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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hot Foreplay Tips

"Slow down big boy - you'll get everything on the menu but let's start with a little appetizer..."

She pushed me down on the couch on my back and slowed me down. I needed to slow down; I was trying to get her top off like I was stealing it.

She climbed on top of me and put her forefinger over my mouth as to silence anything I was about to say. She said in a mere whisper, "Slow down big boy - you will get everything on the menu but let's start with a little appetizer".

She was right - I went into overdrive like I was driving a Lamborghini, hard and fast. She was so beautiful and feminine how could I resist?

I did not have to resist because she wanted me to have everything on the menu - she just wanted me to "play with my food" first for a while.

If humans were car engines then the females would have one prerequisite: HEAT IT UP FIRST. Men can go from 0-60 in under 10 seconds but the female engine needs to be warmed up and lubricated before they will run the big race. Granted some females love a good quickie sometimes but when it comes to real sex and real love-making the game any woman wants to play is FOREPLAY.

Foreplay is most definitely the bricks and mortar of a good lover. A good lover is not measured in penis length or bra size. Good lovers do not posses magic powers or have hypnotic potions that create this aura about their sexual prowess. A good lover is about GIVING and SATISFYING their partner thru SEDUCTION and unselfish behavior. Nothing exemplifies this more than foreplay. It is the game before the game.

Imagine you are making a movie where you are the star...

When you PLAY with your partner imagine that you get to live vicariously through the movie industry and you are the big star. If you were "playing" with your partner and the camera was rolling you would not hurry or speed things up. You would play to the camera and make it as sexy as possible. Using every sense you have, your fingers, your mouth and in some cases even your warm whispery breath can be part of the fun.

When two people get together for intense sexual pleasure they both have an agenda and fantasies on their mind. Even partners we have had sex with in the past can create new fantasies and desires. Experimenting is not only fun for you but your partner as well. Surprise the person you have been sleeping with by giving them a full body massage followed by a "snow job".

If you want a great example of foreplay - lay your partner down on their back and you go up and down their body with your mouth, never touching the naughty bits but everything else. Use your warm mouth to suck and bite and tease their erogenous zones and lick them behind the ears or bite the top of their shoulders - literally devour them with your mouth.

The more you treat your partner as something you eat and not something you dominate the more erotic and heightened the pleasure will be for the both of you. Sensual massage is a great place to start. You don't have to be a pro to "touch" someone. We all take great pleasure in being touched, massaged and caressed by another to the point of arousal.

Use your hands, forearms, chest, elbows and even your chin to get into your partner's muscles and deep tissue. This massage and touch will relax and stimulate your partner at the same time - remember the camera is rolling.

Foreplay Zones

As mentioned there are certain zones on the body that are more stimulating than others. After the massage, use SOFT strokes and touch to stimulate your partner. Roll your finger tips across their nipples and behind their ears as you kiss them and tease them with your tongue. When your partner gets impatient and aggressive during the foreplay it means you are doing something right.

I know I am turned on when I just can't take it anymore. When you can't physically take it anymore - you must! You must endure the taunting and teasing of your senses because they must also endure you and your warm tongue as you bring them to get chills across their thighs.

Foreplay is as much of an art form as it is a "necessity". Think about this for a second - if you make love and it only lasts 20 minutes then you are having a good time. If you have 25 minutes of foreplay before the 20 minute lovemaking session then everybody is having a GREAT TIME and you look good! Foreplay can include, toys, tools, ties and even food.

There is no limit to foreplay either - so if you want to watch a person spontaneously combust then tease them for an hour straight before you take care of business. Don't be afraid to experiment with sex toys and oils because both can enhance sexual pleasure considerably for both parties. Like a machine everyone needs to stay nice and lubricated to keep things "fun".

Take Care Of Her First, Then Take Turns

The rules of foreplay are standard worldwide and there is only one: Take care of your partner first. Good foreplay is when one guy/girl gets great pleasure out of pleasing his/her lover. You might think how two people can accommodate each other if they are both trying to accommodate each other at the same time. The answer is: Take turns.

Taking turns pleasing and teasing each other is part of every session you have together. When it comes to mutual satisfaction where two people are trying to accomplish the same goal then remember that this is the only time when the order is not, "ladies first" - take care of her and she will no doubt take care of you.



darren007 said...

My partner seems in a hurry to finish me off. I wish she would take it slower and spend more time teasing me. I always try to treat her as sensually as i can and take my time as a way of heightening her pleasure, but when it comes to my turn, she always seems in a hurry? I can sense this and in turn this lowers my arousal and therefore takes me longer to orgasm. I try talking to her but she feels awkward or tries to avoid the conversation altogether. PLEASE help me as I do not know what to do abou this?

Anonymous said...

I would probably just enact the rule of thumb and dish out a good lickin'. Nothing gets your lady in line like a lashing.

Anonymous said...

ideally, you would tell her everything you just said her...but that may be awkward and to straightforward. so yea, punish her for bad sex. try 69, and pleasure her the same way she's pleasuring you, when its good, give her positive reinforcement, and opposite when its bad, make her work for her own orgasm. or you could just tell her that her ass has gotten a lot fatter since she gave you the poon and peace out. its up to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty of bein the girl who simply rushes to the 'knitty gritty' and wants it hardcore from her fiance..he actually said to me to slow down!...after this i kindof looked in myself and began readin tips on foreplay.He satisfies me so hopefully i'll try to do the same..men are lime toys they like to be played with for awhile before broken...lol

Anonymous said...

Do you go first? ..if so maybe its because you spend so much time trying to make it so good for her that when it comes 2 your turn shes turned on and so fastens things up. Usually when a woman is turned on she goes into fast forward mode almost because of the excitement! :) ask her to try you first and then take your go in teasing her!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend was one of those who would "try and steal the shirt off me." I had to tell him to slow down because taking off the clothes helps get me in the mood. He's better about that now, but there still isn't much in the way of foreplay. I try to play with him by nibbling his ears or by gently kissing him around his body, but that usually leads to a short make out and then straight to the sex from there. I don't know how to tell him I want a little more foreplay time or that I'd like him to play with me too. I don't want to stab at him, which might make him self-concious in bed and lessen his arousal. I need to work on better foreplay myself, but what do I do/say (besides the "menu" quote) if he doesn't play along?

Tony said...

Hi, Foreplay is so important to really satisfy a woman and it can start long before love making. I have a free video about a foreplay tip using your cell phone (it's not what you think) on my blog Be A Sex God!


Anonymous said...

Try this game to get new foreplay ideas:

The Foreplay Game

jerry said...

hi, my girl keeps telling me that im not aggressive enough but every time i try 2 apparntly im still not agresive enough. any suggestions on what i can do for the foreplay/sex

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think u should try talkin dirty to her .. like tell her how u want it and, if u feel like bein in control, how its GONNA be. start things ff by saying stuff like "i want u to.." or "i would love if u'd.." Or if u wanna tell her how its gonna be, just get straight to the point. Be like "do this, do that" My boyfriend does those kinda things with me and it not only helps wiith his arousal but mine as well. u get those high school butterfly feelings back and suddenly desire ur partner more than ever.

well i hope that helps somewhat. Just personal experience ;]

Anonymous said...

Ive never had sex with a person that im inlove with , recently my friend asked me to be his gf, i said ok, i love having sex with him , but i feel like i cant perform my fantasies with him, hes always too scared of ppl hearing my moans, can u believe tat shit?
there are positions that he wouldnt try just because he doesnt like them!!
I dont know , i mean, how long does it take u to learn how to do bj's , ive been doing it for 1 year and i still dont do it right, im feeling too useless...

Tanay said...

It is natural your hands will be caressing now your partner, in massage like movements, which also increase the pleasure. All the senses must be involved. Be careful you are clean and have your own decent natural smell ,or a good cologne for the sense of smell. The hands take care of touch, the tongue of taste, and if your partner's eyes are still open, make sure the environment is conducive to relaxing and positive nerve stimulation.

As you perceive your partner is ever willing, a perfect last phase of foreplay is either cunnilingus for the woman or fellatio for the man. This brings all the body's libido to force, and both a woman and man can, and often do finish and orgasm with oral sitmulation.


Mitchell said...

A key part of foreplay is building sexual tension and excitement. Therefore, you can always try to be a bit "naughty" in public. I'm not at all suggesting you should do anything illegal or even something that's inappropriate for the situation, but if you guys are watching a movie in a darkened theatre, you could always try lightly running your hands across her body. If you are chilling together on a park bench, whisper dirty things into her ear. The possibilities are only limited by what you feel comfortable with and what is appropriate for the situation.

Seduce Men said...

It is natural your hands will be caressing now your partner, in massage like movements, which also increase the pleasure. All the senses must be involved. Be careful you are clean and have your own decent natural smell ,or a good cologne for the sense of smell. The hands take care of touch, the tongue of taste, and if your partner's eyes are still open, make sure the environment is conducive to relaxing and positive nerve stimulation.

As you perceive your partner is ever willing, a perfect last phase of foreplay is either cunnilingus for the woman or fellatio for the man. This brings all the body's libido to force, and both a woman and man can, and often do finish and orgasm with oral sitmulation.


Viagra Online said...

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euphoria said...

holy supercow grandma-on-a-stick ... that's a lot of advice

a super fun game for both partners is to get naked and tell your partner you are going to be as silent as possible and that you won't 'help' move things along or touch anything but the pillow above your head that you have a death-grip on

tell him/her that it's their job to get you to grunt or make a noise and see how long you can take it before you fold

during sex, people desparately want feedback to see if they are doing it right (don't they?) and will often become extra-determined and motivated when trying to get a response from their handy work

for added fun, if you're feeling like more of a challenge, put on your best pokerface and try to hold onto it without showing that 'scared/worried' look people always get during sex

this can be so much fun that you can literally spend hours at it - and it works for guys and girls equally

to all those who end up owing an orgasm or two to this idea, your welcome and go get back to it!

Foreplay Tips said...

Anticipation is one of your best friends when it comes to foreplay. If she is wondering every time that your hands wander to the top of her pants or the bottom of her shirt if this will be the time you will start to undress her, then she is sure to be lying on pins and needles, which will heighten her senses, making all subsequent touches that much more sensual.

Anonymous said...

I have been sexually active for just over a month now. 3 weeks into my relationshpip with my boyfriend we had sex and i was in unbearable pain! now when we still have sex it really hurtd!! now and again it feels ok but nothing amazing! Even when we do foreplay it still hurts and i know i am never going to climax through any of it! Its starting to really get me down and upset and i dont know what i can do to make it better. I have to say i think i am not turned on enough most of the time, so i know that plays a big part in it but then i start to think about it too much and find it almost impossible to get in the mood for sex so nothing is enjoyable!! aaarghdsf please help me!!!

Anonymous said...

make sure you dont let him in before you feel ready. hense the foreplay and let him know what turns you on.

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David Stone said...
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David Stone said...

Definitely good hints for guys? But what about girls? :)

I guess they need some guidance too, suggest them How To Foreplay

Anonymous said...

i love having sex. Its my hobby. Foreplay b4 it is a must. Playing wid breasts, nipples, vagina, clitoris, etc is a good challenge

Anonymous said...

Give her a lots of love in your daily life. Make her feel a queen. Sometimes try to make her tease you. Tell her to kis you. Lick you. Try to root out her shyness. Definately she will make you happy more than you make her.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, my partner didn't let me to have a sex though I give her fore play all the time for a long while, she says I am good in it and she really gets turn on but didn't let me take off her pants..
Any advice?

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