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Friday, November 03, 2006

Five Techniques For Approaching Girls

Secrets to Approaching Women

Today you will get a taste of what you already know and a little bit more.

Whether you are approaching young college chicks or cougars or MILFs each MAN is as different in his approach as every WOMAN that he is approaching so the combinations for chemistry are endless. Men and woman are like Lock & Key and sometimes the key fits better than others.

Something that is sure to oil up those locks is basic FUNDAMENTALS that get her attention and increase your chances of a second meeting - a date. Listed are 5 individual ways that you can use to approach a female and hope that it goes your way.

1) Tickle Her Funny Bone

The pinnacle of pleasure for a female is when she is experiencing joy or LAUGHING. If you can make a woman laugh you can definitely work out a second meeting. Saying something funny to break the ice is top of my list for "first impressions". You could be at a night club or even a coffee shop and even if she can "overhear" you say something funny - you got her! When a female starts laughing or smiling or giggling you have her undivided attention.

Tell her a joke or if you can make a sarcastic reference to something taking place in the environment you're in, that can do the trick also. However you do this make sure you are SMILING when you do it to let her know you are kidding and never open with anything crude, sexual, racial or homophobic. "Granted I know that leaves everything out…" See that was funny!

2) Sell The Farm

Some women who sneak in and read this will be mad at #2 because with it comes some bragging rights. "If you got it - flaunt it". So with that said, another way to approach the ladies is with an offer they can't refuse. Say for instance a day out on the water in my boat!

If you have a boat or a beach house or something expensive, convenient and local then some girls will bite on that the moment you bring it up. The average gal does not get asked to go to dinner in a boat or a private plane. If you got it - flaunt it. And don't feel bad; what you lack in looks and charm you make up for in success and audacity.

3) Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

The right compliment at the right time is always a winner and I will even go as far as saying that this might be number 1 all time for best approaches. Be creative and don't give the patented quotes like, "You have really pretty eyes…" or "You have a really pretty smile…"

The best compliments are the ones she went to the trouble of working on. You should try, "I really like your shoes..." or "That's a pretty outfit you're wearing (that is a good color on you) today…" The best compliment is the one they have not heard in a while or at all. Think about what a woman would compliment if she was complimenting another female and use that as your benchmark.

4) Ignore The Bitch

How can you approach a female by ignoring her? Well my friends that is easy, "By showing her you are ignoring she knows you have noticed her". She will wonder why you are trying so hard to ignore her. If you are in a bar or coffee shop just sit down right next to her and don't speak to her for as long as you can.

The closer you sit to her the less eye contact you make so if you are right next to her then try not to even look at her or say hi. When you know you two are at the pinnacle of curiosity then you turn to her and say something extremely funny. Then don't say anything again until she speaks to you. If it does not work she will be out in a matter of minutes. If you do it right with just the right energy she will be trying to talk to you in less than 10 minutes.

5) Paid Endorsement

The endorsement or the referral is awesome! First of all, this one takes CONFIDENCE with a capital "C". If you have a friend or coworker who has a friend that you want to go out with and the two of you have already met at least once through the mutual friend - then get her number and call her.

She will know the moment you introduce yourself on the phone how much trouble that you went to get her number and contact her. Don't be worried about calling without permission because you have a 50/50 chance with any girl and she is no different. If in the first meeting you picked up on her vibe then she will more than likely welcome the call.

The endorsement or referral works in your favor because the person you are calling already knows that their friend who gave you the number endorses this union or would not have helped.

There are more than the five ways listed to approach a female, in fact this essay was written in a cafй in Southern California and while I was writing it I met Noel. Noel saw me tapping away on my laptop and we started discussing dogs since we both had our dogs with us at the time.

These 5 plus ways all have something in common: confidence and creativity. By the way if you are rich and you are using number 2 to get chicks and you need a running buddy…I am available, I might even bring Noel.

By Jackson Morris Copyright © 2006, Seduction Insider, www.seductioninsider.com


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