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Sunday, October 15, 2006

How To Get The First Kiss

How To Tell If She's Into You

There is a tradition in modern day seduction called the 90/10 rule. This rule, with its best intentions is made to create something from "suggestion". If you are an avid reader here at SI then you know full well the power of suggestion.

Even when "asking" a girl out on a date you can use "suggestion" without even asking for the date. For instance, "We should get together and have coffee sometime". That last sentence was a verbal example of the 90/10 rule. Suggesting you should have coffee is as good as asking to have coffee without the rejection. It is hard to reject a suggestion.

Most people know the 90/10 rule from movies like Hitch where the rule is applied when two people are about to kiss. The 90/10 rule in getting the first kiss is when you move in close to your partner - about 90% of the way and your partner must make the last 10% by moving toward you. Whether it is called suggestion or not - there is no doubt that when you move in 90% and stop the other person will know what you are implying: lip lock.

Getting The First Kiss

It should come as no surprise that we use terms like 90/10 rule because it is all a numbers game anyway so why not know the ratios that are intimate? If you talk to enough girls then you will eventually have more dates. When you have more dates then you have better chances for romance.

Where there is romance there is SEDUCTION. That is the sequence in which you plant your 90/10 flowers to grow. The odds are always in the favor of EFFORT. Where there is effort there are results - write that down.

Through this maze of numerical ambiance you must be able to recognize when the balance of the scales are in your favor. Sometimes it is YOU that is on the fence because you think you are reading all the signs clearly from your partner. You may think they are "on board" but you are not sure and want to find out in the most subtle way possible.

This is where the 90/10 rule lives. That crazy place between two people in the abyss of unknown emotion - a place where you both want "something" and neither of you know what it is yet that the other one wants. You FEEL the energy between the both of you and something starts to brew and you slowly start to connect the dots. You know it is up to you to make it happen but your brain and some little tiny piece of you is holding you back from going for the goal and crossing the finish line. Reach in your pocket and pull out the 90/10 rule - it is why it is there.


I just painted a scenario of emotions everyone has felt but not everyone has acted on. The 90/10 rule is not just about the kissing. The kissing (best case scenario) is when you follow the aforementioned and when you feel it you don't hesitate - you initiate.

I will now give you the 90/10 rule in STAGES from beginning to end:


You are in a grocery store checking out someone hot and instead of speaking first you walk over and stand right next to them to shop (90%) and wait for them to speak to you (10%).

The Line:

The person at the grocery store has now started a conversation with you (90%) and is waiting for you to make a "suggestion" (10%) like "we should have coffee sometime".

The Date:

When the date has gone well - at the end you will lean in (90%) and wait for them (10%) to kiss you.

The ACT:

When you two are alone and being intimate for the first time - instead of trying to take their clothes off you take off your top (90%) and see if they strip themselves of the other 10%.

The best way to approach this rule is with your GUT INSTINCT. There is no doubt if you are nervous then you are probably on the right track. One must go out on the limb if one seeks "the fruit". When you feel that moment of SEDUCTION that overwhelms you and even vexes you then you are THERE. Lean in and be ready to get the gifts that are waiting.

Every joy has some price to be paid. The 90/10 rule comes with one as well:

How To Handle Awkward Moments

If you are a female there will be fewer awkward moments with the 90/10 rule because the female instincts are much more reliable than a man's. A big mistake men make is that they think that when a female is having a good time it translates into the female wanting to be with the male - not true.

Men must know that there will be times that the female is not on the same page and that the 90/10 rule does not even matter. If she is not ready she is not ready so learn to tell JOKES. Be quick with a comment or something that makes her laugh because even if you two are not on the same page LAUGHTER will bring you closer to it.

Of course you should probably lean back before you tell the joke if she did not lean in.

So you must be ready with that "quick comeback" or "funny quip" in case the signs are read wrong between yourself and a female. If you lean in 90% and she does not even give you 1% then I hope your breath is fresh, and you have a great smile… and you kept the car running.


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