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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How To Seduce Your Ex's Friend

So you just broke up with your girlfriend and now you want to nail her hot friend who you have been flirting with even when you were with your ex.

It is not impossible but it takes some fine tuning before you dive right in. When trying to seduce your ex's friend make sure you are not in a hurry or you will spoil the whole pot of friends that she has.

Make sure you pick a hot friend or one that was/is competitive with your ex-girlfriend. Women are very competitive and this increases your chances of getting the girl based on their obsession to "outdo" each other.

Don't screw around with her slutty friends because that is too easy and that is what she expects you to do. If you are gonna steal jewelry make sure it is worth something.

Become Friends

The first thing you will do with the friend of your ex is invite her out to a function, gathering, party, get together or some venue where many other people will be there to share in the festivities. This shows her you see her as a person in the group or in the circle of friends, quickly establishing that you could possibly invite her in the future to other functions.

If you invite her out to two or three of these situations and she has a good time she will feel safe around you and that will open the door to inviting her "solo" to something… like your lap.

When you are out in a group make sure you are not hitting on any other girls but flirting with all of them so she will not have any idea what your status is and yet she will be curious why you have not hit on her. And don't hit on her! Not at the party or initial functions anyway. All this will show your ex's friend that you might not be a bad guy after all but fun and charming. Make her feel safe with you.

When a girl feels safe and charmed, you on your way in!

Special Attention

If you don't have the opportunities to get her into parties etc… then you must find opportunities to give her special attention. Do you know where she works? Do you know her favorite coffee shop? Do you know what she likes to do when she is not working? You will need this information because you DO NOT WANT TO CALL HER THE FIRST TIME YOU MAKE A MOVE. When you call there are too many opportunities for her to have to get off the phone and you won't be able to flirt with facial and body language.

Show up to her work, especially if it is a retail or restaurant job and act like you just stumbled in there. When a girl is in the "service" position is much more vulnerable to your charms. She knows she has to kiss your ass and laugh at your jokes until the tip comes, so make it fun. When you come into her work the next time bring her something (NOT FLOWERS) like a piece of chocolate or something simple, maybe a CD she likes and tell her that you remembered she likes that band or chocolate - she will dig this (make sure she has shown interest in you first, your goal with this move is to increase that interest level).

In the early stages of the game she will most likely know what you are up to and if at any time she says, "You used to date my friend; I don't think we should date." You simply respond with, "I am not trying to date you I am trying to seduce you." You will set the precedent immediately that she has an opportunity to act on her sexual feelings because all you really want to do beyond those parties and chocolate and CDs is screw her brains out or have her blow you like a trumpet.

The last major move to get her attention is blatantly telling her you want to take her to dinner. All women love to eat and public places could not be safer for her. Tell her that too. If she is hesitant about saying yes tell her how the public location will keep you from mauling her and it is an opportunity for her to spend some of your money on food for her. She will then reiterate, "This is not a date", for which you will reply, "I will tell you at the end of the date."


Now you have a date with your ex's girlfriend and you want to go from A to B as soon as possible. You have got to take her somewhere that has nothing to do with your ex or her's either. You have to talk the talk now and make sure you don't pull any tricks that your ex may have told her about because that will make her feel weird.

Stay focused on you two and if things heat up GO TO HER PLACE if possible. If she goes to your place there might be reminders of your ex which will undoubtedly turn her off - unless she is a total slut (we talked about that earlier). So if you are going to bang your ex's gal friends just avoid being creepy and act like a guy completely different from the one that your ex knows - because that is what she knows. Keep bangin'.


yEeE said...

dude this made me fucking die of laughter and thanks buddy ..

"i'm not trying to date you, i'm trying to seduce you"


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