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Thursday, September 07, 2006

How To Make Her Laugh

"If you want to get into a girl's pants, make her laugh."

I once heard a supermodel on Oprah say, "If you want to get into a girl's pants, make her laugh."

This is the best advice for every man out there because she did not imply the guy had to be rich or tall or even talented he just has to be funny. If you can make a girl laugh you will not only keep her attention on you but that attention will be joyous and positive. When a woman is laughing she is not thinking about your motives or even how you dress, she is thinking about what a good time she is having with Y-O-U.

I can tell you how to act silly or be jocular to get her attention but it is really more about "SENSE OF HUMOR" that defines our comical genius. My particular comical genius is SARCASM. Many guys use QUIPS or COMEBACKS but those are too reliant on the humor of others to produce any originality that could be used in her presence alone.

Sarcasm is TRUTH based humor that usually CONNECTS people by experience. If you don't know how to be sarcastic correctly you will sound SYNICAL and ANGRY so make sure you understand the first rule of making ANYONE laugh is... TIMING.

Stand Up Bar Comic

Timing is everything and when you are in a bar or nightclub there is almost an "anything goes" attitude anyway. Here is my FAVORITE move at the bar - bar none… get it… at the bar, bar none… anyway.

I enter the scene and order a drink but I don't sit down. If I see a hot chick or two at the bar I wait until I see a guy approach them to hit on them. As soon as this goes down I walk over and stand right next to all of them (the girls don't notice until you are right up on them because the guys are distracting them).

As I stand there I watch their "game" go down and it makes them a little nervous*. When they strike out I just stand or sit down right were the guys were and face the other way. The girls will inherently start talking about the "strike out squad" - opening the door for me to make some sarcastic comments to follow.

*Never try to put another guy down to make you look good - if he is funny laugh at his jokes - don't be competitive like the girls are.

This bar opportunity effortlessly opens the conversation between me and the other girls. It is as if they will "open the show" for you. Now the way you keep it going is to joke and jab at her a little bit. One thing I love to do is TEASE a girl and get her to laugh at herself.

If she has a nice purse, ask her if it is a "knock-off". If you can learn how to make a compliment a funny jab you can make her laugh. I told a girl one time, "You have really pretty eyes, too bad they are so close together". She laughed her ass off.


Humor is the shortcut to attraction - if a girl is "on the fence" about whether she wants to sleep with you or not the tipping point will come if you can make her laugh. Humor is comforting and consuming. When people are laughing they have there guard down and don't think about the superficial things that has kept them single or picky to begin with.

When women laugh they are so at ease that this is truly the moment when "looks" don't matter. Look at Woody Allen - he was married to Mia Farrow in her prime. Now she is not that hot but she is hella hotter than what Woody deserves by his looks.

His comic genius being NEUROTIC and that behavior is hypnotizing to some women - especially smart ones. YES IT IS TRUE! Women need to be stimulated mentally and humor is greater to them than any book or play or TV show or even cooking a lavish meal. So if you can hit that nerve then you will have her ATTENTION. Attention from a female is the number one thing she can give you.


Your comic genius is YOUR comic genius and you can not mimic that of others. Find your comic voice and then play the NUMBERS GAME. Some chicks will think you are funny and some won't so be sure to LISTEN to the feedback because that will shape your comic voices.

If two chicks tell you that the joke you told about the farmer and the Jew was not funny then…it's not funny, don't tell it a third time. Don't try to be something you are not…if someone laughs at something you said - remember it might have been "HOW YOU SAID IT" as much as what you said.

Now... Shut Up!

There is a time to be funny and a time not to be funny. There is a time to talk and time to be quiet. Don't be the "talk of the town" or the "town clown" because you don't want a reputation for being nothing other than a wise-cracking-loudmouth. You want to be known as a savvy guy who gets some action. Some remember NOT to be the old phrase, "All talk and no action".

Once you get her laughing and you think she is hot and bothered and ready for your sex then do what any other red-blooded American man would do... log on to SeductionInsider.com and find out how to close the deal. Ha-HA you thought I was going to tell you how to screw her? You idiots, now you are making me laugh!


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