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Friday, September 22, 2006

Female Orgasm Techniques

How To Make Your Girlfriend Whimper With Intense Sexual Pleasure, Like Nothing She's Ever Experienced

Secrets To The Female Orgasm

As a member of the gender that is known as the Hunter-Gatherer, I am certain the only thing more exciting than making a woman whimper is making two women whimper from female orgasm (we'll save that for part two).

A woman who whimpers while love making or having an orgasm or even the dirtiest sexual marathon must be experiencing pleasure at a level where both pleasure and pain live simultaneously in harmony throughout her body and her mind.

The female body, like the female orgasm, and the wicked desires that lie within are no less than that of the common male. All the things we wish to do to them they most certainly wish we would as well. When a female gets to the point where she whimpers small sounds that seem uncomfortable and satisfying at the same time she might very well be close to orgasm and if nothing less you are definitely touching her the right way to induce such resonance from your sweet kitten.

Bring Your Female To The Point Of Orgasm

Your sweet princess needs you to be a man and take charge here because most whimpers of joy are at the hands of the man not the other way around. Her body is a temple that you will worship like a goddess, leaving no part of her untouched. Your hands, fingers and lips will explore so much of her that she feels like you are trying to devour her completely and you are. A man is a hunter and gatherer and that creature eats its prey.

The male hands and mouth are tools to taking her to female orgasm and making her yours: a whimpering and seduced nymph. Don't be afraid of her fragility and softness, it is there for you to treat yourself with. The shoulders of a female are ripe and ready to be bitten on and chewed on.

Her neck and shoulder area is a very sensitive area to the touch and she will squirm and at the same time she can not resist you - staying within biting and suckling range. Not so hard you hurt her or she coils away from you but to a degree where she leans into it and can't control the moans and whimpers erupting from her throat. That is your job as the man to take this from her.

Female Orgasm Reached Through Her Clitoris And G-Spot

You have only begun to explore her body at the shoulder and neck area and when you lift her sweet arms you will see the soft underside that is most sensitive to your warm mouth suckling on her. Treat every area this way with your mouth and hands… until you need to taste her.

You have already got her moaning and groaning with both desire and anticipation for what could possibly happen next. Slide your finger tip across her clitoris - it will be nice and moist by now. Gently rub it on the service with just your finger tip driving you both crazy for more to be touched. When that happens slide two (2) fingers at once inside of her and push deep the very first time you penetrate her. She will be nice and wet and be able to take you and she will let out a moan that feels as if she wants to cry with joy.

Tease her like this for a while, stroking in and out only infrequently so she is unable to get used to it and it feels new and fresh each time. Go nice and deep and probe with your finger tips to excite her. You have your superhero cape on now and it is time to rejuvenate yourself by putting your mouth on her and licking her.

Simply put your soft tongue tip on her clitoris and push down on it - when she thinks you are about to stroke it with your tongue - suck on her clit hard (no teeth) deep between your lips. She will let out a yelp as if she had just lost her virginity. You're on your way to reaching the female orgasm.

Now you are her hero (and mine) but Rome was not built in a day and you are not finished taking care of her needs. She must know what is before her now - with you manhandling her and licking her she knows you have a hard stiff cock right now and are dying to stab her between the legs with it - she needs you too.

Reach down and spread her lips WIDE and GENTLY put just the tip inside and let go of her lips - this will tease her madly and drive her insane with anticipation. Let her natural wetness get all over you and when you are very slick with her - drive down as deep as possible - "ball's deep".

Use Your Fingers And Penis To Penetrate Her

The moan of whimpering grumble will be deep as well with her head kicked back and mouth open wide as the orgasm takes hold of her. Now you must take her for more - pull out and without spreading her lips drive all the way from the tip to balls deep and at the same time grab a wad of hair from the back of her head real tight and give it a good pull when you "hit bottom".

She now knows she is getting royally laid and moaning every bit of the way through the palace.

When it is all said and done - the superhero and the man behind the cape will feel her total joy when she explodes on him. When you make her moan and whimper from the beginning to end of foreplay don't think she won't gasp aloud when she squirts all over you.

Remember, to get to the female orgasm you are the man and you can not be afraid of pleasing her. She is on your lap and grinding her little clitoris on you and making you sopping wet and you can tell from her motions and sounds she is about to come - you reach around at the point of her orgasms inception and slowly slide your finger in her back door and push a little more until she can't take it… take her there because she wants to see how far she can go before the explosion engulfs you both.

Dating Mistakes Men Make

Men make lots of mistakes when dating but as it is not an exact science then that's hardly surprising. What works with one girl, doesn't work with another and of course every situation is different. Having said that there are some common flourishes that men constantly make that doom them to a Titanic-like lifestyle of dating disasters.

Overall, much of what men get wrong are in the basic assumptions as to what they think women are thinking. Pre-guessing or second-guessing a woman is akin to gambling your entire life in Roulette number 27. You are highly likely to lose my friend. So what mistakes have you been making?

  • Numero uno, arrogance. Oh yes, you know who you are you arrogant fools. Bragging and boasting about your exploits, achievements, successes, popularity and possessions only makes a woman think you are a fool. How do you know she isn't more talented than you, she probably is.
  • Being flash with your cash. She is probably more career-orientated and successful than you and would be the major breadwinner if you got together so do no assume you are Mr. Rich unless you truly are. And if you are, a woman loves understated class and style, not a man who insists she drinks Crystal champagne by the bucketload and drives with him in a Ferrari to the supermarket. Ironically, being flash means you are more likely to remain single. You can sleep with your money instead.
  • Telling her you understand women. You don't and you won't and probably never will. So trying to emphathize should be terated with caution. She wants a man not another gay best-friend.
  • Getting your humor wrong. You may think you are due a season at the Luxor in Vegas but being a one man entertainer is somewhat subjective. Your audience may not be on the same wavelength (yet) and may not think you are as funny as you think you are. If you truly are so funny, take her to an open-mike comedy store and impress the entire audience and hope it rubs off on her.
  • Not listening to her. Conversation is a two-way process, not a CB radio with your finger permanently on the Speak button. Wise up and start listening to what she is telling you, because she may well be telling you the path to her heart. If you are talking, you are not listening!
  • Assuming you are so attractive. By all means love yourself before anyone else does, but vanity in men stinks. Good looking does not mean being sexy or attractive. If you are popular with the girls, let her work that out for herself.
  • Talking about ex's and in particular about old girlfriends in a bad way. One day she may be your ex and she doesn't want a preview of how you may talk about her to her replacement.
  • Revealing too much too soon. Do not open yourself up like an open book. Where is the mystery in that. She wants to not know what you're thinking but she wants to guess. She wants the challenge of finding out and making you hers, not being handed everything on a plate so that she knows every last detail about you. So keep quiet.
  • Looking at other women when you are with her. There is seriously nothing more unattractive than a man who checks out the competition whilst she is sitting opposite. Leave your glances at other girls until when she is well out of sight and not before.
  • Making comments about her in public may be funny and amusing and meant as a joke but she wants to feel adored and does not appreciate jokes about her ass, however accurate an observational comedian you are. Treat her like a princess and ensure she is walking on air when you drop her off.
  • Men are often far more boring than they think. If you let her do the talking then be witty and interesting in reply to keep her interest. Introducing her to plane spotting and your love of all things mechanical will make her eyes glaze over. Start becoming interesting right now.
  • Far too few men retain their enigma and are more available than they should be. A woman should want to get to know you but should work for it.
  • Lacking commitment and ambition are common mistakes that you give away all too easily. You may not want to be the next President but she wants to know she has made a major catch in you. At least you should have potential. I am not suggesting you lie, but I am suggesting you think about why she should think you are so special and work on it.
  • Listen guys, stop talking about sex. It comes across as if you are desperate. Trying to get her in the sack as if it was a WWF challenge won't work either. For women sex is subtle and comes in many forms and guises so start learning about what she wants and try and detach yourself from your balls.
  • If she encourages you to talk about sex, do anything you can to avoid it. You must retain your enigma and be a challenge for her or you will fail.
  • The woman of your dreams is a free spirit and deserves to be treated as such, and not as your possession. She doesn't owe you anything so the merest hint of possessiveness and she is gone. Stop being so dumb when it comes to self-confidence. If she loves you, she will stay, if you don't deserve it, she will leave. Simple.
  • Oh and by the way, you can be all these things and be nice too so get the check.

by Ian McNeice

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Be a Man and Take Control

A few weeks ago Michael Stoute and myself did a Podcast titled "The Lost Art of Being a Man." The podcast was all about going back to basics and being more of a man to not only help you in attracted women, but to help you in life. I got a lot of questions regarding more examples so I thougth this might help!

Its very interesting to see how much girls expect us to take initiative. Just watch them in clubs when they stand in circles with friends and pretend to have fun, waiting for something to happen.

In reality, they are there waiting for someone to approach them and sweep them off their feet. Its what they dream of. You need to change your beliefs,about girls playing an active role when it comes to seduction and sex. The less you expect from her, and the less she has to do in seduction process, the stronger your game will be. You will be much more successful when you take control. Girls adore guys who take control of the interaction and the relationship.

Let me explain exactly what you need to do to become like this:

  1. Never ask for permission when you decide to do something, ie, Would you like to dance? Would you like to sit over there?, etc.
  2. When you are in a situation with a girl where a decision needs to be made, take the lead and decide for her. Example: You are not sure if you want to go to dinner or movie. Pick one. Dont ask her which she wants to do or what restaurant she likes. She wants to follow your lead. She wants you to be the man in the relationship.
  3. When she is uncomfortable in a situation, take control and make the changes required to make her feel comfortable. Example: You are making out with her, but you can feel that the people around are making her feel uncomfortable. Take the lead and move her to place where she feels more discreet.

Another example: You are picking her up in a bar and you stand and talk for 45 minutes. Everything is going good, but if you do a quick body scan and notice she is wearing high heels. Trust me, it hurts to stand for three hours in those shoes but you will rarely hear that from a girl. Say, Hey lets go sit down there... Itll be more comfortable. You will rarely hear a woman make that suggestion. Thats your job.

You need to pay attention to how she feels all the time. Dont ask her because you will get the wrong answers. Instead, keep checking her body language and try to sense how she feels. Get good at reading womens subcommunications. Watch, listen and be aware.

Every so often ask yourself, Does she feels okay right now with me? What I can do to make her feel even more relaxed and comfortable?" It will pay dividends.

When I say be a leader, thats exactly what I mean. Pay attention to the people around you, lead them and make them feel the best in every situation possible. If you see it hurts her to stand in high heels, dont ask " Would you like to sit down?" because she will p robably say no because her friends are over here, she doesnt want to seem like shes being picked up, or some other reason. Instead say, Lets go over there and sit down. She will follow because its simpler to follow than to decide and she REALLY wants to sit down. You havent forced her to make a decision and by taking a little initiative, youve isolated the girl from her group to a better seduction location.

Using the same principle Its 2 AM, and of course after clubbing everyone is hungry. All you need to say is, Hey, Im hungry, lets get some food. You can keep me a company, and you are halfway home. If you ask her, Would you like to get something to eat, she will think of a million reasons why she shouldnt. Take the lead!

If you develop emotional intelligence, recognize how she feels, and have the courage to be a man who takes initiative, you will become the man that that those girls are standing around waiting to meet. When you take control of all your interactions, your results will improve dramatically.