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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How To Ask A Girl Out

Why Timing And Chemistry Are The Two Most Important Keys To Getting A Date

Whether females know it or not they are like art work - breathtaking artwork. Some of the most beautiful women in the world or even in your neighborhood don't fully realize how captivated and paralytic men become in their presence.

Maybe it is infatuation or even lust or no less than pure appreciation of that beauty that puts us in a state of mind that vexes us and confounds us. What do I say to this person? How could I possibly start a conversation with her?

How to ask a girl out on a date can stress men out to the point of compulsive obsessive behavior. When you ask a girl out in many cases she already knows it is coming so timing is everything. But asking her out on a date is more than just asking, it is planning. You must plan not only the date but how you ask the girl out.

Getting A Date

Determining the way to ask a girl out is often made more difficult than it should be. It is not a production, it is a "question" and in some cases it is a "suggestion". Keeping it casual is important to her because if the answer is not what you want it to be then you both will be a little uncomfortable and you will have to become the best Academy Award winning actor in history as you walk with your tail between your legs on the walk of shame.

The HOW in asking a girl will do a lot with the WHEN & WHERE.

The how is simple: ASK.

Try to avoid the NO by making suggestions. Suggestions such as: "We should check that place out sometime" is not a question and does not require a yes or no answer. Another way is, "I love dancing what about you?" You can "suggest" many different ways of doing many different things in the same context. "Suggestions" are made when the target is "warm", which means you don't know for sure if they are on the same page as you and you want to find out. When you "suggest" and she likes the idea, she will jump on it right away.

If the suggestion does not sound appealing to her then you will know it from her reaction and you won't have to wear the shame of rejection because you did not really ask anything out right.

No Guts - No Glory

When getting a woman to go out on a date with you, its YOUR job not hers to ask, so don't wait for her to send you an email that says, "Hey doofus call me tonight at 8:00", because it ain't gonna happen genius. You are the dominant of the two sexes and even though we live in a liberated world where they allow women to vote, you must still open doors for her and ask her out.

The specific when is not that simple as the "how" because each of us is different and when we meet someone new, they are not the same as the last. It is as if each of us has a different combination to the solution. The WHEN for her however is going to be when it is SAFE. Understand that females always want to feel safe and secure even in the modest of moments. Putting her on the spot or pressuring her is the not the way to go.

Nor is doing it in front of strangers because you don't know what the relationship dynamic is in the group, you could potentially embarrass her in front of her religious parents and ruin the deal even though she is a total whore in the bedroom.

Where to go on a date or even where you will "suggest" you will go is dependant on what little you know about her and what you know about women in general. In general women like food and drink, they like a lively atmosphere, and they like to be TREATED.

So to backtrack a bit from how & when, an all encompassing way to ask her out should be TRADITIONAL. For instance: "I have really enjoyed talking with you, would you like to have dinner with me sometime?" That sentence covers it all; you have given her a compliment and asked her politely to share your company at your expense.

I've made it a point to watch a lot of old movies because back in the day men were polite when they would ask women out, such as the example above. Another way to be straight forward and spontaneous is skip the compliment and in the middle of general conversation simply interrupt with, "Would you have a drink with me this weekend?" as if you could not hold out to ask any longer.

See how we are covering the how, when & where of asking her out all at once? If not just read it again.

Asking Her Out

Asking a girl out on a date is not about formulas so much as it is about TIMING and CHEMISTRY. If you have chemistry right from the outset then timing won't even be as important. Timing is more about being in the right place at the right time to meet Ms. Rightnow before there is some one beats you to it. It will be the chemistry that tells you WHO the target is, WHEN and HOW to ask her out and WHERE to take her. So put on your best suit of confidence, wear a warm smile, and go hunting for hostages.


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