothing says sex like - Vulnerability. I will probably go to hell for saying this but, "Single young mothers are vulnerable."

This could be the best sex of your life if you are willing to put in the time and if you can manage the peripherals. The peripherals are her child/s, her ex and the babysitting schedule. (By the way when you date a mom who is under 30 you should be careful because the babysitter is always younger.)

The young MILF is a great combination of "still young and horny" and "now I have to be responsible". So you can bet she is on the pill.

Where can you find these girls? Well I would not recommend standing around a school to find them unless you want to end up labeled creepy. I think the best place is community functions like the farmer's market, or a fair.

Public functions suggest her story. If she is at farmer's market on a Sunday morning with her child, with no man present and no "ring" on her finger, she is probably a good candidate. Or maybe she is a friend of a friend's and you know her story already, in these cases you should tell the friend to put in a good word for you.

Young MILF

So you know a Young MILF (young mother I'd like fucking) and now you want to know the score. Well know this: You are the last priority in her life - her child is the first priority and always will be.

So unless you want to take on a ready made family then I don't suggest you position yourself to becoming the "back-up" dad. You are not getting into this relationship to take over as the step-dad of the year; you just really want to have sex with a super hot chick who just happens to have a child or 4.

So slow your roll and know your place - you are a throw-away. There are only two types of guys out there, keepers and throw-aways. If you are not a keeper then you are the other. So don't get an ego just be the tool you are supposed to be. Single moms have a secret booty call list, don't think they don't - they want to get laid too and have to do it on the DL (down low) because of the peripherals.

Upon meeting a Young MILF make sure you give her your number! She has such a hectic schedule in her life that a few days may pass before she will pick up the phone but rest assured when she does "get a break" she is going to want to live it up and she may call you late or spontaneously when you least expect it. With a job and young child she may not have time to plan a date in advance she may just call you up and say, "Let's fuck". So make sure you give her YOUR number because I guarantee if you take hers you will never catch her at a "good time".

MILF Plan / No MILF Plan

What if, just what if you really like this girl and you want more than a just a Wednesday night screw? What if you dig her action and want more of her time? GO SLOW - it is always more work than you could ever guess. If you plan on dating her and only her you will undoubtedly set a precedent that she becomes used to. Then you become part of the family, running kid errands and even babysitting sometimes. You better ask yourself if that is on your "thing to do list" because once you play the role you become the character.

Your best PLAN is communication - she knows she has some baggage but don't we all? If she is just part-time then always tell her she is because she has to manage more than just herself. She might not even care about being part time if she knows that is what it is. In your communication - you should ask her about her child but don't spend your time together being a sounding board for her peripheral problems. Girls in this position (young with child) are sexually frustrated and your job is to UN-frustrate them.

Dating Young MILFs is about "release", because these bunnies don't get enough of it so when you see them or are around them you should act FUN. Fun is the place they will want to escape to when they have free time. Fun is what they will want when they call late or at all. Don't beat around the bush with these girls because they don't have time for it. If every time you bring up sex she brings up kids or the future then dump her. If every time you bring up taking her out and she says, "Let's stay in" then keep her. Some are looking for a new father for their child and some are looking for a guy they can call "daddy" just for the night.

Pick one out, give her your number, always be fun around her, be flirty and suggestive, don't make yourself always available for functions unless you know your getting sex, avoid talking about kids and future, don't buy gifts and never walk hand in hand with the kids present.

That is my system and the reason you don't do the last one is people may think it is your kid. If you dump her a week later and some chick you thought was hot saw you the week before, may pass on you, taking you out of the mix. So maintain your single identity at all times… unless you plan on making an honest woman out of her.


A Secret Women Know But Men Don't

I'd like to tell you a story...It's a story that you might find strangely familiar. Don't be alarmed.

Once upon a time, there was a man who was very attracted to a particular woman. At first, she was just another attractive woman... but the more he got to know her, the more he began to feel attracted to her... and the more time he spent with her, the more that attraction grew into a deep emotional attachment and affection for her.

But there was one problem. As his emotional attachment grew stronger and stronger, he also grew more and more insecure. Why? Because he couldn't tell whether or not she felt the same way towards him. Sometimes she would say things like "You are so important to me" and "I'm glad that you're in my life"... but nothing ever progressed past the "friendship" stage.

There was an occasional hug, an occasional kiss on the cheek from her... and once she even held his hand for a long time while he talked about an emotional issue. But something was wrong with the picture. She just wasn't acting like a woman that was "falling in love". She was acting like a friend.

The insecurity that he felt became a spiral that amplified itself... and the more insecure he became, the more afraid he grew of "screwing things up" by kissing her or asking her to be his girlfriend. Plus, the more insecure he became, the less time she seemed to want to spend with him.

After spending many days and nights obsessing over this girl, the man finally arrived at the conclusion that if she only knew how HE FELT, that she would feel the same way. So he made a bold move. He TOLD HER how he was felt. He confessed that he was in love, and that he would do anything to be with her. She looked at him with compassion in her eyes and said "Thank you... I really mean that... but I don't want to mess up our friendship... you're too important to me...". This only confused the man more. He didn't know how to take it...

Did it mean that she really loved him too, but that she was afraid of something? Did it mean that she wasn't ready for a long-term relationship? Did it mean that she didn't love him, but that she was trying to give him a hint? Did it mean that he hadn't tried hard enough? Did it mean that he needed to put everything on the line and REALLY let her know how he felt? He finally decided that he couldn't go on like this anymore... he had to be with her. He had to make sure that she knew just how much he wanted to be with her... so he took a big step, bought her a symbolic gift, and wrote her a long, long letter... again confessing his feelings. And then the unthinkable happened. She didn't reply. He called her three times a day for almost a week before reaching her. She made an excuse about being very busy, and said "I'll try to give you a call soon, I have to go"... and hung up...... but he never got a call back.

Over the following months, the man tried desperately to understand what went wrong... and what happened. THE END.

OK, I'm back. Now, wasn't that a sweet story? Heart warming, huh? I know, I should keep my day job, and not take up writing romance novels... Now, let's talk about that story. That story is basically a MYTH. And I'm not talking about FICTION here. I'm talking about a story that rings true for a great majority of men. A story that is timeless. A story that resonates at a deep level because you can IDENTIFY with it. And why does this particular story resonate for most men? Because we've all been there in one way or another... at one time or another... and many of us have been there OFTEN in our lives.

Another thing that gives this particular story a lot of power is the powerful negative emotions that it stirs... as a result of the powerful negative experiences that it reminds us of... Stories and situations like this one really FASCINATE me. They fascinate me because I see them as an opportunity to UNDERSTAND and SOLVE the puzzles that they represent.

In this particular situation I think there is a solution. And it lies in understanding a secret that women know but MEN DON'T. And that secret comes down to the reality that if a woman isn't ATTRACTED to a man, all of his attempts to confess his love, convince her to like him, and court her BACKFIRE. In other words, they not only DON'T WORK, they actually make things WORSE. In other words, the very things that a man does to try to make a woman LIKE HIM make her NOT like him. They make her run. All those great intentions and emotional dedication actual cause the man feeling them to do things that make her go away.

It sucks. And I hope that by explaining the process of how this happens to you I'll help you avoid this painful situation in your own future...


I'm always fascinated by the idea that we humans don't always understand the message that we're communicating to others... So often we think that because we WANT to communicate a message that others are going to NATURALLY understand what we're trying to say. Have you ever seen a guy in a foreign car that has wheels on it that cost more than the car itself... with his stereo blasting... and a muffler that somehow AMPLIFIES the raw sound of the 4-cylinder motor...? Have you ever thought to yourself "I don't think that car is communicating the message to women that he thinks it is"...? Yea, I have too.

Well here's the deal: If you do something to "let a woman know how you feel"... but she isn't ATTRACTED to you, then it's going to backfire. It's going to trigger a feeling that like to call the "Instant Ewww". The Instant Ewww is just as powerful as the physical and emotional response of ATTRACTION. Once a woman feels it, YOU'RE DONE. It's over. It's like hammering a RAILROAD SPIKE into the coffin. Once a woman feels the Instant Ewww, she will start behaving differently. In short, she'll disappear.

So where did I get the concept of the "Instant Ewww"? I got it from WOMEN. I have actually heard SEVERAL women use the word "Ewww" when describing how they felt about a guy that was "confessing his love"... of course, these were guys that weren't loved in return.

So what causes the Instant Ewww? And why would a woman feel it towards a man who was trying to be nice... a guy who was giving her a gift or telling her how he feels? Because if you think about it from HER perspective, you'll realize that the moment a you do something to "confess", you have created a TURNING POINT in the relationship. Up until that point, you were harmless.

I mean, women always know how men feel. She already knew you wanted her. She knew it from the beginning. But now that you've started pursuing her and talking about how you feel, you've created a NEGATIVE TENSION that is VERY uncomfortable. You've triggered an emotion that is repulsive to women. And it does repel them.

In summary... You can't "make a woman like you" or "change how she feels about you" by doing nice things for her... Doing "nice" things for a woman who isn't attracted to you HURTS you. It backfires. Worse, it creates the "Instant Ewww" feeling that makes it so she'll NEVER like you. Men make this mistake over and over again in life because they're doing what MAKES SENSE to them. They're doing it because they don't have an understanding of ATTRACTION.

I mean, If you have a friend, and you like them, and you want to make them like you more... and you do some nice thing for them, they will probably like you more. On the other hand... If you have a woman that you "like" in a romantic way, and she doesn't "feel it" for you, and you do something nice for her because you want HER to like you more, it will BACKFIRE... and she will not only NOT like you more, she will most likely distance herself from you.

Guys think that they need to communicate when they like a woman... as if that's part of the necessary process of getting a girl. In their minds, it goes like this: Like her > Tell her you like her > She likes you

Well remember... if you follow this pattern yourself with women who aren't ATTRACTED to you, then it's going to BACKFIRE. If she's not into you, then it goes like THIS: She thinks of you as a friend > You tell her you like her > She gets the "Instant Ewwws" and never wants to be around you again...


There are really TWO answers to this problem. The first answer is what to do if you're in a situation where you like a particular girl, but you don't know if she likes you back.

DON'T GET HEAVY WITH HER. Don't buy her a big gift and write a love letter... Don't send her ten dozen roses to her work with a not that says "From your secret admirer". Don't call her three times a day. And DON'T CONFESS YOUR LOVE for her. If you want to know how she feels about you, KISS HER. As a rule of thumb, don't get heavier than HER. Use SIGNALS from her to find out how she feels... and if you don't know how to read and create those signals, then LEARN. Asking a woman if she's interested in your in a romantic way, or if you are "her type" will actually DESTROY the chances that she'll like you. Really.

The SECOND answer is to not get into this particular situation in the FIRST PLACE. Avoid it entirely. And how does one do that? One does that by creating ATTRACTION from the beginning. One does that by understanding the dynamics of how and why women have the physical and emotional response of ATTRACTION triggered. One does that by knowing what you're doing FROM THE BEGINNING.

And what's the best way to learn THAT skill? I thought you'd never ask... The very best way to learn how to make women feel ATTRACTION for you is to get yourself a copy of my eBook, Double Your Dating. I've spent several years now studying the ways that men who are "naturals" communicate using their words, voice tone, and body language that makes them MAGNETIC to women. And I'll tell you... it's not magic. You don't have to be rich, handsome, or young. And you don't have to be LUCKY. What you DO have to do is LEARN. It's a skill, and I honestly believe that ANY man can learn it if he wants.

David DeAngelo

10 Tips For Frugal Daters

You have found a possible soul mate, but now you are worried of the cost of the whole wooing process because you?re on a thrifty budget. Well, do not fret over it because there are alternative ideas. It is possible to date with little or no cash flow and it can allow you to be creative while having a frugally fun time.

  1. Do some star gazing at a local college observatory. It is open to the public during the school year and it?s absolutely free.
  2. Feel one with nature. Have a picnic and explore a state or national park (admission is typically under $10 or free).
  3. See a music laser show at a planetarium for around $6.00.
  4. Check out a poetry reading or other events at a bookstore. Sometimes snacks or beverages are provided.
  5. Create a food themes night and cook each other a dinner and appetizer at home.
  6. Check out local arts festivals, craft fairs, flea markets or antiques fairs. Admission is typically under $10.
  7. Attend a beer or wine tasting. At less than $10 each, you get more buzz for your buck!
  8. Swing is back. Take a dance lesson and tear up the dance floor with the hottest moves. Often, the first lesson is free.
  9. Attend a student art show. Often the shows are free and refreshments follow.
  10. Rent your favorite movies or see an IMAX movie for under $10.


Creating A Great Singles Profile

You go through them, one at a time, looking for that special connection. You see some profiles that are very interesting to you, some that are not at all interesting, and then some that you feel you just HAVE TO get to know better.

What sets apart the HAVE TO MEET online dating profiles from your average or even bad profiles? Well, to some degree the answer is very individual, but there are many factors that you should try to include in your own profile to make it as ?must have? as possible. We?ve put together a few tips to help get you started.

A picture is worth a thousand personals searches

We are visual creatures. The fact is that attraction starts with a physical spark, and when I look at the free personals, I seldom even consider those without pictures. It?s not that everyone has to be a supermodel ? but there has to be some physical attraction to get things started ? maybe it?s a great smile, nice hair, beautiful eyes ? whatever makes you say ?I want to meet you? it starts with something in the look.

Because a picture is so important, be sure to have the right picture! Online daters agree that the best type of photo is a candid one (as opposed to a posed, studio shot) ? one that shows you doing something you love ?and preferably having fun at it.

Go for a photo that is flattering, but don?t make the mistake of using something for your singles profile that is five years old (unless you look the same as you did five years ago). There?s nothing worse than the ?sticker shock? of arranging a date, only to find out that the person you thought you were meeting looks completely different from how you expected him or her to look. A person will build a mental picture of you from your profile and your subsequent correspondence, if they meet you and the pictures don?t match up, chances are things will be over. Just be honest with the pictures.

The Best Profiles are honest and fun

Be yourself. Think about this thing for a while ? a bad profile is always a huge turn-off. Think about who you are and what?s important to you. Think about your best qualities ? but I stress, be honest. If you?re unsure as to your best qualities, ask your friends ? they will usually be happy to tell you what makes you most attractive.

Be clever, have fun with it and let your personality shine through. Your free online dating profile will be out there meeting hundreds of people on your behalf, so make sure it ?feels? like you.

Finally, if your language skills are not that good, or you are one of many of us who can?t spell, find a friend to proof-read! There are few bigger turn-offs than a dating profile that is full of errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. These things are easy to fix, and when not fixed can make you appear less intelligent than you probably are.

Now the Headline

Every good newspaperman knows that the pull of any piece is in the headline. Use your headline to show the unique you and evoke emotion.

Review other online dating profiles and write down the headlines that grab your attention, then craft your own accordingly.

It is important to really think about the image that you are putting forth when using online dating services. A well designed personals profile could make the difference in finding that special someone.