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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Swoop: How To Pick Up A Woman Surrounded By Guys

The Beauty Of This Move Is It Requires Only One Prerequisite - TIMING

The Swoop

As men we wear the moniker "hunter-gatherer". This means that the male species is EXPECTED to do the hunting, stalking and killing of their prey.

Laymen: You need to hit on chicks because you can not count on them to hit on you. Women are not oblivious to the Hunter-Gatherer theory and the millions they spend on cosmetics, hair and clothes is proof of that. The sweet fawns position themselves as dolls to be caught and played with.

This theory is important because today you will learn a technique that saves you time and money in the H-G continuum. This technique is referred to as the "swoop".

Think of yourself as the bald eagle that watches from above and waits to swoop down on un-expecting prey. This method is used by so many men who know "the game" and seize opportunities, not men who pace the floor at home saying, "I woulda, shoulda, coulda". The beauty of this move is it requires only one prerequisite - TIMING. Here at Seduction Insider you will find the intense skills of what to say, when to say it and most importantly - when to say nothing and watch. The latter is where we will start.

The Plan

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". That is a business credo that flows into your personal life as well. Here, your plan starts with "environment". You can not pull the swoop if you don't have prey.

The environment is a public place, party, bar, gym, and especially "the lake", where my editor is undoubtedly swooping on numerous victims daily. The environment must be "target rich" like the gym. I have a nationwide membership to 24 Hour Fitness and though I normally am against hitting on girls at the gym…it is okay only if you pull the swoop. The reason I think your LOCAL gym is not a good place to frequently hit on girls is because you don't shit where you eat; other gyms or locals I mentioned away from home are prime spots - including any bar.

Bring your confidence and maybe even inflate it a little because you will only get one chance to pull the swoop. That is the only drawback - in many cases the swoop is a "make or break" move and if you pull it again in the same environment too soon or too many times then you will "spoil the milk" and have to leave.

Since you really only have one shot per venue to pull the swoop there is no need to be in a rush. Now you know where to pull the swoop -- and it is time to tell you what it is you are looking for: You are looking for a girl who is getting hit on by a couple of guys, a group of guys or maybe some transient traffic surrounding her at the bar. THESE GUYS WILL BE YOUR AUDIENCE.

MRS (Most Recent Swoop)

My most recent swoop is a great example of how it is done. Earlier I mentioned my gym membership - my most recent swoop happened at 24 Hour fitness in the Bay Area. I was visiting family in The City (San Francisco) and when I was at the gym one afternoon I noticed the SWOOP setting itself up right in front of me.

A lovely brunette with wispy highlights and full red lips was working her abdominals (abs) in the abs section. Her body was so tight that no straight man on the planet could resist thinking what she might be like in bed. I actually lost concentration watching her - but it is was when I noticed the traffic of guys coming over to talk to her that I saw my chance.

When the third guy came over to talk to her I noticed he was a stud looking guy and had "game" with her and clearly had spoken to her in the past. What I noticed was NOBODY INCLUDING THE STUD was closing the deal. He actually came over more than once and even "I" was waiting for this guy to hit on her. His buddy came over to join in the "chit-chat" (this scene could have been at a bar) and that is when I did it.

I went to the front desk and wrote my name and number on a piece of paper and immediately approach the group and walk right up to the gal and say, "Hi my name is Jackson - staring at you working out is keeping me from my working out - I am only in town for a few days (hands her the note) maybe when you get done hypnotizing everyone at the gym you will let me buy you a cup of coffee".

EVERYONE WENT QUIET. For about a half second nothing was said and then she formed a smile behind blushing cheeks. She thanked me and they went back to talking - as I walked away I said, "I like your hair". She called two days later and we sat at The Grove on Chestnut Street in the Marina District and within an hour we "locked lips".

The swoop comes in different forms and has different time frames. For instance you can ask them for their number or they could call sooner. The best way though is literally cutting through your "audience" and showing her that you are showing them how it is done.

Someone does not even have to be hitting on her for it to work - for instance the grocery store line, a pool area in Vegas, boat to boat at the lake or any public venue that is target rich with onlookers. When you have the strength and poise to approach a female in front of others and make your move then you are showing her and telling them: confidence.

In fact this is probably the biggest display of confidence you can possibly show a women in a minute or less.

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