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Friday, September 22, 2006

Female Orgasm Techniques

How To Make Your Girlfriend Whimper With Intense Sexual Pleasure, Like Nothing She's Ever Experienced

Secrets To The Female Orgasm

As a member of the gender that is known as the Hunter-Gatherer, I am certain the only thing more exciting than making a woman whimper is making two women whimper from female orgasm (we'll save that for part two).

A woman who whimpers while love making or having an orgasm or even the dirtiest sexual marathon must be experiencing pleasure at a level where both pleasure and pain live simultaneously in harmony throughout her body and her mind.

The female body, like the female orgasm, and the wicked desires that lie within are no less than that of the common male. All the things we wish to do to them they most certainly wish we would as well. When a female gets to the point where she whimpers small sounds that seem uncomfortable and satisfying at the same time she might very well be close to orgasm and if nothing less you are definitely touching her the right way to induce such resonance from your sweet kitten.

Bring Your Female To The Point Of Orgasm

Your sweet princess needs you to be a man and take charge here because most whimpers of joy are at the hands of the man not the other way around. Her body is a temple that you will worship like a goddess, leaving no part of her untouched. Your hands, fingers and lips will explore so much of her that she feels like you are trying to devour her completely and you are. A man is a hunter and gatherer and that creature eats its prey.

The male hands and mouth are tools to taking her to female orgasm and making her yours: a whimpering and seduced nymph. Don't be afraid of her fragility and softness, it is there for you to treat yourself with. The shoulders of a female are ripe and ready to be bitten on and chewed on.

Her neck and shoulder area is a very sensitive area to the touch and she will squirm and at the same time she can not resist you - staying within biting and suckling range. Not so hard you hurt her or she coils away from you but to a degree where she leans into it and can't control the moans and whimpers erupting from her throat. That is your job as the man to take this from her.

Female Orgasm Reached Through Her Clitoris And G-Spot

You have only begun to explore her body at the shoulder and neck area and when you lift her sweet arms you will see the soft underside that is most sensitive to your warm mouth suckling on her. Treat every area this way with your mouth and hands… until you need to taste her.

You have already got her moaning and groaning with both desire and anticipation for what could possibly happen next. Slide your finger tip across her clitoris - it will be nice and moist by now. Gently rub it on the service with just your finger tip driving you both crazy for more to be touched. When that happens slide two (2) fingers at once inside of her and push deep the very first time you penetrate her. She will be nice and wet and be able to take you and she will let out a moan that feels as if she wants to cry with joy.

Tease her like this for a while, stroking in and out only infrequently so she is unable to get used to it and it feels new and fresh each time. Go nice and deep and probe with your finger tips to excite her. You have your superhero cape on now and it is time to rejuvenate yourself by putting your mouth on her and licking her.

Simply put your soft tongue tip on her clitoris and push down on it - when she thinks you are about to stroke it with your tongue - suck on her clit hard (no teeth) deep between your lips. She will let out a yelp as if she had just lost her virginity. You're on your way to reaching the female orgasm.

Now you are her hero (and mine) but Rome was not built in a day and you are not finished taking care of her needs. She must know what is before her now - with you manhandling her and licking her she knows you have a hard stiff cock right now and are dying to stab her between the legs with it - she needs you too.

Reach down and spread her lips WIDE and GENTLY put just the tip inside and let go of her lips - this will tease her madly and drive her insane with anticipation. Let her natural wetness get all over you and when you are very slick with her - drive down as deep as possible - "ball's deep".

Use Your Fingers And Penis To Penetrate Her

The moan of whimpering grumble will be deep as well with her head kicked back and mouth open wide as the orgasm takes hold of her. Now you must take her for more - pull out and without spreading her lips drive all the way from the tip to balls deep and at the same time grab a wad of hair from the back of her head real tight and give it a good pull when you "hit bottom".

She now knows she is getting royally laid and moaning every bit of the way through the palace.

When it is all said and done - the superhero and the man behind the cape will feel her total joy when she explodes on him. When you make her moan and whimper from the beginning to end of foreplay don't think she won't gasp aloud when she squirts all over you.

Remember, to get to the female orgasm you are the man and you can not be afraid of pleasing her. She is on your lap and grinding her little clitoris on you and making you sopping wet and you can tell from her motions and sounds she is about to come - you reach around at the point of her orgasms inception and slowly slide your finger in her back door and push a little more until she can't take it… take her there because she wants to see how far she can go before the explosion engulfs you both.

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