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Thursday, October 05, 2006

How To Create Attraction

Discover The Traits That Create Attraction - Then Use These Traits To Pick Up Women

Traits That Trigger Attraction

Someone once told me that a man's attraction to a female is 80% physical. I disagree - I believe initially it is 100% physical... though the percentage changes to other categories the longer he knows her.

Men are wired a little differently than females because as much as females love an attractive man - they seek a "good" man or a man of substance and character. The longer they get to know the man he becomes more appealing or attractive to her physically because he is attractive to her mentally.

Physical attraction is hardwired in the brain with many people who have a "TYPE". If your type is a blonde with big boobs then she will always get your attention and you will seek or hunt that "type". If you like the intelligent type then you might be attracted to good looks that are accompanied by "intelligent looks".

Certain personality traits signal or trigger attraction to the opposite sex like for instance charm or charisma. These characteristics - charm & charisma can not be seen necessarily but are felt by the other person and are massive contributors to feeling attraction but more importantly CREATING ATTRACTION.

Build It... She Will Come

You can make yourself more attractive in the obvious and traditional sense as well and actually you should start right there. If you hang out at places where guys where nice shirts then you should probably make sure that you have a nice shirt.

I am not saying you have to be materialistic but you must give yourself some style if you want to stand out in a crowd. With that said - being in top physical shape is going to increase your attraction factor considerably.

Dressing nice all the time is great but if you look great UNDRESSED that is even better for creating attraction. Females want a guy who takes care of himself and works out. Working out takes discipline and stamina - two things you can't go without in a relationship. That makes you a good candidate right away. If you are in shape and you dress well then that is a BONUS.

Creating attraction is like creating ATMOSHPHERE - If you can create an atmosphere that is conducive to easy communication and comfort for her then you will see her respond. Women might notice you if you are tall dark and handsome but she will notice you more if you are smiling and appearing to be having a good time. Women inherently want to smile and have fun so when the see others and most especially men in a jovial or jocular mood - THAT is a fun atmosphere.

Think about this in the world of interpersonal relationships, flirting and creating attraction: (example) Imagine standing in the grocery store line and there is a girl behind you - if you keep turning around and staring at her even with a smile without saying anything she will think you are creepy.

* Now on the other hand if you offer to let her go ahead of you in line it will be her who has to thank you as well as do the "turning around". That is a small example of how to Create Attraction from a tiny social situation.

The way to determine how to do what I just stated in EVERY situation is to think to your self as it happens what would be most beneficial to her and how can you change the ATMOSPHERE to a more congenial setting.

Throw A Party

Want to really turn it up notch in the attraction laboratory then "throw a party". I like to throw parties occasionally and I will go out of my way to invite females that I "just met". A party is a place where they can bring their friends to party with them so they feel comfortable going and they know there will be other guys there as well. A party is a place where all the singles can mingle and there is NO PRESSURE on anyone to do anything other than…party.

Social gatherings CREATE ATTRACTION for everyone because you feel like you are surrounded by like minded people looking to do the same things as you. You can get a feel for how much they drink or how loud or how cute their laugh is and see if they are a big flirt or just a big flirt with you.

If you are unable to throw a party then make sure that if you get invited to one you don't turn it down. Females go to parties to have a great time - hopefully it will be with you.

It is not your responsibility to be the life of the party all the time or to be the best looking guy in the room or the best dressed all the time. That will be attractive to some but not all for the right reasons - your responsibility is to take each woman individually and deal with her one on one without a premeditated script.

Treat her like you would your sister and make her laugh like your best friend and she will want to know everything about you. Be you and don't compromise to impress anyone.

Creating attraction should come naturally to both you and the person you are feeling it with. Never force attraction because it will never work out. For instance, if you have to convince someone you are worthy of a date then they will always being questioning if you are worthy of a date.

If you go with the flow and make your self polite, accessible, charming and generous you will be noticed for those qualities first and foremost. Luckily for men women don't base the initial judgment of us 100% on physical appearance as we do them or some guys would be alone forever.

Make yourself someone worth knowing and the rest will fall in your lap.

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