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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Social Proof: Why do I need it?

Building social proof helps reduce a player-like image, and may significantly help in getting approach invitations from girls…

Some players can be seen walking around the venue, eyeballing all the women and looking for a good one to approach. This behavior looks predatory, and is quite transparent to the people in the crowd. Similarly, some guys may be seen standing in a group, peering around at the field. If they don't look like they are having a great time together, if they aren't hanging out with girls, if they aren't running a set ...then they will start to lose social status. When one of them finally does open a set, he may discover that opening is more difficult in environments where he has negative social proof.

Whereas a venusian artist, rolling in with his wing, is not going to be looking around at the people in the crowd. Rather, he's going to be talking to his wing, and it will appear as if they are two high-value guys having a great time together.

If he were looking around the venue, especially with a serious expression on his face, it would telegraph that he is looking for something more fun and of more value than the spot where he already is. But he isn't. He believes that the most fun and valuable spot in the field is his own spot, his own reality - and he is congruent with that.

Women are searching for a man whose reality is more fun and more valuable than their own. You must be congruent with the value that you have to offer, and it must be apparent to the room. Follow the three-second rule, and you will be in set much more often, resulting in higher social proof.

It's interesting that whenever you have more social proof, you will get noticeably more occurrences of proximity. Girls will also give you other approach invitations, such as making eve contact. Remember that it's not necessary (nor is it necessarily desirable) to wait around for AI (approach invitations,) because with practice, a venusian artist can consistently open sets even without AI.


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