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Saturday, September 02, 2006

How To Start A Conversation That Gets Her Thinking 'Sex'

Breaking The Ice Is A Challenge - Making Her Hot For You Is An Even Bigger Challenge

Jump Starting Conversation

Sometimes not even a hammer with a lead ball at one end and a spike at the other is enough to "break the ice" in conversation with someone. The task can be even harder when you are trying to add some "juice" to the dialogue and get her in a looser mood.

Various settings will require various approaches but all the approach models out there contain something that is first and foremost in your tкte-а-tкte. This element will be something she will notice before you speak and the entire time you are in her presence.

This element that will precede ANY and ALL approaches to a female is: POISE.

Conversation Starters

Poise is more important than anything else because poise will help your chances of getting invited to the party so to speak. So before I throw you a few "ice breakers" pay very close attention because BODY LANGUAGE is an ice breaker and it is the first one she will see.

What ever the setting may be - work, school, frat parties, cocktail lounges, movie theater lines, coffee shops or even the Laundromat you must maintain "poise" at all times. It is in these abstract places you are most likely to meet someone you have chemistry with and have to act fast. But if you are giving off a cool vibe of confidence, positive energy and detachment you will attract many women.

Confidence: Assured (not cocky) behavior that suggests both experience and knowledge. Positive Energy: You project a good mood with jocular enthusiasm - courteous and smiling. Detachment: If there are 10 girls in the room you act as if you care about all equally and none.

These combined qualities are POISE. You walk with head high and shoulders back, with what I call "a Marine's confidence". You look her (and everyone) right in the eye when you speak as well as when you listen. You project - MAN…GENTLEMAN.

Be Invited Into Conversation

Getting noticed out there in the cattle that roam the hills that are the single life can be difficult. Having poise is the key to you getting noticed in all the abstract settings I mentioned earlier. That is literally half the battle; getting noticed. When YOU get noticed you help the onlookers or potential targets to sift them selves out of the game. Meaning: If you are attractive and show poise, you will undoubtedly get noticed by the girl who wants you to notice her. When she sends off this signal, then you are officially getting invited to the party.

Walk right up to her with smiles abound and say, "If you keep flirting with me I will make YOU buy dinner" or "I noticed you are always here when I am washing my boxers (Laundromat)". Say something FUNNY or something CLEVER that is a bit flirty. They sound corny but if you make a joke suggesting you two at dinner or in your boxers she HAS TO THINK ABOUT IT. If you make her think about it from the word "go" then she will always be thinking about it.

For kicks in the summer time (I am in better shape then) when I see a hot chick who is staring at me but won't approach, I will smile at her and then pull my shirt up as to "flash" her like girls do to guys…they think it is hilarious and always say something to ME. I do it in public or wherever and "you talk about an icebreaker…"

I know you saying, "How can I show poise when I am flashing some chick to start a conversation?" Poise gets there attention, laughter or joy keeps it. Everyone wants to have fun and when they have fun they smile more and open up.

Project Confidence

I once went to a coffee shop where a beautiful girl studying alone checked me out as I walked in. There were no other people in the cafй and when I got my hot chocolate and newspaper I came over to her table and said, "Do you mind if I share your table?"

She did not know what to say, and offered me a chair. I said, "Thank you" and then read the paper as if she were not there, it was about 10 minutes before she said, "So what do you do?" She started the conversation solely by how I projected myself, making my job that much easier. Poise, a combination of confidence, detachment and positive energy is the best way to get invited to the conversation, after that your focus should be on having a good time without being too aggressive. You can project sexy verbal stimuli to her solely by subtle words and suggestions.

I once walked up to a girl and said "Bon Jour Mademoiselle". She immediately replied in French and asked me a question. We both went silent and then asked in English if I spoke French, I said, "No, what you gave that idea?" I don't speak French but for that split second she thought I did. She felt I had poise and when she realized I did not speak French she knew I was funny and flirting with her. DOOR OPEN.

The best party to go to is the one you are invited to, you will always have the most fun. Poise and a good sense of humor are like dressing up for the party and they are your social skills when you arrive.

Make starting conversation with women easy. Make women want to talk to you.



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