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Friday, September 08, 2006

5 Signs She’s Turning You Into A Man-Friend

Women are known to be terrible, evil, creatures- and we are, although not completely intentionally. The intentionally evil women out there are known as bitches- fair enough. But the most evil thing we women do without meaning to, is to take a man who’s falling for us and place him in that permanent “friend” category. Once you become a “friend” you stay a “friend”, forever. Now there are a FEW exceptions out there, I’m sure, but for about 99% of the “man-friends” out there, don’t get your hopes up. This being said- women LOVE man-friends. We adore them, we need them.

A man-friend is almost better than any lady friend and will be used a whole lot more in the advice and venting department. A man-friend is someone we complain to about the jerks in the world, who we expect to be honest and to flatter us unconditionally, to give us advice whenever we call (we call them often) and to never try to woo us because they are our man-friend and must stay that way.

Right from the moment you meet a woman, she will have classified you in her mind as “date” or “future man-friend”. If she is interested in you from the start and something goes awry in the process, you can become a man-friend. The tricky thing about man-friends and dates is that a woman will string a guy along just enough to make him a man-friend while it appears she is actually interested in him. All women will deny this “I’m just being nice!He knows we’re just friends” but the truth is, the only real difference in her actions most of the time is in her mind. And since you’re not her man-friend yet, you have no idea what she’s thinking.

This is what makes man-friends like gold to us, they understand us, and since we don’t want to lose someone who understands us so well, we really make sure not to get involved romantically with them.

Allright, here are some signs that will tell you if she’s just itching to make you her man-friend.

5. She Insists On Paying Her Half

She won’t pay for the entire bill, but she’ll always pay her half. She doesn’t want to owe you anything, and friends don’t pay each other’s parts of the bill unless it’s a special occasion. So if right for the get-go she makes sure she covers herself financially then she probably is telling you she wants you to be her friend.

4. She Doesn’t Flinch if You Check Out Another Girl

In fact, she might even compliment your eye-catching female. Compliment you in the way your mom might “Oh, she looks nice” or “she seems like your type”. If your woman doesn’t care about you checking other girls out, or is very comfortable with her female friends flirting with you, chances are she’s just not interested. It’s important to note that she might not be interested in you, but it will seem like it. She’ll be smiling and laughing and *totally* into you, but if you return any of the same signs of affection she’ll back off leading us to…

3. She Has Mini-Freak Outs When You Get Too Close

Sure, she might hug you or touch your hands and arms when you’re talking and together, but try anything like that with her and she gets cold. See a man-friend is someone we can flirt shamelessly with without having to worry if he likes us or not- he’s not supposed to. The man-friend is supposed to be a good sport and just take the flirting and know that it won’t lead anywhere. When women flirt and get cold they are trying to train their new acquaintance to be a man-friend “take all the flirting I do with a grain of salt- if you react I will stop, if you don’t I can continue”. She will also have big freak-out sessions if you declare any sort of romantic interest in her. First she might just give you the “I like you… as a friend” speech.

2. She Tell You How Much She Appreciates You

Now when on earth has a woman said that you are very important to her in the beginning dates or stages of a relationship?If she’s head over heels for you, she WILL NOT allude to any sort of future or dependence on you. She knows guys tend to get wierded out by immediate displays of attachment, and she wouldn’t risk chasing you away by admitting to something like that if she liked you. The Man-Friender, however will tell you many things like that. If you’ve heard one of these statements before, chances are, you’re becoming a man-friend.

  • “I feel so comfortable around you. You’re like a brother”
  • “Before you, I didn’t have anyone to confide in”
  • “I’m so glad we’re friends” (BIGGEST SIGNAL OF ALL)
  • “You remind me of my old friend, Kevin; we used to get along so well”
  • “You’re such a good friend to me, what would I do without you?”

Obviously anything that emphasises FRIEND or BROTHER indicates MAN-FRIEND.

1. She Calls You

If she is interested in you, she’s inevitably going to be playing all sorts mind games and other silly dating games (letting the phone ring twice before she picks up, letting it go to voice mail, not accepting dates unless they’re planned for three days in advance- article on her games later). One clear sign that you’re becoming a man-friend is that she starts to call you early in the dating game. Be EXTRA weary if she starts calling you just to chat, and not to set up any sort of date. If she sets up a night date then maybe you just have a very forward girl. Lunch dates are not “I want you, you sexalicious man”. Lunch dates are “I want to complain and have some company”, be weary of lunch dates.

So those are some of the easy signs, my male readers. Also be aware that some of the more evil women out there will seduce men in order to build herself an army of man-friends. My suggestion for you men who are becoming man-friends and don’t want that is to stop letting her. If she flirts, you should turn cold and have her then start to want you. If she calls, tell her you’ll call her back. Try to regain the date position in the relationship, other than that, you might as well move on to another girl who won’t take up your time and toy with your emotions for nothing.

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Anonymous said...

That just happened to me. wish i could have seen this article about 6 months ago and saved myself some time

Anonymous said...

If she is interested in you, she’s inevitably going to be playing all sorts mind games and other silly dating games (letting the phone ring twice before she picks up, letting it go to voice mail, not accepting dates unless they’re planned for three days in advance-

Hah! If that happens, its over right there. Silly chick, you blew your chance by wasting my time. You've obviously mistaken me for a schmuck. Buh-bye!

Anonymous said...

Your English is terrible.

seduction said...

Hey buddy =] While I love that you liked my articles and are linking to them- you shouldn't post the entire thing! Please repost the two that you've linked to. The first paragraph or two can be in your blog but the rest should only be able to be seen once they go to my blog =] Thanks! I expect this to be changed within the next two days.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm exactly in this boat right now; it was interesting reading this.

Anonymous said...

wrong - I say "youre such a good friend to me" constantly to a friend of mine that I am in complete l lust with.

Innovations said...

And you know whats messed up about all this? That the "man friend" may really like you, and you arent even willing to give it a shot. Yet the guy she DOES have the hots for is a total asshole who only has sexual interest in you. And if he's in a band, especially a black or death metal band, forget it.
Sure its nice to be appreciated by a pretty gal and even considered a confidant, but that can be quite insulting when you see the guy she is glued to. I recently told a girl that I am not a nice guy when she told me i was a nice guy lol. Because i already knew the minute she called me a nice guy that the show was over. So where does that leave us? Do we have to pretend to be jerks just so you can have a romantic interest?

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Anonymous said...

ya i think this is happeing to me but part of the way not idk maybe she juss is wasting my time idk i hope not but w.e this helped me some

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot for this beautiful post. I too have faced such a girl, but finally, we turned out to be enemies.Neither she loved me nor let other girls come near me. She took a great revenge after I straight forwardly rejected her friendship.
I congratulate you for your truthfulness, because very rarely a woman will accept this truth.

Anonymous said...

Women play dating games when they are interested, to keep a man interested. We know you love the thrill of the chase, we do it to give you that thrill and hope you'll fall in love with us in the process. This stuff has been passed down through the ages. Our grandmothers told our mothers who told us. You're very silly not to play along if you like a woman.

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