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Thursday, August 31, 2006

How To Get A Date With That Hottie

Once You Plan To Hit On Her, Follow These Steps To Reel Her In Fast

How many times a month do you frequent the same hair stylist, grocery store, drug store, coffee shop, tanning salon, gym, doctor's office, restaurant or other service and see that sweet hottie that is always so nice to you? You see her and she always treats you like a king with a big smile and you get the vibe that maybe -- just maybe -- you could make a move.

The only problem is that you don't want to misconstrued "niceness" for "horniness". How do you find out if she is single without blowing your whole wad at once? The best way is to ask questions.

The number one question you don't ask is, "ARE YOU SINGLE?"

The reason you do not ask this question is because it makes you look like a collegiate amateur. Why not just walk up and say, "I have a boner - do you want it?"

This question may break you for another reason. What if she is "not" single but really just wants to sleep with you? If you ask that question you alienate her because she would have to admit that fact to you and that might be an uncomfortable conversation. When a girl asks me if I am single I always say, "For the sake of this conversation I am."

Don't elimidate your prey with something so direct.

Feel With Words

So here is the approach: If you are a regular at any of the above mentioned venues such as a gym or salon the first thing you need to do is check the temperature of the water. Remember, this might take a few visits to pull off so don't be impatient. You have to do this right so that if you two never "connect" then at least she won't cringe when you show up in the future.

Just try to stay focused on always being "yourself" the same "self" that she likes smiling at - don't change your personality unless it is to merely "smile more". This is important because it may be your "simple" charms that get her attentions and keep them.

The way you go about it is - once you plan to "hit on" her, do it slowly in stages.

The first time you open the gate a little will be with questions about her JOB. The reason you ask about here job is because many of the professions mentioned can have high turnover. If she is quitting her job or leaving soon she might become an even better target and you can speed up your time table.

If she is quitting or leaving that location it does not matter if you strike out because she won't be there to rub it in - a new girl will. So now if she is not leaving the job it is an opportunity for you to learn a little about her - THE MORE INFORMATION YOU KNOW ABOUT A WOMAN THE MORE SHE THINKS YOU ARE LISTENING - THIS IS A GOOD THING.

On the next visit - try to see her AFTER the weekend so that you can ask her, "how was your weekend?"

This will be the first opportunity for her to tell you whether she has a boyfriend or not. If she is close with her boyfriend, then more than likely they spent the weekend together and she will tell you about it. It also may turn into a bitchfest of complaints regarding "what her boyfriend doesn't do". Make sure you don't become a "sounding board" for her problems or she will see you as the sympathetic ear and not the hard cock.

If you don't get anything from that conversation regarding her "single status" then on the next visit (OR IF YOU RUN INTO HER IN PUBLIC) ask her, "What's new?" If she doesn't say anything interesting - compliment her in a roundabout way by saying, "Someone as beautiful (or fun or cool etc.) as you should have dates lined up." If her response sounds like she needs a date then maybe; just maybe now is the time to ask her.

If her response is murky and includes suggestions she is not in a "satisfying" relationship then you might have to go one more round with flirting and priming. That next round might include a question like, "Have things gotten better"? For which you will respond, "Because I would love an attempt at making you smile." Suggestions are always better than uncomfortable direct questions.

At this point you should have a very good idea what she does, who she is seeing, for how long and if she is happy. If you can't feel a vibe "one way or the other" at this point then she is either playing with your head, she's an emotional wreck, or you're an idiot. If you do it right and she doesn't bite than I would bet on number two of those three.

You never have to ask "Are you single?" because many women (especially those attracted to you) will let you know in their actions and the stories they tell. If you go to one of these places mentioned and a girl YOU are attracted to asks YOU if you're single then forget everything I said, look at her, say YES.


Anonymous said...

this is probably the worst fucking advice Ive ever read..dude seriously have you EVER gotten laid using this strategy? and if so how fucking long did it take? seriously

Anonymous said...

this is shit...seriously

Health News said...

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Anne-Marie Clulow said...

I started researching this stuff on the net because it's fascinating to see the games we all play. I'm a tantric therapist ( research it) and know that a woman's sexuality is actually much stronger than a mans. A man we worked with once started using the technique of expanded orgasm as a pick up line, saying "I know a technique that can have you in an expanded orgasmic state for over an hour, would you like to try it? I could give you 50 bullshit lines, or we could have a drink and a chat about this?" of 10 women he approached, 2 would be interested. And the secret? He NEVER fucked them on the first experience. He gave them pleasure using a fairly simple technique that you won't find anywhere in average porn that ups a woman's sexual energy, and then...
Yup. Patience..lol..
I'm a woman, and am loving finding out what men really think and feel. This is the best way to learn.
Most men want more sex
Most women want more pleasure ( sexually) and do not know how to communicate that with their partner because they can't damage his ego.
Most men who are willing to let go of their sexual egos and learn and communicate have a lot more sex
After all, why are you guys here?
Because you are willing to learn.
I love having sex, I don't get as much as I would like.. But.. I'm not going to bother with someone who is not giving me pleasure anymore. Why? Because I want pleasure for its own sake, not because I want to trap you or get you to love me etc.
Maybe a little more honesty in your approaches combined with assurance? The assurance is that you are genuinely interested. And if you weren't? Why you want to just fuck somebody that you weren't interested in at all. Rather pay for it, no manipulation.

Alex Funnell said...

Maybe because you were to scared to try this "shit".

Abigail Gonzalez said...
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